OMF V6C35 His Favorite

Qiu Ling stared at the severed arm and his eyes reddened. His beloved … His beautiful beloved had been hurt to this extent! Ah, he had taken too much time to go to the demon realm and save him! He shouldn’t have waited in the Nine Heavens for so long. It was all his fault!
Below him, Jin Ling groaned. “Fuck! Could you get up already?!”
“You!” Qiu Ling gritted his teeth and tucked the severed limb below his arm. “You dared to do something like this to my beloved and still want to order me about?! I should also tear you apart limb by limb!”
Jin Ling frowned and lashed out. Qiu Ling could only leap aside. He didn’t forget to grab the sack lying next to him though. He had to make sure that this bastard hadn’t cut off any other limbs of his beloved’s body.
Jin Ling’s brows furrowed. “What do you think you’re doing? Give that back! The arm too!” He dashes forward and tried to grab the sack but Qiu Ling evaded him.
“No! You won’t get the arm! You won’t even get a finger of my beloved!”
“Who wants a finger of your beloved? You can keep it! I wouldn’t even look at his fingernails! Now give back the sack and the arm!”
Qiu Ling turned away, keeping both from Jin Ling. He looked at the arm with a pitiful expression. Uwuwu, his poor belo— Uh?
Qiu Ling tilted his head and raised the arm a little higher. Thanks to Jin Ling throwing it and him catching it and then running away, the blood had already dropped down. The skin … absolutely wasn’t the nobly pale skin of his beloved!
Qiu Ling stared at the arm in a daze before throwing it behind him. Ah, so that hadn’t been his beloved’s arm at all. Ah, thankfully! Then the limbs in the sack … He opened it and pulled out a hand. The skin was paler but … How was this the smooth texture he knew from his beloved?! He threw the hand away just the same.
Behind him, Jin Ling hurried to catch it and gnashed his teeth. “What about the rest? Do you want to go through everything and throw them one by one? None of that is a part of the crown prince’s body! Do you think I’d be so dumb to cut him up into little pieces?”
Qiu Ling glanced over his shoulder, his gaze everything but nice.
“Tch. Wouldn’t the other two realms be after my life then?”
“We’re already after your life now. You kidnapped Jing He.”
“I kidnapped his mortal reincarnation. And now give the sack back. I still need to feed the plants.”
Qiu Ling glanced at the content of the sack again but didn’t throw it over. If this was so important to Jin Ling, then he should make use of it. “Then where is my beloved if he’s not in here?”
Jin Ling snorted. “As if I’d tell you.”
“Then … you won’t get this sack back either.”
Jin Ling wasn’t impressed. He turned away and went into the adjacent room. A few snapping sounds could be heard and then he came back with another sack. “By all means, hold onto it for as long as you want. It’s not like you didn’t kill a few demons before.” He stopped in front of the plant again, took out an arm and threw it into the air. It flew up in an arc and finally landed inside, making a splash.
Qiu Ling’s lips moved but he had no idea. In the end, he could only throw the sack back over. “Fine. You take it back. See it as a sign of my goodwill. Now, where is my beloved?”
Jin Ling ignored him and instead rubbed the plant in a happy mood. Ah, this was too great! Now that he had the mortal reincarnation of the Son of Heaven, he could ask anything of Qiu Ling. The bastard might still be stubborn right now but sooner or later when he realized that there was no other way to get his beloved back, he would spill the beans. And then … then he could finally find happiness with Jinde.
Jin Ling’s lips curled up into a dreamy smile. The person that had monopolized Jinde’s heart was dead, even his reincarnation had died thanks to his scheme with the jade-gathering beast. So why shouldn’t his wishes be finally fulfilled?
Whatever Jinde had to bring up to oppose this, he would talk him out of it. He didn’t believe that there was no chance for them to be together. Why shouldn’t they fall in love? Why shouldn’t they share the rest of their days?
If Jinde was uncomfortable with being physical with him, then he wouldn’t mind abstaining from it. If it was for him, he could do that. He wouldn’t mind at all. Over the years thanks to the fact that he needed that damned harem to rule the demon realm, he had been physically close to a lot of people without having feelings for them anyway. It wasn’t special to him. In fact, he abhorred it. Not doing that kind of thing with Jinde might be good.
No, rather than that, it would be much better to spend their days as they did back then. Jinde could take care of his garden while he followed him along. Maybe he could even help him. After all, he had spent a lot of time to learn about all the plants in the demon realm for him. Jinde would certainly like it when he showed him his collection.
“Mn, just eat, just eat, there’s plenty today.” He tickled the plant and gave it another smile.
Ah, this one was his favorite. He was really curious what Jinde would say about it. He should be impressed that he had managed to raise it to such a size! Jinde straightened up, proud of his accomplishment and moved to the next one. It wasn’t as big as his favorite, only about as big as a head. It was of a very pretty red color though and had a row of barbs that looked like the fangs of a beast. Mn, what a ferocious plant! Jinde should be impressed that he was able to raise it.
Jin Ling continued to move through his garden, feeding one plant after the other. He had already forgotten about the dragon king that was following him with a strange expression. To him, only those plants and what Jinde might think about them counted.

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