LWS V5C70 That’s Embarrassing

Nie Chang slowly unbuttoned his shirt.
Su Yan looked up and frowned. “What are you doing?”
“I … I’m stripping? Didn’t you want me to do that?” Nie Chang blinked and stopped moving his hands as a precaution. Who knew what exactly he had done wrong? It was better if he waited for his darling to explain.
“But you did it so slow! Do you really want to be like the female lead in those movies?”
“So you want me to do it faster?”
“Uh … alright?” Nie Chang hurriedly undid the last three buttons and threw his shirt off. “Better like this?”
“Mn!” Su Yan nodded but continued to stare at his boyfriend.
“Uh … What is it now?”
“What about your pants? Shouldn’t you take them off too?”
“I guess so but what about you?”
“Me?” Su Yan blinked. “What about me?”
“I took off my shirt. What about yours?”
Su Yan looked down at himself and blinked. Uh … “I’m still wearing it?”
“Mn. And why are you doing that? If I take my shirt off, you should do the same, don’t you think so?”
Su Yan tensed. So … He was supposed to take off his shirt now? His gaze flickered from side to side but he didn’t move to do anything.
“What is it, darling?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked back at Nie Chang. “You … You’re not even done yet! What about your pants?!”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “So you only want to take off your shirt after I’ve stripped completely?” He scratched his head. This really wasn’t how he had imagined this. “Darling …”
“Why are you talking so much today? Shouldn’t you use your bird for having sex instead of your mouth?”
Nie Chang refrained to comment on that. “Well, if you want it like this …” He leaned to the side and opened his pants. He couldn’t help but glance at Su Yan again though. “Uh … Are you —”
“Yes, yes, take it off now!”
“Alright …” Nie Chang wasn’t sure what to make of this but he still obediently took off his pants and threw them to the side. Then he turned back to look at Su Yan.
His darling stared back at him and then glanced down. His face lost color immediately.
Nie Chang looked at him in a daze. So … his darling was behaving like this because he was … afraid? Ah, well, he probably should have expected this. Nie Chang smiled and laid down next to him, pulling Su Yan into his arms. “You know … we’re actually not in a hurry. So why don’t we take this slowly?”
Su Yan pressed his lips together. “What do you mean take it slowly?”
“Exactly what I said. Let’s take a while. Don’t we have the whole day?” He reached out and brushed Su Yan’s hair back. “This is the first time for both of us, isn’t it? Things might go wrong but … I don’t want us to have regrets. So let’s not rush things.”
“Why are you saying things like this suddenly?”
Nie Chang just smiled. He definitely wouldn’t say that he thought Su Yan was afraid. His little darling was like a kitten. He dared to do anything and expected people to forgive him. If he felt he was coming out on top in the end, he had a lot of guts but if he wasn’t, then he’d run right off and pretend nothing had happened. He wouldn’t like it if he brought it up. At least not now.
“Don’t you want this to be unforgettable?”
“Of … of course! Why wouldn’t it be?”
“Mn, that’s what I thought.”
Nie Chang slowly traced the line of Su Yan’s cheek down to his chin. He lifted it and leaned forward, their lips touching again.
“I’m happy you’re with me.”
“Didn’t you say that before already?”
“Mn. I did. I also said that I love you already. But there’s no harm in saying it again.”
“That’s true.”
“So how about you?”
Su Yan blinked. “Hah? What about me?”
“You don’t love me anymore?”
“Of course, I do! What kind of question is that?!” Su Yan sat up and Nie Chang followed suit.
“It’s a good question. I should make sure of it every now and then so you won’t run away without me knowing what is wrong.” He hugged Su Yan and his hands crept down, quietly undoing the first button of his shirt.
Su Yan was still occupied with pouting. “How can you say something like that? You’re making me sound fickle. I already said I love you and I’m your boyfriend, right? Why would I suddenly stop loving you after I already fell in love? That doesn’t make any sense at all.”
“So you’re saying that you’ll love me for the rest of your life?”
Su Yan whirled around and grabbed Nie Chang’s shoulder. “Of course, I am! Are you saying you won’t love me back for the rest of my life?”
“Naturally, I will. Haven’t I loved you for a long time already?” Nie Chang unhurriedly undid the next few buttons, making use of his darling’s lack of attention. “I’ve loved you when we were still children, so naturally, I will also love you when we’re already old men.” He finally undid the last button and smiled. Ah, not bad. As long as Su Yan’s attention was diverted, he was quite calm. He should try this further.
Su Yan noticed that something was off though. He glanced down and then looked up at Nie Chang again. “This … You … What did you do?”
“I helped you unbutton your shirt. Didn’t you say you’d take it off after I take off my pants? There, let me help you.” He reached out to pull the fabric from Su Yan’s shoulders but his darling scuttled away. “No! Don’t!”
“That’s … that’s embarrassing!”
“Oh … alright. Then … you do it yourself?” He raised his brows but Su Yan didn’t move. “Uh … What’s wrong with that?”
“How can you even suggest that? That’s even more embarrassing!”

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