LBM C3 Everyone Wants to Play Now and Then (1): Little Junior, Let’s Play a Game!

“Little junior! Little junior!” Yan Hong Min ran around his Master’s house, trying to find the little imp that had been taken in last year.
The place he finally found him … was his room where he was cultivating well-behaved. Yan Hong Min’s lips twitched. This brat! He had already made more progress in his first year than he had made even three years after coming to the sect! Could he slow down already?! He wasn’t giving him as his senior any face! If this brat continued like this, then he wouldn’t only have a genius as his big martial brother but also a genius as his small martial brother! The horror of it! Thankfully, this brat was only hardworking but not as talented as Zhi Guan. Mn, he should still make sure that the brat wouldn’t overdo it.
Yan Hong Min sat down in front of Yun Bei Fen and slapped his knee. “Eh! Little junior, didn’t you hear me? Stop cultivating already. It’s not good to cultivate so much.”
Yun Bei Fen obediently stopped and opened his eyes, blinking at his second senior martial brother. “Why isn’t it good? Senior martial brother Mei is also cultivating.”
Yan Hong Min nudged his forehead. “You’re not as talented as him.”
Yun Bei Fen’s expression didn’t waver at all. Naturally, he wasn’t as talented as his senior martial brother Mei. Nobody was as talented as his senior martial brother Mei. His senior martial brother Mei was the most talented cultivator among all the cultivators that existed!
Yan Hong Min tightened his lips. Was that all he would get as a reaction? “Mn, how about playing a game instead?”
“A game?” Yun Bei Fen blinked. “Does senior martial brother Mei also play games?”
“Uh … Sure! Doesn’t everyone play every now and then? Just pick a random night and walk past your third senior martial brother’s house. You’ll be able to hear him play with one of the other seniors of our sect.”
“So how about the two of us play a game?”
“The game that third senior martial brother plays with the other seniors?”
Yan Hong Min’s lips twitched. “Uh … no, not that one. We’re going to play something different.”
“Then what do we play?”
“Hehe. Look here!” Yan Hong Min took out a paper talisman and handed it to Yun Bei Fen. “This is a very special paper talisman that I made. Your task will be to secretly stick it to the back of senior martial sister Zhang!”
Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes. “Why?”
Yan Hong Min sighed. “Of course, it’s to signal the start of the game!”
“Then what is the actual game about?”
“Don’t worry about that. You’ll naturally see when it’s time. Ah! But don’t forget that you have to do it secretly!”
Yun Bei Fen thought about it and finally nodded. If his senior martial brother Mei also played games every now and then like everyone else, then he also wanted to play!

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