LBM C6 Important Things about Senior Martial Brother Mei (2):We Have So Much in Common

When Yun Bei Fen arrived at Elder Rong’s peak, he found the martial sisters gathered on top of a hill, cheering. Yun Bei Fen tilted his head. It seemed senior martial sister Zhang was having a match again!
He hurried up the hill and wormed his way through the wall of senior martial sisters until he could see the two people fighting. This time senior martial sister Zhang was winning against one of her martial brothers who studied under the same Master. Yun Bei Fen pondered and finally remembered that this had to be the eighth disciple of Elder Rong. He seemed to be called Pu … or Bu … something.
Yun Bei Fen waited until that senior martial brother was kicked to the ground and couldn’t get up thanks to the foot senior martial brother Zhang had put onto his back, then he swarmed forward with the martial sisters and looked up at her with big eyes.
Zhang Yi Fei bathed in her junior martial sisters’ attention for a while, laughing boisterously. She still forgot to take her foot from her junior martial brother’s back when she spotted Yun Bei Fen among the sisters. “Eh? Isn’t this Elder Baili’s disciple? What brought you here, Fen’er?” She leaned down, making her junior martial brother groan.
“Senior martial sister!”
Zhang Yi Fei and Yun Bei Fen both ignored him.
Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes and smiled at her. “Senior martial sister Zhang, can I ask you something?”
“Uh? Sure you can! Is it about your cultivation?”
“No. It’s about senior martial brother Mei!”
“Senior martial brother Mei? Which senior martial brother Mei?”
Yun Bei Fen froze. There was more than one senior martial brother Mei?
One of the martial sisters around them laughed. “It’s that disciple of Elder Feng. The handsome one!”
“Eh? He’s handsome?” Zhang Yi Fei raised her brows
The martial sister nodded. “Mn!”
“More handsome than me?”
The martial sister covered her face with her sleeve and giggled while Zhang Yi Fei’s junior martial brother groaned.
“Second senior sister! Can you stop it already? You’re a woman! Why would you compare handsomeness with a man?! Ask them if he’s more handsome than me!”
Yun Bei Fen nodded his head. “He is!” He didn’t even look.
Zhang Yi Fei’s junior martial brother felt as if this innocent-looking boy had just kneed him in the nuts. Why was he treated so badly today?!
Zhang Yi Fei just laughed. “I think I remember the one you’re talking about. What do you want to know?”
Yun Bei Fen blinked, then tugged at the sleeve of the martial sister who had explained who Mei Chao Bing was. “Martial sister, is there someone you like?”
“Eh?” The martial sister looked at Zhang Yi Fei and twisted her sleeve in her hands. “Why are you asking?”
Yun Bei Fen didn’t know how to explain so he tugged at her sleeve again to make her look at him. “Then if there’s someone you like, what do you know about them?”
The martial sister blushed. “Uh … Her favorite color is blue.”
“What a coincidence!” Zhang Yi Fei exclaimed. “That’s my favorite color too!”
Yun Bei Fen tugged at that sleeve once more. “Do you only know her favorite color?”
“Uh … She likes to eat spicy food.”
“I also love spicy food!”
“And what else do you know?”
“And …” The martial sister didn’t dare to glance in senior martial sister Zhang’s direction. “She never wears any fragrance or jewelry, even her hairpins are only made of wood because she thinks it’s a waste to use anything else.”
“Is that all?”
“Oh! And her favorite cultivator is Ai Huang from the Fen Hua Temple.”
“Is that all?”
The martial sister had more to say but couldn’t get even a word out so she nodded.
Yun Bei Fen’s eyes sparkled. “Thank you, senior martial sister! I know now!” With that, he smiled and ran away.
On top of the hill, Zhang Yi Fei finally took her foot from her poor junior martial brother’s back and hurried over to the side of the martial sister Yun Bei Fen had questioned. She put an arm around her shoulders, looked up at the sky and sighed. “Ah, junior martial sister Yi, I feel that the person you like and I have so much in common, we could be very good friends. Why don’t we go to my house and you tell me more about her, mn?”
The martial sister hurriedly nodded and the two of them went off.

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