LWS V5C58 That’s Not a Star, Darling

Su Yan’s eyes widened. What? Elder Yue had taken out his bird? Then … Then Sect Master Xue had made such a fuss because the Elder had wanted to put the bird into his nest?!
Nie Chang coughed. Did Su Yan have to look at him this shocked? “Uh, darling …”
“Wait!” Su Yan slapped his hand onto Nie Chang’s mouth and furrowed his brows. “I need to think this through!” He turned away but continued to cover Nie Chang’s lips just in case.
Mn … So that was how it sounded when a bird tried to get into a nest. Now he finally knew what the strange novel with the birds had been talking about! This was what he should be going for when Nie Chang and he finally had their Friday.
Eh? Su Yan furrowed his brows further. He didn’t really trust Xue Chang Fu. What if the Sect Master had done that on purpose to lead him astray? It was entirely possible!
He turned back to Nie Chang and lowered his hand. “Ah Chang, do you think they were doing it right?”
Nie Chang raised his brows. Why did he have to comment on the sex life of two of Su Yan’s characters? Could somebody tell him? “Uh … I think so?”
“Are you sure?”
“Well … It’s not like I saw them do it but the Sect Master did sound as if he enjoyed it very much, didn’t he?”
Su Yan blanked. Eh? The Sect Master had sounded as if he enjoyed it? He tilted his head and thought back. Now that Nie Chang had pointed it out … It had indeed sounded like that! Mn, so what Nie Chang had said before about it not hurting when the bird found its way into the nest was actually true. Ah, he never should have suspected him!
Su Yan smiled and hugged Nie Chang’s waist to make up for it. “So it was like that! Then let’s go and take that moonlight stroll you spoke about!”
Nie Chang looked at his little darling and raised his brows. How did he deserve this treatment? Had he done some especially good deed that he didn’t notice? How very strange!
Even though he didn’t know why Su Yan was suddenly so attentive, he still followed him down the street and further into the street. By now, the sun had almost gone down and most people had gone home. Compared to the lively atmosphere they had experienced this morning it really was quite different.
Nie Chang looked up at the sky and sighed. “Actually, it’s also nice to be here. We could never stroll around like this in Shanghai.”
Su Yan also looked up and nodded. “That’s true. You can’t see any stars either.”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “How do you know you can see stars here? It’s not even completely dark yet.”
“Tch.” Su Yan pointed up to a spot that seemed to be above the other side of the city. “Then what’s that?”
Nie Chang narrowed his eyes. It really … He chuckled. “Darling, I’m afraid that’s not a star. That’s just a cultivator on a flying sword.” He reached over and grasped Su Yan’s nose. “They do reflect the light, you know.”
“Mn!” Su Yan swatted his hand away and scooted to the other side of the street. “What do you think you’re doing?!”
Nie Chang laughed but hurriedly stifled it. “Uh … I …” He looked in the other direction and cleared his throat. “Ah! What about the system? We should have finished the special mission, shouldn’t we?”
Su Yan blinked and raised his arm. Nie Chang was right. Elder Yue had already taken out his bird and Sect Master Xue had sounded happy about it. That should count as him finding happiness, shouldn’t it?
Nie Chang made his back over to Su Yan and the two of them looked at the bracelet together. The main page of the system appeared before another window opened in front of it.
[Congratulations, host, on finishing a special mission! You have proven that you can successfully set up a secondary couple. Please keep in mind that supporting characters shouldn’t steal the limelight from the protagonists though.
You may now choose your reward.
Reward 1: Character platform
Reward 2: Experience points (medium amount)
Reward 3: Task line set (synopsis)]
Su Yan blinked and turned to Nie Chang. “Why am I being given options? What are we supposed to do now? What’s a character platform anyway?”
Nie Chang raised his brows and looked at the three options again. A character platform … A platform for a character … “Maybe it’s those things you have in your special dimension? I mean you have two characters in there right now, don’t you? Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai. And they’re both standing on some kind of platform. So that should be the ‘character platform’.”
Su Yan frowned. “What rubbish! Why would I need that if I already have two? Let’s take the experience points after all!” Su Yan didn’t wait and clicked on the second option, making yet another message appear on the bracelet.
[Issuing reward]
Then the window closed and they were back at the main page.
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “Are you sure you don’t need that character platform? You’re only able to create two characters, aren’t you? Or what happened to Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing from your first story?”
Su Yan’s eyes widened. Right! Those two had vanished after he started with Dou Fang Hai and Ziju An! Su Yan crouched on the ground and covered his face with his hands. “No! Why didn’t you say so sooner? Why didn’t you stop me?! Now, I’ll never be able to create more than two characters at a time! The system is clearly bullying me! Why did it give me three options? It should have given me all the rewards! How will I get another character platform now?!”
Nie Chang crouched down next to him and patted his back. “Well, I’m sure if you can trigger one special mission, you’ll be able to trigger others too. There’ll certainly be another one that has a character platform as the reward.”
Su Yan looked up and pursed his lips. “How could that be? Last time we got some strange dimension ticket. It’s probably always something different.”
Nie Chang scratched his temple. Unfortunately, what his little darling said this time sounded sensible. Who knew if there would really be another character platform offered. “Well, at least you got more experience points. Let’s see how many more we need to return home. Finishing tasks will be much easier there.”

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