LWS V5C33 Tell Us More about that Mission

After following Xue Chang Fu into the city and through several busy streets, Su Yan couldn’t take it any longer. He hurried up and tugged at the Sect master’s sleeve. “Where are we going?”
Three pairs of eyes landed on him, making Su Yan tense. What? Hadn’t he just asked where they were going?
Xue Chang Fu tightened his lips. This stupid child! Don’t tell him he was still holding a grudge for what he had said yesterday about Yue Mu Gang being better than the guy he had fallen in love with? Even if he was, that was no reason to casually give their plan away! After all, wasn’t he also supposed to get something out of it?!
While the Sect Master stared at him, failing to hide his displeasure, Yue Mu Gang raised his brows. “That’s an interesting question. I thought your senior martial brother and his disciple knew more about this ‘special mission’ than me but it seems the Sect Master is the only one who’s in the know.”
Xue Chang Fu chuckled embarrassedly. “How could that be?” He rubbed Yue Mu Gang’s arm and pressed up against his body, hoping to elicit some good feelings. Unfortunately, he was still regarded with a grave gaze. He coughed and forced a smile. “I definitely told Xiao Hai and even said he should explain to senior martial brother. I don’t know why he’s asking. Xiao Hai, it couldn’t be that you forgot, could it?”
Su Yan tensed even more but his ability to turn black into white had always been good. “How could that be! You definitely didn’t tell me anything!”
Behind the three of them, Nie Chang withstood the urge to facepalm. Was Su Yan deliberately trying to out them?
Just at that moment, Xue Chang Fu also remembered that senior martial brother of his. He turned toward him with sparkling eyes, clearly seeking for help. “Senior martial brother! Tell Ah Gang that your disciple told you about the mission!”
Nie Chang looked from Xue Chang Fu to Su Yan who was looking at him just the same. After what had happened before when he didn’t ask about how he had fallen down … “He did tell me about a mission but as for the details … Are you sure you mentioned them to him?” Mn. This should be alright. In the end, wasn’t Ziju An extremely doting on his one and only disciple? Certainly, he would pick his disciple over this junior martial brother of his!
Yue Mu Gang didn’t see anything strange in the Grandmaster picking his disciple’s side either and turned his attention back to Xue Chang Fu. “In that case, don’t you think it’s time to tell all of us about this mission?”
Xue Chang Fu threw Su Yan a resentful glare. This was all his fault! Now, what if Yue Mu Gang figured out that there was no mission at all?! Wouldn’t all his careful planning go down the drain? Ah, he shouldn’t have involved this brat!
He harrumphed and went back to sucking up to Yue Mu Gang. “Mn, it’s very good that you ask, Ah Gang. Honestly, I’m a little disturbed by this too. Having such a strong man like you with me makes me feel much more secure. Promise that you’ll stay right at my side, yes? You shouldn’t even leave half a step!”
Yue Mu Gang stared back at him, not saying anything or changing his expression in the slightest. Only his hair swayed lightly in the breeze.
Su Yan inched closer to Nie Chang and tugged at his sleeve this time.
Nie Chang grabbed his hand and gently shook his head. Whatever Su Yan wanted to say it was better he kept it to himself for now. What if it was something that would give them away? Especially now that Yue Mu Gang was questioning the reason for this mission, that wouldn’t be good.
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked miffed but he also wanted to know what the mission was about so he didn’t dare make a scene before Xue Chang Fu had explained.
The Sect Master finally gave up on sweet-talking Yue Mu Gang and sighed. “Alright, this is actually a mission that will require a lot of tactfulness and great observational skills. You know lately, there have been rumors about demonic cultivators frequenting the cities around the righteous sects.”
This time, Su Yan couldn’t hold back. He tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve again. “That sounds like something I would write.”
Nie Chang hurriedly stroked the back of his head to make him stop but it was already too late. Both the Sect Master and the Elder looked over and while the Sect Master only seemed miffed that someone had interrupted his story time, Yue Mu Gang narrowed his eyes, doubt written in them.
Su Yan blinked. Huh? Had he done something wrong? Why were those two looking over? He had whispered! They shouldn’t have heard!
Nie Chang looked up at the sky and prompted. “The demonic cultivators?”
“Ah. Right. The demonic cultivators.” Faced with this senior martial brother of his Xue Chang Fu didn’t dare to scold Dou Fang Hai. Thus he turned back to Yue Mu Gang and continued. “Their behavior is alarming, especially since we don’t know how strong they are. Because of that I also don’t want to give this task into the hands of the ordinary disciples. In fact, taking Xiao Hai with us is already a bit of a risk but I thought we could keep him safe with all three of us around and like this, we won’t seem too deliberate.”
“So we’re here to find out what they plan.”
Yue Mu Gang nodded. “Then where do we go?”
Xue Chang Fu tiptoed and tried to kiss his cheek but was evaded. He didn’t mind and continued to smile happily. “The lead we have says that they turned up in an inn previously. So I’d suggest we start looking around there. Ah, we shouldn’t lose time anymore!” With that, he turned Yue Mu Gang with him, hiding his foxy smile while he pretended to show him the way.
The two people behind them were already forgotten. Well, at least he had forgotten about them. Yue Mu Gang listened intently for every sound coming from behind them. If demonic cultivators had indeed encroached on their sect’s territory, then maybe the two’s strange behavior was also tied to that. He should continue to observe!

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