LWS V5C59 Be Embarrassed by Another Couple

Su Yan nodded and opened the page with the progress bar. As soon the pink color loaded, his eyes widened. This … what was this? It was actually almost filled!
He reached out to the side in a daze and tugged at his boyfriend’s sleeve. “Ah Chang … this …”
“It’s ninety-three percent.”
Nie Chang raised his brows. He also didn’t know how they had suddenly jumped about 50 percent ahead. Sure, they had finished a special mission but it shouldn’t be such a big difference, should it? This was as if … someone wanted Su Yan to reach the next level as fast as possible and was making things deliberately easy for them.
In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain fujoshi spun around on her chair and whistled innocently. Making it easier for the main characters of her project? Never! Wouldn’t her readers get bored then?
Well … she might have sneaked that experience package in there in the hope that Su Yan would click on it. But that didn’t count! It wasn’t like she had forced him to take it, after all. No, she had just offered it along with the two original rewards. And she hadn’t even given him a big experience point package! No, she had just given him as many as he could have earned if he chose the synopsis taskline. So that wasn’t cheating! It was just … speeding things up a little. After all, she still needed to make sure that Su Yan and Nie Chang would finally have sex so that her job was safe. There was nothing wrong with that.
Even though Su Yan and Nie Chang probably wouldn’t have been happy if they knew someone was helping them so that Nie Chang could take out his own bird sooner, they were still happy that they had gotten much closer to the next level.
“So we only have to do another task or achieve a few milestones and we should be able to go home, right?” Su Yan looked up at Nie Chang. He had no idea how many milestones they would need to get those last seven percent but it couldn’t be many, could it? At most, it should be a handful.
Nie Chang nodded. “Yes. Let’s look at the list of the milestones to see how many we got today.”
Su Yan turned back to the system but it had already erased the progress bar from the surface of the bracelet and instead showed the list Nie Chang had wanted to see. Su Yan pursed his lips. “I feel bullied. Why isn’t it doing this kind of thing when I want something? I always have to beg it first.”
Nie Chang chuckled and ruffled his darling’s hair. “I’m sure it also listens to you. It’s just … it’s a program. Naturally, it’s not like talking to a human. Didn’t we talk about that already?”
Su Yan looked up and harrumphed. “Then why does it listen to you?”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “Well … Maybe it’s because I’m normally working with programs. I do know how to deal with this kind of thing.”
Su Yan thought about it and finally nodded. “I guess that makes sense.” He didn’t argue further and instead read through the list. His brows furrowed as soon as he started. “Ah Chang, what kind of milestones are these? ‘Have a date in an ancient city’, ‘Take a moonlight stroll’, ‘Watch the stars together’, ‘Watch a fight’, ‘Be embarrassed by a couple having sex next door’. How are these milestones of a relationship?!”
Nie Chang tightened his lips. Yes, he’d also like to know how these qualified as milestones in a relationship. In the end, he could only sigh. Never mind. As long as reaching these questionable goals could get them back home, he didn’t mind. “Well, this is a xianxia setting. So a couple in this kind of setting would probably have a date in an ancient city and watch fights. We can’t forget that the system wants to help you write novels. The milestones probably aren’t about ordinary couples like us.”
“Of course, but … the sun hasn’t even gone down and you said that before was a cultivator. When did we take a moonlight stroll and watch the stars together?”
The two of them looked up at the sky. The clouds were still tinted in a red glow, even though the sky had otherwise turned gray. The sun couldn’t be seen but there weren’t any stars either, not to speak about the moon. Most likely, they would need to wait another hour before the first stars appeared.
“Uh …” Nie Chang looked at the list again and finally shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe the system also wants to go back so it gave us the experience points without waiting for us to actually accomplish the milestones.”
Su Yan frowned. “But isn’t this task about experiencing them?”
“Well … I thought so too but maybe it already counts if we … discover them. I mean we did see that cultivator flying there in the sky and you thought it was a star so maybe the system thought we had noticed that watching the stars together would be very romantic and could be a milestone in a relationship.”
Su Yan harrumphed. “Maybe … you were just wrong and that wasn’t a cultivator at all but a real star!”
Nie Chang grinned and looked up at the sky again. “Are you sure? Then where is it now?”
Su Yan snorted and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “How would I know? Maybe it’s embarrassed by the couple next door too and hid behind a cloud.”
Nie Chang laughed. “That’s certainly it. Ah, since we’ve finally found the explanation, how about trying to reach some more milestones? If we hurry, we might be able to return tonight already. Then we’d have the whole weekend back on earth. How does that sound?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and lowered his arms. “Sounds good! So what do we start with?”
Nie Chang kissed his cheeks and hooked his finger. “I think I have an idea already. Let’s go.”

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