RMN C22 The Time to Wait Is Over

“Mn? What was that? I’m afraid I didn’t catch that, junior martial brother Yun.” Mei Chao Bing smiled happily and moved a little closer. Ah, it was a pity that Elder Baili was there too or he could have flown even closer to him.
Yun Bei Fen nervously tugged at his Master’s robe. What should he do? Senior martial brother Mei was looking at him!
Seeing his disciple in such an unsightly state, Baili Chao nudged him in the side. “What are you doing? Did it throw you for a loop? Your senior martial brother is talking to you!”
Yun Bei Fen flushed even more but he didn’t forget to give his Master a reproachful look. How could he scold him in front of senior martial brother Mei? Wouldn’t he think he was an idiot now?
He hurriedly turned back and tried to look as intelligent as he could. “Isn’t that a given?”
Mei Chao Bing smiled brightly. Ah, how cute! He really wanted to reach over and pinch those cheeks! Unfortunately … He took a look at Baili Chao who looked back at him.
The two men stared at each other.
Finally, Baili Chao rolled his eyes and looked away. Ah, he should have taught Yun Bei Fen how to use a flying sword first before they set off. Then he wouldn’t have to be in the middle of this.
Mei Chao Bing had the same thought. It truly was too inconvenient with the Elder around. “Junior martial brother Yun, could it be you don’t know how to use a flying sword yet?”
Yun Bei Fen’s ears also flushed and he nodded, embarrassed. “Yes. I … I just came out of closed-door cultivation so … Master didn’t show me yet.” He looked at his idol with a pleading gaze as if he wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t judge him because of that.
Mei Chao Bing gulped. What an adorable little rabbit! “Well, junior martial brother Yun is still young. It’s to be expected that there are a lot of things you don’t know yet. Uh, Elder Baili is certainly very busy too …” He looked up at the sky and raised his hand, clearing his throat in an attempt to feel less embarrassed. “Uh, if Elder Baili doesn’t mind, how about I take some time to help junior martial brother Yun? The Elder should be occupied with the mission for quite a while but it could be dangerous for Yun Bei Fen not to know how to fly.”
Baili Chao’s lips twitched. Young men these days! Was there nothing else in their heads than teaching their pretty juniors how to fly? If a few others came along and proposed the same thing, he might suspect this was a code for something immoral!
Yun Bei Fen’s eyes lit up. “Senior martial brother Mei would really do that?”
“But of course!”
“But wouldn’t that be a lot of extra work for you? You’d probably much rather cultivate …”
“How could that be? If it’s for junior martial brother Yun, then I don’t mind spending that time at all. In fact, it’ll be my pleasure to guide you. Ah, only if Elder Baili allows it, of course.” He hastily turned to Yun Bei Fen’s Master and cupped his fists, his expression sheepish. He certainly hadn’t wanted to slight the Elder! It was just … faced with Yun Bei Fen, he really couldn’t take all these other things into consideration.
Baili Chao smiled wryly and patted his disciple’s head before he could take Mei Chao Bing up on that offer. “Fen’er, you’re so lucky. We haven’t even set off an hour ago and two of your senior martial brothers already offered their help. When you’ve consolidated your realm and start to train with them, you’ll make progress much faster. Truly such a lucky child! You have to properly thank them later on!”
Mei Chao Bing blinked. Two? Don’t tell him … He leaned to the side and looked at Yang Wu Huang whose fists were already trembling in anger. His own lips couldn’t help but curl up in happiness. Oh? Could it be somebody else’s offer hadn’t been received as well?
Yang Wu Huang glared back at him. He couldn’t believe what was happening. How come Yun Bei Fen was this eager when it got to learning how to fly from Mei Chao Bing while he had kept exceedingly calm when he was the one offering it?! What did he lack compared to Mei Chao Bing? He was a talented cultivator, a handsome man, someone with an influential Master, a good family and boundless prospects for the future.
On the other hand, what was Mei Chao Bing? Just an abandoned disciple with a traitor as his Master. If he ever wanted to get somewhere, he’d have to leave the Teng Yong Sect and become a member of the demonic path. Otherwise, he’d forever be damned to stay mediocre.
“Junior martial —”
“Ah! Look at me!” Baili Chao slapped his forehead, interrupting Yang Wu Huang. He just couldn’t take it anymore. If those two wanted to battle for Yun Bei Fen’s heart, please. But not with him around. “I completely forgot that Sect Master Zhang asked me to prepare the enchantment around the campsite ahead of time so even the disciples arriving first will be safe. Mn, I’m afraid I can’t waste any more time.
“Fen’er, I won’t be able to split my attention while I’m fulfilling the Sect Master’s orders. Why don’t you travel with your senior martial brothers from here on? You can just use the time to ask them some questions about the Foundation Establishment stage since they’re both eager to help.”
Before Yun Bei Fen’s expression had been able to light up completely, his Master already threw him at Mei Chao Bing. He screamed when his body seemed to fall but Baili Chao very heartlessly sped away and didn’t even look back.
Thankfully, Mei Chao Bing was quick on the uptake. He reached out and pulled Yun Bei Fen into his arms, gratefully looking at the Elder’s back.
So do you want to say that the time you asked me to wait is already over? Is Yun Bei Fen old enough to understand the consequences and face them together with me?
He couldn’t help but smile at that thought and hugged Yun Bei Fen a little tighter. Mn, when they reached the border, he would find an opportunity to thank the Elder. He certainly wouldn’t disappoint him with taking care of Yun Bei Fen.

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