OMF V6C68 A Realm for His Lover

In the capital of the Long kingdom, Qiu Ling had dragged Leng Jin Yu and Bai Mu to the only establishment he knew beside the teahouse: Zhong Gang’s restaurant. The person in front was still the man that had wanted to keep the Zhongs’ outside when they arrived in the capital and made trouble for Xiao Li. This time he didn’t dare to try the same thing. After all, one of the three men was dressed extravagantly while one of the others could at least be said to be dressed appropriately for the capital city. The third one … Uh, well, maybe he was the guard of the rich guy?
The servant wanted to butter up to Qiu Ling but was ignored.
Qiu Ling strode right inside, Bai Mu behind him. Only Leng Jin Yu took the time to nod at the man and give him a wry smile. Well, even though this son came from his past life, he still couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.
“Be so kind and get us a room.”
The servant hurriedly nodded and ran to the front, leading the way to the second floor. Once again, he was ignored by the first two people as soon as he opened the door.
Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat. “Please bring us the specialty of the restaurant. Thank you.”
The man nodded and closed the door behind them. He couldn’t but sigh. Since he had almost made the owner’s daughter lose out on a good marriage, Mister Zhong hadn’t trusted him as much anymore. Tending to some important customers and making them say some good words about him could have restored his previous status. How come he was so unlucky that he met such unreasonable people? Well, that guy in the white robe might be worth a try …
While the servant went off with those ideas swirling in his head, the three men in the room sat down at the table and stared at each other.
Bai Mu took the teapot and poured himself a cup. He couldn’t help but wonder how the tea Nie Huang brewed would taste but there was no way he could just go over there. It had been too long. Most likely, she didn’t even remember him anymore. No, she would remember him thanks to that guy who looked like him but the good memories they had shared might have faded and now, only bitter resentment would be left. “So … What was it that you wanted?”
Qiu Ling wanted to explain but Leng Jin Yu hurried to speak up before him.
“If I am correct, then it was thanks to you that the Son of Heaven and I could get out of that secret realm tied to the Leyuan region.”
“Mn, that’s true.”
“Thank you for that.”
Bai Mu smiled. “You wouldn’t have come all the way here just for a thanks. So what is it? There is no need to go the roundabout way. I’ve lived too long to care about such things.”
“There is someone that is very important to me. Unfortunately, that person is haunted by things from his past. Especially one person from his past.” Leng Jin Yu took the teapot and refilled Bai Mu’s cup. “He doesn’t dare leave the house and I think he isn’t too happy with that. Unfortunately, even hiding in a special realm that was tied to our sect grounds didn’t help. That person still almost found him. So I thought … maybe you would know a way to erect a realm that can’t be entered by other people?”
Bai Mu raised his brows. “You mean like that realm in the Leyuan region? I’m afraid I’m unable to do that. Creating a realm isn’t that easy. That one there is the work of my mother and father. And I …” He sighed and picked up the teacup. “I’m not good enough for that. So I’ll have to disappoint you.”
“Not necessarily. Creating the realm isn’t the problem. I have already ascended so I am able to do that. What I need is someone who could help me craft an array that will keep those outside that shouldn’t see that special person.”
“I see.” Bai Mu fell silent after that and stared at the cup of tea in his hand. To be honest, he had never attempted anything like this. He knew how his parents’ array worked though. Creating an opposite one that kept outside, instead of trapping inside had to be possible.
“I know that this won’t be easy. I don’t expect you to promise anything you can’t possibly achieve. Even if you consent, this will likely take time. I’m willing to wait that time. And whatever you want in exchange, I’m willing to do it immediately as a show of good faith. I just … want him to have more than just that house. I want him to be able to walk under the sky whenever he wants and see more than just walls and maybe a garden. I want him to lead a life as normal as possible even if there will be nobody but us around. That’s still better than hearing other people outside without being able to join them because he has to stay inside.”
“That person is your lover?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded. “He is. So would you give it a try?”
Bai Mu looked out of the window. If this was Nie Huang … he would do the same. Whatever he had to promise, he’d do it for her. “Yes.”
“Then what do I owe you in return?”
Bai Mu sighed. “There isn’t much that I want. I’d be interested in hearing that story about my father though.” He turned to Qiu Ling and smiled. “Would that be possible?”
“Sure. You can even see him if you want. Should I call him out?”
“Ah?” Bai Mu froze. What … had this person just said? He could call his father out? “But … isn’t he … dead?”
Qiu Ling shook his head. “Not if he didn’t die in the last few days. So should I? Ah, never mind, I’ll just do it.” With that, he took out a transmission stone and imbued his spiritual energy.

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