LWS V5C34 Too Late to Regret

Hearing the word ‘inn’ Su Yan couldn’t help but feel excited. Considering that they were currently in the world of a xianxia-novel there were only two ways this could turn out: This would either be some shady place where dubious deals would be sealed or some upbeat restaurant where they would be approached by some young master who asked them to get lost because they were sitting at his table only for him to be slapped in the face later on. Even though demonic cultivators were involved that should rather frequent shady places, he still felt that the second option sounded much more likely.
Su Yan happily tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve to tell him what he had found out but his boyfriend shook his head. Su Yan frowned. This wasn’t fun at all! Shouldn’t he have gotten some more benefits from the system? Like being able to talk mind-to-mind with Nie Chang? Then they wouldn’t need to care about whether or not others were around.
Ah! Speaking of which … Su Yan tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve again and pointed at his hand. Wasn’t he supposed to hand over the system? Why hadn’t he done so? He wanted to see their progress!
Nie Chang raised his brows. Why was Su Yan pointing at his hand? He looked at it but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He wasn’t hurt and there was nothing else special about it either. He really had no idea what Su Yan wanted and could only look up at him questioningly.
Su Yan pursed his lips. Wasn’t Nie Chang supposed to be intelligent? Why couldn’t he figure out what he wanted today of all days? He tried imitating the form of Ziju An’s very special mirror but Nie Chang inexplicably started smiling dumbly. What was going on here?
Before Su Yan could figure out what had happened, his boyfriend had looked around to make sure nobody was watching them. Then he leaned down and kissed Su Yan’s temple only to straighten up immediately and sign a heart with his hands.
Su Yan looked at the heart dumbfounded. What was this?
Nie Chang happily rubbed Su Yan’s head and wanted to continue following the two cultivators in front when Su Yan stamped his feet.
“I was talking about the system!” He didn’t even make the effort to lower his voice, causing Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang to turn toward them.
The Sect master used the opportunity to snuggle up closer to his victim. “Are you seeing what I see? Is Xiao Hai arguing with his Master? Just what’s going on between them? Doesn’t my senior martial brother dote on Xiao Hai normally?”
Yue Mu Gang looked at him and raised his brows, very much as if he wanted to say that he had told him so.
Xue Chang Fu pursed his lips. Alright, alright. Yes. This cranky guy had said that something was wrong with the two of them. But this was the first time that he saw something happen that suggested he might be right!
Nie Chang winced inwardly but made sure he wouldn’t show it on the outside. Just look at how that Elder Yue was observing them! If he did anything wrong, it would lead to disaster.
He turned to Su Yan and tried to signal him with his eyes that they needed to be careful. Unfortunately, a certain someone was still angry with him and didn’t want to listen.
Who knew if Nie Chang had been right anyway? Maybe it wasn’t a problem at all if they were caught. He was this novel’s author, for fuck’s sake!
He glared at Nie Chang to communicate his anger. His boyfriend should better come up with a good apology! Just because they couldn’t talk out loud, he didn’t have to misunderstand him so much! Wasn’t he able to tell the difference between a mirror and a heart at all?!
Nie Chang stepped in front of his little darling, conveniently blocking the sight of the two cultivators in front of them. “Xiao Hai —”
“Don’t call me Xiao Hai!”
Nie Chang nodded and took out the bracelet he had found before. He clasped Su Yan’s hand and pushed the bracelet onto his wrist with a smile. “It’s all your Master’s fault. Since I’ve already admitted my mistake, why don’t we continue? Your martial uncle is probably getting impatient already.”
Su Yan’s lips were still pursed but he finally nodded. Alright, he would forgive Nie Chang on account of the fact that there were other people around. Even if he was angry, others wouldn’t need to know about it.
Nie Chang smiled and rubbed Su Yan’s hand before letting go and turning back. He didn’t wait for the two of them to say anything and just started to walk. As the male lead in Su Yan’s novel, he should be a Master who doted heavily on his disciple. Giving in to him when his feathers were ruffled shouldn’t be anything strange. But as soon as things were settled he should revert to his normal reclusive self that could only be admired from afar while his disciple … would probably do the next strange thing. Nothing of this should give them away, shouldn’t it?
Xue Chang Fu indeed pinched Yue Mu gang’s arm. “See that? What were you talking about? Everything is normal between them. Don’t tell me you’re really bringing this up only because you don’t want to do this mission with me?”
“Since the mission is so important, why don’t you continue to lead the way?”
“I’m still waiting for you to ask me nicely.”
Yue Mu Gang looked at him but the Sect Master only looked back. “Please?”
“Mn, how about giving me a kiss?”
“How about telling me the name of the inn? I can wait there for you.”
“At the door or in a room?” Xue Chang Fu’s fingers tapped onto the Elder’s chest, a suggestive smile on his lips.
Nie Chang who had almost caught up to them cleared his throat and gave his so-called junior martial brother a look.
Xue Chang Fu sighed. Ah, maybe it would have been better to leave these two extraneous people at home. Unfortunately, it was too late to regret now.

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