LWS V5C68 How about We Do It Now?

Su Yan happily followed his boyfriend into the kitchen and started to devour his breakfast without wasting even a single thought on the task he had needed so long to find. Mn, who could expect him to pay attention to anything else if the food his boyfriend made was so tasty? Su Yan smiled at him as thanks. Mn, he should think of something nice he could do in return for him. He had to think of something very nice though …
Su Yan’s hand stopped moving and he stared at his bowl with furrowed brows. Just what could he do to make Nie Chang happy? Was there anything he liked to do? Or something he’d like to have? Ah, no, giving him something that could be bought with money was stupid. After all, he was working for him now. Buying something for him would be as if Nie Chang had bought something for himself.
Nie Chang observed the person on the other side of the table and finally examined the porridge he had made for him. Nothing seemed wrong with it though? “Ah Yan … Is everything alright?”
“Mn?” Su Yan looked up and raised his brows. Why shouldn’t everything be alright?
“You look so … worried. Is there something I can help with?”
Su Yan blinked. Eh? That was actually a pretty good idea … He put his spoon down and leaned forward, looking at Nie Chang intently. “Ah Chang, say if you had one wish free, what would you use it for?”
“A wish?”
“Are there any limitations? Something I can’t wish for?”
Su Yan furrowed his brows. “What are you asking so much for? Just make a wish!”
Nie Chang pondered. “Mn … What’s yours?”
“I mean if it was you, what would you wish for?”
Su Yan blinked and also started to ponder. If he had one wish … There wasn’t anything in particular he’d like to have. He had a great family if he didn’t consider the fact that his father had only recently gotten nicer, his boyfriend was the best one he could have, his job was relaxed so he had a lot of time to write, and he had an apartment and enough money to live. So what should he wish for?
Nie Chang quietly ate his porridge while observing Su Yan’s expression. So his darling had asked him such a question without having an answer himself. Well, it figured. Su Yan was used to being handed everything he wanted on a silver platter. If he wanted something, he’d say so and then someone would make his wish possible. He wouldn’t have any longstanding wishes that he still needed to fulfill.
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at his boyfriend when he couldn’t come up with anything. “What about you?”
Nie Chang grinned. “Didn’t you ask already?”
Su Yan’s eyes widened. “You … You tricked me! You were supposed to answer first! Why did I even think about this?!”
Nie Chang laughed. “Actually, I also couldn’t come up with anything but I figured you might be disappointed if I said that so … I let you think about your own wishes for a while.”
“Hmph.” Su Yan picked up his spoon and continued to eat the porridge.
Nie Chang sighed. It seemed he’d have to coax his little darling again or this wouldn’t be a pleasant day. “You know I thought about it but … there was only one wish I had that I wanted to get fulfilled no matter what.”
Su Yan glanced back at him, pretending he didn’t care but actually perking up so he wouldn’t miss this.
“It’s just … well, it’s in the past now. My greatest wish has already gotten fulfilled.” He reached over and Su Yan’s hand. “Ah Yan, the only thing I was always adamant about was getting together with you. It wasn’t easy waiting for so long and keeping at it regardless of what happened but I’m happy I did persevere. Having you as my boyfriend is the best thing that ever happened to me. No wish anyone might fulfill for me could be better than that.”
“Aw.” Su Yan got up and hurried around the table, planting himself on his boyfriend’s lap. “You said that really well.”
“Mn. It’s the truth. You already … fulfilled all my wishes. I’m really happy.”
Su Yan nodded and hugged his neck. “I’m also very happy with you. I also can’t think of anything I’d wish for. Well … I still want our house with the white dog.”
Nie Chang chuckled and leaned forward until their foreheads touched. “You’ll get them, don’t worry about that.”
“You also want them, don’t you?”
“Mn. Naturally. That’s what we agreed on, isn’t it?”
Su Yan nodded. Speaking of something they’d agreed on, he couldn’t help but wriggle on Nie Chang’s laps. “Ah Chang, come to think about it … Now that we’ve been in my novel’s world for so long, it’s already Saturday now. So … what should we do about Friday?”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. So they finally got to that now, huh? “Well … If you insist that a Friday is a Friday, then … we could wait until next Friday.”
Su Yan raised his brows. Nie Chang was actually alright with waiting even longer? Ah … “You really are the best boyfriend!” He hugged him tighter, rubbing his cheek against Nie Chang’s.
Nie Chang sighed. Well, he should have expected this. He rubbed Su Yan’s back and closed his eyes. “It’s alright. You weren’t that comfortable with it anyway, were you? I don’t want to force you. That’s not how a relationship should be. We’ll wait until you want to do it. Whether that’s a Friday or not …” He didn’t particularly care. In the end, he only wanted that the person he loved was happy.
Su Yan straightened up and cupped Nie Chang’s cheeks. “That … I only wasn’t sure about it because my mother didn’t really explain. She said it would be alright to just lie down and let you do it.”
Nie Chang coughed. Somehow, he could imagine Su Yan’s mother saying that but … did she have to be so direct?
“It’s not true though. I’ve read it in that novel. And then I … was a little scared.” He hurriedly grabbed Nie Chang’s shoulders when he saw his boyfriend looking at him sadly. “You don’t have to worry! I already understood it’s not that bad when we heard Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang. So it’s alright. And actually, what you said is also true. Whether it’s Friday or not isn’t that important. So … How about we do it now?”

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