OMF V6C34 A Torture Chamber?

Just at that moment, Qiu Ling entered the demon king’s palace through one of the side doors. His gaze darted around. He couldn’t see anyone. Well, he could hear some demons patrolling not too far from him but it should be far enough for him to slip through.
Ah, wasn’t this Jin Ling making this a little too …
His eyes widened. He had just thought that Jin Ling was making things to easy but how come his beloved was moving? And rapidly, even? Could it be that despicable bastard was bringing him somewhere else so he wouldn’t find him?
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. That guy was really underestimating him. This was exactly why he had put the mark of the dragon on Jing Yi’s body after his birth! Obviously, he wouldn’t have trouble finding him.
He shook his head and followed his senses in the direction where he could feel his mark. He didn’t mind if Jin Ling looked down on him. If that meant that he would get his beloved back on the first attempt, it was great. Jin Ling could look down on him a little more if he wanted to.
Ah, if he managed to do that, his father-in-law would have to acknowledge what a dependable man he was. Mn, with that, nothing would prevent them from marrying anymore. Ah, This truly was a blessing in disguise!
Qiu ling ducked behind a beam when the patrols passed by and then continued forward. Mn, the place Jin Ling had brought his beloved was in the back part of the palace. This wouldn’t be some kind of torture chamber, would it?
He furrowed his brows. Thinking about it now, Jin Ling was probably the type that would do something like this. Ugh, if he really dared to harm his beloved, he would indeed raze the demon realm to the ground!
Qiu Ling hastened his steps, not caring anymore whether he might run into a patrol. Damn, if any of the demons dared to bar his way, he’d slaughter them! He couldn’t let his beloved stay here any longer! The risk was way too high. Hmph, he should have known he couldn’t trust Jin Ling.
He finally arrived in front of a door. His senses tingled when he stopped. This was obviously where his beloved was being held. He hadn’t moved in the last few minutes either so he could be pretty sure that Jin Ling wanted to keep him here.
Qiu Ling frowned. What now? If Jin Ling still had Jing He in his hands, then storming right in would jeopardize his safety. He couldn’t let this happen. No, he had to surprise the bastard and wrest his beloved from him in one go!
He looked around and his gaze locked onto the beam above his head. Great! His own palace also had these beams. As long as he managed to get below the roof, he would be able to move along them. Then he could ambush that bastard from there.
He pushed off the ground, grabbed the closest beam and crouched down on top of it, surveying the surroundings. Mn, it wasn’t constructed much different from the one in his palace. Although … He furrowed his brow. There seemed to be a strange opening in the roof? Was this some kind of torture device Jin Ling had come up with?
Maybe he chained his victim down on the ground and then had the elements do the rest? It certainly wouldn’t feel good to be left lying there with the sun burning down on your body or the rain hitting your skin while you shivered in the cold wind … What a bastard! If he had really done that to his beloved, then he should better pray to Heaven that he wouldn’t get his hands on him! Otherwise, he’d do the same thing to him! Ah, first of all, he had to save his beloved though.
Qiu Ling held onto the beam and crawled forward. He made sure that he didn’t make any sound. He couldn’t let the bastard notice him. If he did, his beloved would be the one to suffer.
He finally reached the place with the hole in the roof, he couldn’t help but look up. His expression turned puzzled. This … wasn’t an actual whole? There was some kind of translucent crystal glass covering it. Had he been wrong? Was this not a torture device? At least the wind and the rain couldn’t come in there. Ah! Maybe he only intended to use the sun as his weapon? This crystal should strengthen the power of the sun. The people he chained down there would feel like they burned to death! Ah, too despicable!
Qiu Ling furrowed his brow and looked down, prepared to jump if he saw his beloved suffering too much. Seeing the situation down below … Qiu Ling’s face blanked. This … What was this? That bastard and … a big plant?
Qiu Ling blinked and tilted his head, leaning forward to take a better look. The thing looked like a huge sack, just that it was green with ugly blotches and something that looked like a lid.
Right now, Jin Ling patted the thing. “Ah, beautiful, I brought you something nice today. You’ll certainly like it.” With that, he turned to the side and picked something up that had been lying in an actual sack.
The thing was red and something was dripping onto the floor. Qiu Ling sniffed. This smelled like … blood? He looked at the thing again. It was long and cylindric with an end that hung down a bit. Five smaller parts hang down from there.
Eh? That kind of form seemed familiar? Wait! Was that … Was that an arm?!
Qiu Ling’s face paled. “No!” He yelled and jumped down from the beam, pushing Jin Ling to the ground just when he had thrown the bloody arm at the plant.
“No!” Qiu Ling hurriedly caught it and held it in front of him, his expression twisted. “No! Jing He! What did he do to you?!”

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