OMF V6C57 Why Did He Have to Turn out This Way?

Currently, the destined pair was facing off in the Yun Zou Sect.
“Jinde …” Leng Jin Yu sighed. “It’s not that I want to leave you. But you’re so worried about the demon king. If Longjun’s method really works, wouldn’t that take that burden from you?”
Jinde harrumphed. “Can’t he go alone? Why do you need to follow him? It’s his cousin-in-law, not yours, isn’t it?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and gently held Jinde’s hand. “I know. But be honest, do you really want Longjun to take care of this alone? It’s important to you so naturally, I want to be there and help if things go awry. You also know how Longjun is. What if he messes things up?”
Jinde tightened his lips. “That would be bad.”
“Indeed. So …”
Jinde sighed. “So my husband should go and accompany him to appeal to that cousin-in-law.” Even though he didn’t like it, he also understood that it was better to send someone sensible with Qiu Ling. That troublesome child liked to refrain from using his head most of the time. So who knew how things would turn out if he was left alone with this? And, well, it wasn’t like Leng Jin Yu was completely unrelated to this. “Eh, come to think of it, Qiu Ling is your son. So if this is his cousin-in-law, then are we talking about your nephew-in-law?”
“Even if we were, that is already something from my past life. Let’s concentrate on you and your problem. If Longjun’s method really works, you wouldn’t have to worry any longer.”
“Mn.” Jinde nodded. “Well, Qiu Ling might not be very dependable most of the time but this concerns the Son of Heaven too. There shouldn’t be any issues.”
“What he said sounded rather sensible at least.”
Jinde leaned forward and encircled Leng Jin Yu’s neck. “That’s good then. You can discuss things further with that cousin-in-law then. If it’s something that needs time or more help, then don’t rush things though. I’ve escaped Jin Ling’s eyes for so long, I’ll be able to do so a while longer.”
“Mn. Then … I’ll be going now.”
“Give me a kiss first.” Jinde leaned further forward and Leng Jin Yu met him halfway.
“Alright. If something is the matter …” Leng Jin Yu paused and shook his head. “What am I saying? If something is the matter, then contact Xin Lan. He’ll be here faster and is probably a better help than me.”
Jinde shook his head. “I’d be much rather saved by my husband.”
“I’d like it if you didn’t need saving at all.” He got up, leaned down again and kissed Jinde’s cheek. “I’ll hurry.”
“Mn.” Jinde watched him leave. When the door closed behind Leng Jin Yu, he couldn’t help but sigh.
What Leng Jin Yu had said just now wasn’t wrong: He was an ascended deity. Even though they weren’t weak, there was still a slight gap between them and the people that were born immortal. Leng Jin Yu was stronger than most deities were when they ascended but still. Considering what people they had to deal with, he still lacked strength. Comparing him with Xin Lan would be mean but even if it was Qiu Ling or Jin Ling … He likely wouldn’t win, even if he gave it his all.
Jinde got up and paced up and down. It seemed other than healing his own soul, they’d have to think about making Leng Jin Yu stronger too. If this thing Qiu Ling had come up with worked, it would be for the best and they wouldn’t need to worry about Jin Ling. But they couldn’t hide forever.
And sometime in the future, his soul would be healed. Then he wouldn’t stay in hiding anymore. He wouldn’t need to fear to be able to protect himself against Jin Ling but … how would his husband take it if their strength was that far apart? It probably wouldn’t feel nice.
He stopped in the door to the courtyard and looked at the plum tree. “If this was Chun Yin …” He shook his head. Chun Yin had always reveled in being stronger. Protecting the one he loved, giving him a feeling of security, having him look up to him … He loved that feeling.
Jinde smiled. Thinking back now how he had always catered to that wish and even pretended to be weak and frail in front of Chun Yin, even though he should have known better considering they had grown up together … Ah, he had really been young back then. And Chun Yin had too. Now with Leng Jin Yu, there was no need to pretend anymore. They had both grown up and become mature.
Jinde leaned against the door frame and looked at the sky. Some things were lost, some things had been gained … Chun Yin couldn’t come back but there was Leng Jin Yu now. Despite the trouble he had gone through, he could still say his life had turned for the better.
“Ah, if just Jin Ling could grow up too … Find someone else to love … Is there really nobody that attracts you?”
He crossed his arms in front of his chest and frowned. Jin Ling had always had his own thoughts and he had kept to himself for too long. He had never liked to have anyone else but him around. Maybe … maybe he should have known that things were wrong. Maybe he should have noticed that things were changing in a wrong direction.
He shook his head again and turned back into the house. It was much too late to regret now. Jin Ling had walked down that path and there was no way to bring that time back, even though he would have liked nothing more than to forget about it and start anew.
This child … why did he have to turn out this way?

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