OMF V6C64 He Liked Him?

Below the dungeon of the demon king’s palace, Xiang Yu furrowed his brows and touched the mark between his brows. He didn’t understand. Why had that fake dragon done this? Why would he care about his past? First asking the demon king, then even going so far as to run to the River of Forgetfulness and take a look at the Pulse of Life. Just what was he trying to do? He just couldn’t understand.
Xiang Yu lowered his hand and looked at it in a daze. He had … almost forgotten. But this was the hand that had held that head back then. This hand …
When Jing Yi opened his eyes an hour later and looked up, he was faced with an even paler fallen god. A fallen god whose cheeks were streaked with tears. Jing Yi’s eyes widened and he looked around to see if anything had happened. The room still looked the same though. Well, not that there had been much to look at in the first place. There was only a desk with a chair behind it and a bed. Nothing else. It really made him wonder how this man had lived until now.
Jing Yi shook his head and concentrated on the issue at hand. This person had helped him get away from the demon king. He hadn’t brought him back to Qiu Ling but he had had a good reason for that. In that case, he should at least what was wrong, shouldn’t he?
Jing Yi cleared his throat and waited for a reaction. He didn’t get one though. The man just continued to stare into space, his eyes betraying a loneliness Jing Yi had never seen before. Even Qiu Ling hadn’t seemed this lost when he spoke about his past.
He considered and finally got up and walked over. He reached out but finally stopped just before he touched the man’s shoulder. Somehow, he felt as if he shouldn’t do this. He lowered his hand and took a deep breath. “Are you … alright?”
Xiang Yu finally woke up from his daze. He blinked and turned to Jing Yi. “What are you doing here?”
Jing Yi raised his brows. What did he mean? “Uh … I saw you … were looking a little sad so … I wanted to see if you were alright but … you didn’t react when I called out. Are you feeling alright?”
Xiang Yu looked away. Alright … “I … had to remember something.”
He had to? Jing Yi didn’t know what to make of this either but he still nodded. “It was probably something unpleasant.”
Xiang Yu stared off into space again. “Something unpleasant …”
Jing Yi didn’t dare to ask further. Who knew what kind of answer he would get this time? Instead, he just continued to stand next to him and waited if the man would say anything else.
Xiang Yu didn’t seem like it though. He couldn’t help but think back to that time. Unpleasant … It probably couldn’t be called that. But it was in the past. What use was there in thinking about it? He couldn’t bring back the good times and he couldn’t erase the bad times. Everything had happened, everything had passed. He could only concentrate on the present. Thinking of that …
Xiang Yu turned to Jing Yi and examined his face. This person was but a mortal in this lifetime but he could remember parts of his past life. He should be quite knowledgeable. “Say if someone wants to know a lot about your past and is persistent in that, then what does that mean?”
Jing Yi blinked. If someone wanted to know about someones past? Well, he himself had wanted to know about his own past life after he knew that there was something like that and the same had been the case with senior martial brother Yu but this certainly wasn’t what he meant.
As for another person … He had never asked anyone but Qiu Ling. And even with Qiu Ling, it had come up because he had been trapped in his inner self where his past was omnipresent. Not talking about would have been strange. But then again he was happy that Qiu Ling had him told more about himself. So most likely … “I guess you would do that if you like the other person very much?”
Xiang Yu blanked. If you … liked the other person? That fake dragon … actually liked him? He blinked and walked over to his table in a daze. How could this be? Hadn’t he always scowled at him? Ah! Maybe this was wrong after all?
He looked back at Jing Yi. “Do you think … somebody could like someone and still look at them with a dark expression?”
“Uh … of course.” Jing Yi thought back to his childhood. Hadn’t his mother also looked at his father darkly very often? She had even scolded him sometimes but Jing Yi still didn’t doubt that she had loved his father very much. “I think … an expression is just something you show based on the situation. Loving someone doesn’t. If you love them, then you will love them regardless of what happens.”
Xiang Yu sat down and pondered. So it was true? And that fake dragon had just always had a bad day when they met? Well, they hadn’t seen each other very often so it could be. But how had this happened? No, wait, this wasn’t what he should be thinking about!
Xiang Yu shook his head. “He isn’t even a real dragon.”
Jing Yi raised his brows at him and walked over too. “Is it bad not to be a dragon?”
“Mn. Other than dragons … they’re all worthless.”
Jing Yi opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. He was also with a dragon but … he himself was human or, well, his other self was a god. Did they both count as worthless? “So … you’re a dragon too?” But he had thought he wasn’t one of Qiu Ling’s people?
Xiang Yu blinked. “No.”
Jing Yi looked at him, unable to figure out what he meant. If everyone was worthless as long as they weren’t a dragon … hadn’t he just cursed himself then?

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