LBM C6 Important Things about Senior Martial Brother Mei (1): Nobody There

Yun Bei Fen sat in his room in his Master’s house and pondered with his brows drawn together. It hadn’t been long since he found out that he had to learn a lot about his senior martial brother if he wanted to like him. Unfortunately, he had yet to figure out just what he needed to know. Did it need to be something important? Or maybe some details about his everyday life would be enough?
Yun Bei Fen slumped down on the windowsill and looked at the hill where Mei Chao Bing lived. If it was just about his everyday life, then he knew a lot already. But as for other things … He didn’t know anything.
Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips and finally jumped up. Since he didn’t know he had to go and ask. As always, Yun Bei Fen ran out of the house and behind the one where his first senior martial brother lived.
The figure that normally swirled around with his sword in hand couldn’t be seen.
Yun Bei Fen stared unbelievingly and then turned back, knocking on the door instead but nobody answered.
Yun Bei Fen frowned. Where was his first senior martial brother? He looked around but couldn’t see him anywhere. He pondered. This issue was very important. He had already wasted a lot of time when he thought about this himself. He couldn’t lose even more!
Thus he ran to his second senior martial brother’s house, knocked and waited. Nobody answered though. He pondered and then opened the door by himself. His second senior martial brother had probably prepared some trap he was supposed to walk into. He should do so and then ask about senior martial brother Mei.
Yun Bei Fen went in and stood in the doorway for a while. When nothing happened, he looked up. Strange. There was nothing there. Could it be second senior martial brother had prepared his trap somewhere else? He went to his workroom next but couldn’t find one there either. He furrowed his brows and circled around the room until he arrived in front of the door again.
Nobody was there.
Yun Bei Fen walked out and looked at his third senior martial brother’s house. He didn’t know whether he should go or not but finally decided that it was worth a try. He went over but before he could knock, a scream sounded from inside.
Yun Bei Fen lowered his hand and turned away. It seemed third senior martial brother was screaming at the owl again. He didn’t understand why he did so but he had heard this very often already. It was better not to bother him right now.
Thus he walked to Elder Rong’s peak where a lot of nice senior martial sisters lived. One of them would surely know what he should find out about senior martial brother Mei! Mn, maybe … maybe one of them would even know something important about senior martial brother Mei that they could tell him!

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