LWS V5C61 Too Lucky!

Nie Chang flew for more than an hour even though they were already flying at the fastest speed he thought he could control. Su Yan had given up on staring into the already dark sky and peer at the ground below them to figure out where Nie Chang wanted to bring him. In fact, he was tightly holding onto his waist and leaning against his back, his eyes already closed. More than once, he almost dozed off but Nie Chang patted his hands when their grip loosened. After all, with the speed he used, he was sure he could hold them up in the air but he wasn’t sure he could turn at the drop of a hat and catch Su Yan if he fell. No, it was still better to be careful and make sure his little darling didn’t fall in the first place.
Finally, a brightly lit city could be seen in the distance. Nie Chang heaved a sigh of relief. Ah, it seemed luck was on his side! He had already flown so much and feared that he wouldn’t be able to implement his idea. How would he have been supposed to get another that fast then?
He glanced at the hands still clutching his middle and flew over to the city, slowing down while he was at it. Finally, he landed in one of the side streets. Or, well, he still had the sword hover about a foot above the ground. After all, who knew how awake his darling was right now?
Nie Chang patted Su Yan’s hand to wake him up in the case he was really sleeping. “Darling, we’re there.”
“Mn …” Su Yan rubbed his cheek on his boyfriend’s back and kept quiet.
“Five more minutes …”
Nie Chang chuckled and tried to look behind him but Su Yan was once again leaning too close against him. Well, it was too dark in the alley anyway so he might not have seen him anyway.
Nie Chang carefully turned on the sword and took Su Yan into his arms, making sure his movement didn’t bother him too much. “Ah Yan?” He tried to wake him up once again but Su Yan’s eyes were tightly closed. Nie Chang sighed and stepped down from the sword before putting it back into his spatial ring. It seemed he’d have to carry him for now.
“Ah … Well, it’s been a long day.” He put Su Yan down on the ground, crouched in front of him and pulled him onto his back. “Ugh. This looks so much easier in movies.” He made sure Su Yan wouldn’t slip down and got up. Now, he’d need to find a place where they could rest for a while until Su Yan woke up again.
He walked toward the main street. The lanterns hanging from the roofs of the houses on both sides of the street tinged everything in a warm light. People were walking up and down, some of them also carrying lanterns in their hands while others were holding onto snacks.
Yes, the milestone he had come up with was visiting a festival. There were several important festivals in every kind of setting and attending one should be a romantic moment for the main characters, shouldn’t it? Well, even if it wasn’t romantic, it should at least be the first step toward a romantic development. After all, such a happy occasion would allow them to relax from whatever trouble bothered them normally. That was perfect for getting closer, wasn’t it?
He slowly walked down the street with Su Yan on his back and looked closer at the people around them. It seemed like quite a few of them were couples. Could it be he was actually so lucky to happen upon a festival for lovers? Ah, but even if, it didn’t help. After all, Su Yan was still asleep. As long as he didn’t wake up, this probably wouldn’t count as a milestone they achieved.
Nie Chang paused. Huh? Wait. Before the system had also counted the moonlight stroll even though he had noticed by now that today was actually the new moon. In that case, this should still count, shouldn’t it?
He glanced at Su Yan’s arm that was hanging over his shoulder. Thankfully, the sleeve had fallen to the side so he could still see the bracelet. “System, show me the list of milestones again.”
The surface of the bracelet changed indeed and sure enough, there were new entries on the list. Nie Chang tilted his head to see better and finally raised his brows. It seemed he had unwittingly stumbled upon yet another milestone:
[Visiting a festival together
Carrying the other on one’s back]
Nie Chang laughed. Well, luck really seemed to be on their side. The question was just how many experience points they had gotten for these milestones. Visiting a festival was something that could happen in all stages of a relationship after all. It wouldn’t necessarily give a high reward. Carrying someone wasn’t much different either. After all, he would have done the same for Su Yan when they were only friends.
Nie Chang grimaced. Alright, that probably didn’t count. After all, he had been in love with Su Yan for a long time. There probably wasn’t any time where he could have carried him before that.
In a novel though … He was sure that if any author used this kind of scene, then it would be a very romantic moment. Maybe the protagonist would be hurt and the male lead would carry him back to safety? If the protagonist was still conscious, he’d probably notice just how safe he felt with this person which would be the first step of him falling in love. Or maybe both of them were already in love and this was the moment that made them realize just how strongly they felt for each other? Anyway, he felt that this was an important milestone. In that case, the experience points the system gave them shouldn’t be too few.
Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Show me the progress bar again.”
The characters on the bracelet disappeared and instead, a pink bar appeared. It was … full?! Nie Chang looked at the row of numbers below it and his eyes widened. One hundred percent?! They truly were too lucky!

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