LWS V5C66 Exchanging Experience Points

Su Yan pursed his lips. Even though he didn’t like the thought that others might also have a Lovely Writing System or, well, any kind of writing system, he still would have liked to see them. Just what made someone get a system? Mn, they should all be very special people just like himself.
Nie Chang looked at his little darling and raised his brows. It seemed someone didn’t want to get up yet? “How about I make us something to eat?”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded lost in thought. Just how many people out there actually had systems? And how many of those systems were writing systems? And was there more than one Lovely Writing System? He really wanted to ask but the stupid thing probably wouldn’t answer him!
Nie Chang watched his boyfriend and finally got up with a sigh. Well, he’d just leave him to his thoughts for a while and go prepare breakfast. By then, Su Yan should have found whatever answers he wanted.
Su Yan finally decided to give it a try. Even if the system didn’t answer, he would have tried at least! That was better than keeping silent and still not getting an answer. Who knew? Maybe the system had a good day and actually told him what he wanted to know?
He cleared his throat and lifted his phone. “System … Say, are you the only Lovely Writing System?”
The system kept quiet while official Shen Lu in the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation covered her eyes. What was Su Yan asking there? Could he please not try to get behind the secrets of the Heaven Corporation?! If he actually found something out, wouldn’t she be held liable?! Oh god! Just thinking of the president’s cold face she shuddered. Please tell her that there was no question Su Yan could ask in regard to this that would make the system answer!
Su Yan pursed his lips when he didn’t get a response for the first answer. He wasn’t about to give up though. “If you can’t say that, then let’s forget it. But what about other systems? Are there writing systems for other genres like what Nie Chang said?”
The system adamantly kept quiet.
“Hmph.” Su Yan frowned but he wasn’t about to give up. “Then what about completely different systems? Are there cultivation systems out there?”
He still didn’t get an answer. It was as if the system was playing dead.
In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, Shen Lu heaved a sigh of relief. Alright, her life was safe! Well, for now. After all, Su Yan and Nie Chang still hadn’t had sex. But it shouldn’t take them that long anymore, should it? She stared at her personal terminal and pondered. Su Yan had already reached the last level of the system and he had learned a lot of things about relationships. Shouldn’t he be ready to take the next step by now?
Unfortunately for Shen Lu, Su Yan was far from considering having sex right now. He had done so before because, well, apparently it was Friday morning and Nie Chang and he had agreed on Friday but now that he had found out that it was Saturday already and that Nie Chang didn’t want to sleep with him now anyway, he didn’t feel like it was all that urgent.
Instead, he stared at the system in complaint. Why couldn’t it even tell him such basic things? Was it bullying him?! “System, then can you at least tell me why I am your host? Why did you choose me?”
Naturally, the system didn’t answer.
Su Yan huffed and wanted to throw his phone away when he remembered that he had gotten a reward. Even though it wasn’t some kind of meeting place, exchanging experience points for things also didn’t sound bad. He should take a look at what he could get for this!
Su Yan looked at the Experience Exchange Point and raised his brows. This thing looked just like an online shop if you disregarded the gray background. He could actually sort things by relevance, price, and suggestions and there were different categories from [task packs] to [Special Dimension supplies].
Su Yan raised his brows and clicked on the latter. Could this be his chance to get a character platform after all?! Ah, too great! He had feared he wouldn’t have a chance anytime soon after he couldn’t choose that reward for the last special mission. But now such an opportunity presented itself. He really was too lucky!
He scrolled through the list of items in search of a character platform but couldn’t help but slow down soon. These items … What did the system mean with [Time Reduction]? Or here, what was a [Template Sheet (building)] supposed to be? Wasn’t that normally some type of paper with tables or something you could fill out? How come the system put that into supplies for the special dimension? What was he supposed to do with that?
He clicked on it to see if there were any details and the system indeed opened a page about it.
[Template Sheet (building)
Price: 100 exp
Description: Over the course of years, an author might write hundreds of different stories. If the setting stays the same, many buildings will look similar. Crafting them anew each time will consume time that could be put to much better use by writing the next chapter. The Template Sheet will help with this problem! Just craft a basic building and save it with a Template Sheet. The next time you want to create a similar building, you can recreate the basic building and will only need to add details to make it seem more diverse.
Suggestion for use: Best used after writing at least two stories set in the same time period]
Su Yan’s eyes sparkled. So this Template Sheet was actually such a good thing! And it only cost one hundred experience points! This should be a bargain! He had to take it now!
Su Yan hurriedly clicked on the [exchange]-button but a window opened.
[Apologies, host! The Template Sheet (building) costs 100 experience points. Unfortunately, your current experience score only amounts to 1 experience point(s). Please earn more experience points to exchange for the Template Sheet (building)!]

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