LWS V5C69 I’m Smaller Than You

Nie Chang leaned back and looked at the person on his lap skeptically. “Uhm … What did you say just now?”
“I …” Su Yan pressed his lips together. “What are you asking for? Didn’t you listen to me?!”
“Ah, no, I …” Nie Chang cleared his throat. “I just wanted to make sure I heard that right.”
“Oh.” Su Yan pursed his lips and looked away.
The two of them sat there in awkward silence, neither of them knowing what to say.
Nie Chang rubbed the space between his brows. What was he doing here? His darling had just told him that he wouldn’t mind if they took the next step now. Wasn’t this the moment to pick him up and carry him to the bedroom? He wasn’t getting cold feet now, was he?
He took a deep breath and lowered his hand. “Are you … Are you sure? I mean you were adamant about Friday.”
Su Yan looked back at his boyfriend and puffed up his cheeks. “What? You don’t believe me?”
“No, no, I do. I just want to make sure you won’t regret this.”
“I won’t!” Su Yan straightened up when he saw Nie Chang’s look. “You really think I’ll regret this?”
“No … Of course not. You just surprised me.”
“Then don’t be surprised for so long. Let’s go and do it already.” Because if they didn’t, he might die of embarrassment any moment now. Did Nie Chang have to question him like this?
Nie Chang nodded. He pushed Su Yan from his lap, got up and picked his darling up again. Then he stumbled into the direction of the bedroom. Gosh! Carrying someone on his arms was much more difficult than carrying someone on his back. Alright, and maybe Ziju An was stronger than him, considering that he was a cultivator.
Su Yan looked at his boyfriend who had trouble carrying him all the way and grinned. “Are you sure you’ll be able to have sex with me if just carrying me this bit is already so difficult for you? You should work out more!”
Nie Chang didn’t answer and just put Su Yan down on the bed. He picked up the phone that Su Yan had left there and threw it onto the ground, then he looked at his darling again. “Do you want to pick me up and carry me a round through your apartment?”
“Hmph. What round through my apartment? That was just from the kitchen to the bedroom! That’s nothing! And furthermore, I’m smaller than you. Naturally, it’s much easier to carry me.”
“I see.” Nie Chang didn’t bother to argue any longer. After all, he wouldn’t be able to win anyway. “Then …”
Su Yan blinked and looked around. They were already on the bed so … they should probably start? He reached up and tugged at Nie Chang’s shirt. “Shouldn’t you strip now?”
Nie Chang coughed. “Just like that?”
“What do you mean ‘just like that’? It couldn’t be that you want to do it like in those American movies where the female lead slowly takes off one piece of clothing after the other before she jumps into bed while some bad music is playing.”
“The female lead …” Nie Chang smiled wryly. How had he turned into the female lead? Ah, something told him that his first time with his little darling wouldn’t be as romantic as he had imagined. Instead … he really wondered if they would manage to get through this.
“Mn. The female lead. Who else?”
“Then … what about the male lead?”
Su Yan blinked and pondered the question. Indeed. What about the male lead? Actually, he had never gotten to that part. He always felt that those movies were rather bad so he normally went to do something else instead of continuing to watch. “That … Uh … Why do you ask? Just strip already! Didn’t you say you knew how all of this worked?”
“Yes, it’s just …” Nie Chang gave another wry smile. “Don’t you think this is rather unromantic? We were just confessing our feelings and now we’re here, debating how I’m supposed to strip. Can’t we just … go with the flow?”
“What flow?”
“The …” Nie Chang sighed. “Ah, never mind. Just let me take the lead.”
Su Yan blinked. The lead? Which one? The female or the male one? Before he could ask, Nie Chang leaned down and kissed him. Su Yan’s eyes widened. Heh! Wait! Hadn’t his boyfriend forgotten something?
He poked his shoulder but Nie Chang pretended not to notice. Instead, he cupped his cheek with his left hand and encircled Su Yan’s waist with his other arm. Mn, making sure Su Yan wouldn’t ask any more strange questions was the first thing to do. Now, they could slowly proceed. After all, it was the weekend. They had all the time they wanted.
He continued to kiss him and finally lifted his head with a smile when he was sure Su Yan had given up. “I love you.”
“Didn’t you forget something?”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “Forget? Uh … I love you very much?”
“I know! That’s not what I’m talking about! Stop pretending!”
“I … Darling, I really have no idea what you’re talking about. How about giving me a little hint?”
Su Yan frowned at him. How come his boyfriend was this forgetful? “You forgot to strip! Even though I reminded you already!”
Nie Chang coughed once again. “Darling … Is it really this important for me to strip now?”
“Of course! How are we going to have sex otherwise? I’m really starting to doubt whether you know how it’s done or not. Should I let you read a few chapters of that novel with the birds first? Then you can make sure that you know the real way.”
“I … I don’t think that will be necessary.” Nie Chang sat up and succumbed to his fate, slowly opening his shirt. Well, if his darling wanted him to strip … then he would do so.

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