RMN C23 Who Is the Shameless One?

Yun Bei Fen held onto his savior’s shoulders for dear life, his eyes wide open. He hadn’t yet realized that the person he was hanging onto was his beloved senior martial brother Mei. At the moment, he only felt that the sword below his feet was missing and heard his robe flapping in the wind. The gusts also blew his hair into his face.
What had his Master done? Could it be that he didn’t want him anymore?! He had actually thrown him away just like that! And in the air at that! If nobody had caught him, he might have fallen down and died a terrible death!
Ah, thankfully, someone had caught him! He should light up some incense to pray for that person’s good fortune when they arrived in the border region.
Yun Bei Fen looked up with grateful eyes only to blank when he saw the dark eyes he had daydreamed about so often stare back at him. “Senior martial brother Mei?”
“Mn.” Mei Chao Bing smiled. “Don’t you want to step onto the sword?”
Yun Bei Fen looked down only to see his feet dangle in the air next to Mei Chao Bing’s sword. He blinked.
Wait. If his feet weren’t on the sword … then how was he not falling?
He looked up again and found his hands clutching Mei Chao Bing’s shoulders. His cheeks that had paled when his Master threw him off flushed red and he hurriedly looked away. Before he had time to chastise himself for his behavior, he found out that not only was he holding onto Mei Chao Bing’s shoulders, Mei Chao Bing was, in turn, holding onto his waist.
His ears also turned red. Oh no! How could this have happened? Just what had his Master done?! This was even worse than just letting go of him in the air!
Mei Chao Bing smiled. Had this short fall frightened the little bunny that much? Mn, he shouldn’t let him suffer any longer. He pulled him up onto the sword but still didn’t let go of him. Don’t kid him! He finally had him where he wanted him. Why wouldn’t he take advantage of that? Especially since Yun Bei Fen’s Master didn’t seem to mind the thought.
Mn, since his Master was alright with this, there was no reason to hold back. He held Yun Bei Fen with one hand and cupped his cheek with the other. “It’s alright now. Don’t be afraid. You’re safe here with me.”
Yun Bei Fen’s heart raced and his body seemed to burn where Mei Chao Bing was touching him. Oh, no! What should he do now? Wouldn’t his senior martial brother remember that kiss if things went on like this? He couldn’t let that happen! He had to divert his attention somehow.
He glanced around for anything he could use but the only thing he saw was Mei Chao Bing’s robe and the hair hanging down over his shoulder and the sword below their feet. Mn, what a nice pair of shoes. He couldn’t say that, could he?
Mei Chao Bing didn’t mind the silence. His little bunny was obviously very shy. Naturally, he wouldn’t know what to say in this situation. Mn, he should find a topic they could talk about. It should be something harmless though. He didn’t want to scare him, after all.
Mei Chao Bing didn’t have too much trouble finding such a topic. “Junior martial brother Yun, say, how long has it been since you established your foundation? If you can’t learn how to use a flying sword yet, I could help you with consolidating your realm first.”
Yun Bei Fen’s eyes lit up. Ah, senior martial brother Mei was so nice! He was actually still talking to him even though he had kissed him back then.
The poor Yun Bei Fen had somehow forgotten that it had originally been Mei Chao Bing who initiated their kiss. In his mind, it had been him who shamelessly assaulted his senior martial brother because he was so happy that nothing had happened to him. Thus he was even more grateful that Mei Chao Bing would go out of his way to help him.
“It hasn’t been long yet. Just a few days ago.”
“Mn, in that case, cultivating further should be your first priority. How about I accompany you in that after we’ve reached the border region? You can ask me everything that is weighing on your mind.”
Next to them, Yang Wu Huang was boiling with rage. What was with the grateful look on Yun Bei Fen’s face? No, more than that, why had Elder Baili thrown the beauty to that traitor in the first place?! Wouldn’t he be a much better candidate than him?
Ah, well, it had probably been instinct because Mei Chao Bing had been flying closer to him. The Elder probably hadn’t even stopped to think about what he was doing. Ugh, just because this guy had been so shameless!
And now, because Mei Chao Bing had caught him Yun Bei Fen was feeling much better toward him. He couldn’t let this go on! If that guy could make the beauty grateful to him just by being a bit shameless, then he could do the same!
He steered his flying sword closer to them and smiled at Yun Bei Fen. “Junior martial brother Yun, the same naturally goes for me. Why don’t I accompany you right after we get back? Since it hasn’t been that long since I formed my core, I’m still very much aware of all the troubles one might encounter in the foundation establishment stage. I’m sure listening to this would be very much beneficial to you.”
Mei Chao Bing narrowed his eyes. Had this guy still not given up? Well, looking at the little bunny in his arms, he didn’t have to worry about this anyway. He wanted to say something but the little bunny was faster.
“Ah, there’s no need for that, senior martial brother Yang. Hasn’t senior martial brother Mei been in the core formation stage for a long time already? I’m sure he knows a lot about cultivation.”
Yang Wu Huang’s lips twitched. This little … Did he want to say that he knew less about cultivation because he had only formed his core not too long ago?!

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