LWS V5C32 Where to Keep the System?

Nie Chang slowed down the flying sword and rummaged through his spatial ring. Concentrating his spiritual energy on two things at the same time wasn’t anything he had tried before and the sword below their feet swayed from side to side as a result.
Su Yan gave a yelp and hugged Nie Chang even tighter. “Will we crash?!”
Nie Chang stopped trying to move forward and the flying sword stabilized somewhat. He once again patted Su Yan’s hands. “Don’t worry. I was looking through the spatial ring and didn’t pay close enough attention. Let’s stay here for a moment while I find something that can be used to communicate with the system.”
“Can’t we do that in the Jin He City?”
“Do you want to rummage around and then talk to an inanimate object calling out ‘system, system’ all the time while Elder Yue and the Sect master watch you?”
Su Yan froze. Uh … It seemed he didn’t? “I don’t like staying in the air either. Can’t you find something faster?”
“I’m already trying. Just hold on for a bit, alright?”
Su Yan pressed his face against his boyfriend’s back and started to count to ten. When he reached ten, Nie Chang should have found something, shouldn’t he?
Nie Chang concentrated on the content of his spatial ring in the meantime. It wasn’t that easy though. Ziju An might have been an orderly person but he had also been a cultivator who lived a very long time and thus amassed a multitude of different things. There were weapons, herbs, materials for cultivation, even things that looked like ordinary day-to-day objects.
Unfortunately, most of these things were unusable for their purpose. The weapons had a surface but they would hardly be able to take them out in a crowd of people without causing a panic. The day-to-day objects or, well, the things he thought to be ordinary weren’t usable either. A brush could hardly contain the system, could it? The most likely thing to fit their need was a jade scroll consisting of two dozen smaller jade-slips. He wasn’t too sure if it would work though and maybe a jade scroll was too conspicuous?
He furrowed his brows and looked around further. Crafting materials, clothes, jewelry …
Nie Chang stopped and took a closer look at the jewelry. Even though Ziju An probably wasn’t the type of person that cared much for appearances he had still placed every object down neatly. Some were even displayed in small cases or at least rested on top of a piece of fabric.
He glanced at them and finally picked up a bracelet. It was made out of metal and decorated with delicate carvings. The surface was still glossy enough that the system should be able to display whatever they wanted to see.
He nodded and took the bracelet out, once again patting Su Yan’s hands to calm him down. “You can relax. I found something.”
“What did you find?”
“It’s some type of bracelet. You can wear it and secretly monitor your experience points even while we’re in the Jin He City.”
“I’ll put it on, alright?”
“Mn.” Su Yan murmured his assent but didn’t let go of Nie Chang’s waist. He wasn’t stupid! Nie Chang was the only one who knew how to fly! If he slipped and fell down, then who was to say that Nie Chang would manage to catch him? No, he definitely couldn’t let go of him!
Nie Chang tried to pry his little darling’s hand off him but wasn’t successful. He could only sigh though. If Su Yan didn’t want to do something, then he didn’t want to do it. There was nothing that could convince him otherwise. “Alright. I’ll keep it for now and you can put it on later.”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded without loosening his tight grasp on his boyfriend. “Then hurry up and bring us to the Jin He City!”
“Alright, alright.” Nie Chang concentrated on the flying sword again and they sped forward, leaving the sect grounds and arriving at the outskirts of the Jin He City.
Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang were already waiting there. The Elder was looking at them vigilantly, clearly wondering just what had taken them so long. The Sect Master didn’t seem to care though. He had climbed down from the other’s back but was still clinging to his arm. Harassing the Elder was obviously much higher on his list of priorities than looking into how the two of them passed their time.
Nie Chang tried to look as calm as he could but inwardly, he was panicking. Getting onto and off the flying sword was harder to him than flying itself. If he messed up now … There wasn’t any way to justify why the lofty Grandmaster Ziju would fall from his flying sword.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t wait for Yue Mu Gang to turn away before getting down. He concentrated on keeping the sword stable and glanced back. Shifting his feet slightly, he helped Su Yan down from the flying sword. Now, all that was left was to get down himself. He held back from taking a deep breath and lifted his foot.
At the same time, Su Yan pointed at the city. “Ah! Isn’t this where I lived before?!”
Yue Mu Gang looked over and even the Sect Master lifted his head.
Nie Chang hurriedly got down from the sword, stumbling a little, before he kept it in his spatial ring. He straightened his sleeves out and walked over to Su Yan as if nothing had happened. He really wanted to praise his little darling for his timely help but that wouldn’t have fit his image as a lofty Master at all. Thus he could only clasp his hands behind his back. “Mn.” Then he turned to look at Xue Chang Fu.
The Sect Master perked up and snuggled up even closer to Yue Mu Gang. “Let’s go then!”

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