LWS V5C71 You Can Look Now

Nie Chang couldn’t help but pause. What? Taking off his shirt was embarrassing? And having his shirt taken off was even more embarrassing? “Darling … It couldn’t be that you would want us to keep our clothes on, could you?” If so, then why did I have to strip?
Su Yan turned back to his boyfriend. “That’s possible?”
“Uh … I guess so? But that’s … a little unromantic, isn’t it?”
“Mn. Doesn’t it make you feel like we’re doing it as fast as possible just to get it done? That’s not really how I imagined this.”
“That …” Su Yan didn’t know what to say. Actually, he didn’t mind taking a bit more time. It was just … He felt so awkward! Getting undressed like this totally wasn’t like getting undressed when they went to sleep. It was an entirely different matter!
“What is it? You really want to do it while wearing your clothes?”
“No …”
“Then … let’s take that off?” Nie Chang reached for the shirt but Su Yan held onto it and refused to let go.
“Darling …”
“Stop it! At least give me a moment to get used to the thought!”
“You …” Nie Chang sighed and nodded. “Alright. Take as long as you want. Oh, while you’re at it, please get used at the thought of taking off your pants afterward too, alright?”
“I know!”
“That’s good then.” Nie Chang lay back down and sighed. This was diverging further and further from how he had imagined their first time. Who knew? Maybe in the next moment, Su Yan would remember that promise that he didn’t mind being the one at the bottom as long as Su Yan wanted that. In that case … Oh gosh, he didn’t even dare to imagine.
Su Yan was far from thinking about actually having sex though. Right now, he was still convincing himself that stripping in front of his boyfriend was absolutely nothing strange. Unfortunately, he wasn’t making much progress. Ugh. Why had he told Nie Chang that doing it today would be alright? He should have said they’d wait until next Friday! Then he would have had more time to prepare himself.
Nie Chang rubbed his eyes and leaned over to tug at Su Yan shirt.
His little darling grabbed the front and glared at him over his shoulder. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m trying to make this easier for you. Ah Yan, there’s really no need to be like this. It’s not like this will be my first time seeing you naked.”
“That’s not the same!”
“How is that not the same?”
“That …” Su Yan looked around in search of an explanation that didn’t make him look like an idiot and finally noticed the window. “Because of the time, obviously! Normally, when I take off my clothes it’s in the evening so it’s already dark. You can’t even see anything. But now it’s in the morning. It’ll get even brighter soon so you’ll see things you shouldn’t see.”
“What kind of things would I see there?” Not to mention that there was a thing called a light bulb. Didn’t they have the light on when they changed clothes? He was even the one who was tasked with switching it off. He really couldn’t imagine that there was anything he hadn’t seen yet. Well … he hadn’t seen Su Yan’s bird yet but … it wasn’t like that was anything to worry about! He had one himself, hadn’t he? So it wasn’t like this was his first time seeing one. Ah, but his little darling was probably self-conscious. He should try and calm him down.
Nie Chang took a deep breath and gently rubbed Su Yan’s back. “Ah Yan, there’s really no need to be like this. I love you. I even though it’s dark in the evening, it’s not like I’ve seen nothing. I have at least a general idea of how you look like. So you can show me in full light too.”
“But why? It’s nothing serious to —”
“Yeah, you can say so!” Su Yan poked Nie Chang’s abdominal muscles. “I won’t let you look no matter what!”
“No matter what!”
Nie Chang took a deep breath and nodded. “Alright.”
Su Yan frowned. “You’re just saying that.”
“No! Why would I just say that? Ah Yan, I love you so much. If you don’t want me to look, I won’t look. So what do we do? Should I … cover my eyes?” He put his hands in front of his eyes and waited. Now, his darling shouldn’t have anything to complain, should he?
Su Yan narrowed his eyes. He didn’t believe that things would be this simple! He waved a hand in front of Nie Chang’s face but his boyfriend didn’t react. Hm, could it be that he had really closed his eyes and properly covered them? Ah! But maybe this was just a ploy and he would peek as soon as he let down his guard! He couldn’t let that happen!
“You … turn around!”
Nie Chang sighed but nodded and turned his back toward Su Yan. If that would get his darling out of his clothes, then he didn’t mind sitting half-naked on the bed, waiting for his boyfriend to get ready. Well, he could probably be happy that they had gotten together in August. Just imagining that it could have been February and that Su Yan could have forgotten to turn on heating … Ah, he shouldn’t think about it any longer.
Su Yan eyed his boyfriend warily but when Nie Chang still hadn’t done anything after three minutes, he calmed down. Mn, his boyfriend was such a good person. He shouldn’t suspect him.
Thus a certain someone finally took off his shirt. He did leave on his pants though and observed Nie Chang’s reaction for a while longer. It seemed … his boyfriend really hadn’t looked? Then he should be gracious. With that in mind, Su Yan finally took off his pants too. Unfortunately, that made him remember that Nie Chang would see him and his problem areas as soon as he allowed him to turn around. He couldn’t let that happen!
Su Yan looked around in a frenzy and finally pulled the blanket over his head.
“You can look now!”

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