RMN C24 A Man in His Best Years

Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but smirk. Mn, his little bunny was surprisingly vicious in his verbal attacks. Not that he believed Yun Bei Fen had planned this. Most likely, he had just meant what he said: That he knew a lot about cultivation since he had been cultivating for so long. Ah, it really was a nice change to be treated like a normal person.
Mei Chao Bing embraced Yun Bei Fen with both arms and didn’t bother to look at Yang Wu Huang any longer. “That’s right. Junior martial brother Yang is such a talent, reaching the core formation stage this early. We wouldn’t want to take up any of his precious time. No, it’s much better if an old man like me tries to pass on his knowledge to you. My time isn’t as precious as junior martial brother Yang’s.”
Yun Bei Fen had grown up pampered by his Master and his senior martial brothers alike so the hidden meaning behind Mei Chao Bing’s words was completely lost on him. He only heard that Mei Chao Bing thought of himself as old and felt a deep sense of disagreement. He tugged at Mei Chao Bing’s robes and earnestly shook his head. “No, no. Senior martial brother Mei, you aren’t old at all! You’re still really young. Simply a man at his best age!”
Mei Chao Bing smiled. “Oh? A man in his best age?”
“Mn!” Yun Bei Fen nodded eagerly. He definitely couldn’t let his senior martial brother think that he found him to be old looking. No, he had to make sure that he would believe him! “Yes, the very best age. You know, when you’re looking young and handsome and vigorous.”
Yun Bei Fen nodded again and innocently blinked his eyes. Yes, didn’t senior martial brother Mei look very vigorous? Well, he was already in the core formation stage so it was to be expected anyway.
Mei Chao Bing’s brows shot up. Just what was his little bunny thinking off? Or maybe he should rather wonder what his senior martial brothers had taught him since he arrived in the sect back then. He wanted to speak up already when he caught a glimpse of Yang Wu Huang from the corner of his eye. Mn, right, there was still that person. If he wanted to talk with Yun Bei Fen, it would be best to get rid of him first. After all, he wouldn’t want this person to overhear everything that was said.
Actually, he didn’t even want him to spend time with Yun Bei Fen. Maybe this was selfish or maybe it proved that his character indeed wasn’t good but he felt like Yang Wu Huang wouldn’t do the little bunny any good.
Mei Chao Bing smiled at Yun Bei Fen and motioned to the front. “Well, then, junior martial brother Yun, how about this young man shows you some of his might then?”
“Ah?” Yun Bei Fen foolishly looked at his idol. Could it be Mei Chao Bing didn’t believe in his sincerity and thus doubted whether he really thought about him like that? That wasn’t good!
He grabbed the fabric of Mei Chao Bing’s robe tighter and looked into his eyes with all the determination he could muster. It wasn’t much so he hurriedly looked downward and instead stared at Mei Chao Bing’s nose. Mn, it was actually a very nice nose. Very straight, very heroic. As expected of his idol.
Yun Bei Fen gulped. Could he really say it?
Mei Chao Bing saw that the little bunny wanted to say something but seemed not to dare. He leaned down until he came face to face with him. Yun Bei Fen’s gaze involuntarily slid upward again and met with Mei Chao Bing’s dark eyes. His cheeks flushed red.
His senior martial brother’s eyes were also very … nice.
Mei Chao Bing smiled. His little bunny really was too timid. It was time they spend some time together so he would get over this. “You wanted to say something?” He tried to sound as gentle as possible and it seemed to work because Yun Bei Fen’s eyes seemed to light up with stars.
“I admire you very much, senior martial brother Mei.”
Mei Chao Bing smiled even brighter. “So? Hearing that makes me really happy. Thank you very much, junior martial brother Yun.” To make sure his little bunny understood his gratitude, he leaned down and kissed his cheek.
While the little bunny turned even redder, he motioned to the front again. “In that case, let me demonstrate a bit for you. I definitely can’t disappoint my junior martial brother if he looks up to me this much. Let me go at my fastest speed so you can see what using a flying sword can be like.”
With a grin, he sped up, leaving the troublesome person behind and getting closer to some alone-time with his little bunny.
Naturally, Yang Wu Huang wouldn’t make it so easy for him. He gritted his teeth and also sped up and soon seemed to catch up to Mei Chao Bing and Yun Bei Fen. He grinned triumphantly at his old rival.
So you thought you could leave me behind that easily and make off with the beauty? Don’t even think about it! We’re both in the core formation stage now. I can easily keep up with you!
Mei Chao Bing watched him with a lazy smile. This guy … He thought so highly of himself. He really wondered what Yang Wu Huang would think if he found out that he had already formed his nascent soul. Well, he couldn’t let that happen. It would ruin Sect Master Zhang’s plans and also endanger Yun Bei Fen. He definitely couldn’t let that happen. He could still use the impression that he had been in the core formation stage longer than Yang Wu Huang to his advantage though.
“Not bad, junior martial brother Yang. It seems you’ve managed to consolidate your realm already. Congratulations on that.”
Yang Wu Huang smiled. “Naturally. You see I should take some time to teach junior martial brother Yun. It would benefit him greatly.”
Mei Chao Bing just smiled. Then, he stopped caring about Yang Wu Huang and accelerated further. Reaching the core formation stage? Consolidating his realm? Even if he hadn’t reached the nascent soul stage yet, he’d still be faster than Yang Wu Huang. After all, he had been in this stage for far longer. He had accumulated more spiritual power and learned to use it more proficiently. This gap wasn’t something that Yang Wu Huang could bridge that easily.
Thus Mei Chao Bing took off with Yun Bei Fen, after all, slowly lengthening the distance between them and Yang Wu Huang until the troublesome person disappeared in the distance. Finally, they were all alone.

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