LWS V5C67 It’s All Thanks to You!

Su Yan stared at the window and his face slowly scrunched up. Oh no! He was broke! Having just one experience points that he could exchange, wasn’t that just like having only one Yuan?! How was he supposed to live like this!
When Nie Chang came back to the bedroom to call Su Yan to eat, he found his darling kneeling on the bed with his phone in his hand, staring up at the ceiling with a gaze as if he had just been told that the world would end tomorrow. Nie Chang also looked at the ceiling but couldn’t see anything. In other words, this should have to do with the system.
He walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed, patting Su Yan’s back. “Whatever it is, we’ll find a solution. How about you come to eat first? Eating will give you energy and with that, you’ll definitely be able to overcome whatever is bothering you.”
Su Yan mechanically turned to his boyfriend, his expression still not quite right. “Ah Chang …”
“If I’m broke and don’t have anything but a single Yuan, will you keep me then?”
Nie Chang coughed. “You … What are you even saying?”
Su Yan slumped. “So you won’t …”
“Ah? Of course, I will! Although I don’t think you’ll ever get to that point. Aren’t you a very, very good author that even managed to reach the highest level of a system. As soon as you find out how to earn money with your writing, you’ll definitely be rich! Then I guess it’ll be you keeping me.” Nie Chang grinned and ruffled his darling’s hair, hoping this would somehow cheer him up.
Su Yan indeed perked up. “You’re right! I still need a way to earn money so we can get our house and the white dog!”
“Mn …”
Su Yan raised his phone again and looked over the categories in the Experience Exchange Point. He only had one point right now but he at least had to find out if this thing held the secret to earning money with his writing. The question was where to find it. There was no money category or job category or anything like that. The most likely would be the one for task packs. After all, earning money shouldn’t be that easy. He’d probably have to learn lots of other things first before he could do so.
Su Yan clicked on it and scrolled down. [Minor Task Package], [Minor Taskline Package], [Medium Task Package] … Was there nothing more specific? How would he know which of them would be the one with the task of earning money?
He frowned and scrolled further down. The next few items weren’t much different. There were only different sizes of task and taskline packages. It really made him wonder just how many tasks there were for the Lovely Writing System? He had thought he had already done a lot but it seemed this was only the tip of the iceberg.
After the different packages for normal tasks came special tasks. They weren’t offered as packages though. Instead, he could only buy one special mission at a time. There were a [Special Mission (random)], a [Special Mission (setting)], a [Special Mission (character)], and even things like [Special Mission (choice)].
He blinked his eyes and clicked on the last one. Judging from the description this item would let him choose one special mission out of a list of five the system offered. Not bad … He should definitely remember this for when he had more experience points again! As for the price … Su Yan looked up and his eyes widened. What was this?! Two-thousand experience points?! This was daylight robbery!
He huffed and continued to scroll down. His expression turned better a moment later. There! Wasn’t this what he was searching for? [Advanced Taskline: Living as an Author].
Su Yan turned to Nie Chang and grabbed his sleeve, shoving the phone into his face. “Ah Chang, look! Do you think this is the taskline that will let me earn money?”
Nie Chang leaned back and glanced at the name. “That could be. Can’t you click on it to see details?”
Su Yan nodded eagerly and looked for the description.
[Description: Knowing how to write well and interact with your readers is important but requires time. With a job claiming several hours of your day, there might not be enough time to write though. This can be changed if you are able to earn money by writing and don’t need to depend on your daily job to support yourself anymore.
This advanced taskline will teach you how to start earning money with your favorite activity and what to pay attention to, to maximize your profits!]
Su Yan’s eyes widened and he turned back to Nie Chang. “Look at this! That’s exactly what I was searching for! Now we can get the house and our dog!”
“Mn.” Nie Chang smiled and patted his darling’s back. “How about we eat first though? Otherwise, you won’t have the energy to take the dog for a walk.”
“Mn!” Su Yan flung his phone again and latched onto his boyfriend. “Ah Chang, you’re such a great boyfriend! If you hadn’t reminded me, I would have completely forgotten to look for this task in the exchange point. It’s all thanks to you that we’ll be able to buy the house. And the dog.”
“Mn. And it’s also thanks to me that you’ll get something to eat now. So come on.” He stood up and pulled Su Yan to his feet, dragging him over to the kitchen.
Ah, taking care of his darling wasn’t easy. He could only hope that Su Yan wouldn’t remember too soon that he still hadn’t exchanged the task and that he wouldn’t be able to do so either if he didn’t have enough experience points.

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