LWS V5C31 Leaving for the Jin He City

With Nie Chang learning how to use a flying sword and Su Yan trying to put theory into practice, time passed quietly and the late afternoon finally arrived. With it, Xue Chang Fu dragged Yue Mu Gang over and happily stormed the Grandmaster’s palace.
“Senior martial brother! Xiao Hai! Are you ready? It’s time to go pl—” He coughed. “Time to go on our special mission in the Jin He City!” He pretended to crane his neck to look around for them but instead glanced at Yue Mu Gang’s face. Ah, it seemed the cranky old man hadn’t noticed his slip up.
Inside the palace, Su Yan’s eyes snapped open. He hurried to get up but his feet got entangled in his robe and he fell from the chair. He winced and rolled to the side, rubbing his leg. Ah! It hurt! Where was Nie Chang? Shouldn’t he come and comfort him?!
Nie Chang certainly would have done so but he had problems of his own. He had managed to learn how to use his flying sword and didn’t have trouble to put things into his spatial ring or get them out of it but seeing the two cultivators in front of the door, he still hesitated. Maybe they could get away if he found some excuse? But fooling two cultivators wouldn’t be so easy. Not that pretending to be the Grandmaster in front of them would be any easier.
Just when he tried to think of something, a pitiful looking figure came running over. He looked at him as if he had been wronged and tugged at his sleeve. “Ah … Master! I fell down!” Hurry and comfort me!
Su Yan’s eyes shimmered with expectations. Unfortunately, Nie Chang had no idea what to do. He certainly could have placated his darling with a few words and maybe a kiss if they were alone but he certainly couldn’t do so in front of the Sect Master and Elder Yue, could he?
Finally, he cleared his throat. “The Sect Master and Elder Yue came.” He looked at Su Yan intently, hoping that his little darling would get the hint.
Unfortunately … Su Yan furrowed his brows and looked at him even more wronged.
Nie Chang’s fingers twitched. He really wanted to pat Su Yan’s head and rub his back, ah! Just why were these two people standing there and watching this intently? In the end, he could only harden his heart and take out his flying sword. “If you’re ready, then let’s go.”
Su Yan’s gaze darkened and very clearly communicated the thought ‘I won’t talk to you for the next week!’ before Su Yan turned away with a huff.
Nie Chang looked at his boyfriend, then at the sword in his hand, and cleared his throat. “Since you’re injured, you can fly with Master.”
Su Yan perked up. Fly? He turned back to Nie Chang with some hesitation.
Nie Chang held back a smile and imbued the flying sword with his spiritual energy. He stepped onto it and pulled Su Yan after him. His little darling clung to him like a koala, looking at the ground two steps below them with skepticism.
Yue Mu Gang watched the two of them but finally also took his flying sword out. As soon as he stepped onto it …
“Ah! I forgot to bring my flying sword!” Xue Chang Fu jumped onto the Elder’s back again.
Yue Mu Gang incredulously looked back only to be met with a pair of limpid eyes that cutely blinked at him. His expression blanked.
“You don’t have a problem with bringing me down to the city, do you, Ah Gang?”
“You forgot to bring your flying sword.”
“Mn! It’s still at home. So be a darling and take me, yes?”
Yue Mu Gang turned away and took a deep breath. Even if he said no, this person certainly wouldn’t let go. In the end, he just had the sword rise into the air and sped off toward the city.
Nie Chang wasn’t in a hurry to follow. He looked back at Su Yan, raising his brows to ask whether he was alright.
His little darling wasn’t paying attention though. “You know how to use a fly—”
Nie Chang hurriedly clasped a hand over his mouth and motioned in the direction where Yue Mu Gang and the Sect Master had vanished.
Su Yan blinked, unable to understand what he wanted to say.
Nie Chang sighed. “OOC.”
“Ah!” Su Yan nodded hurriedly. “I see, I see. Don’t worry about it. I will definitely not give us away!”
Nie Chang nodded and turned away before Su Yan could notice his skeptical look. “Your fall …”
Su Yan rubbed his cheek against his boyfriend’s back and smiled. So Nie Chang wasn’t as heartless as it had seemed! He had just been worried because there were other people around. Mn, it didn’t matter.
He craned his neck and kissed Nie Chang’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about me! I’m a cultivator now! Such a small fall won’t be anything to me!”
“Ah, that’s good then.” Nie Chang patted the hands that were clinging to his waist and sighed.
Ah, he could only hope that flying together on a flying sword would give them a lot of experience points so that Su Yan could reach the next level soon. Otherwise, they would certainly be put to trial in a few days at the very latest. In fact, just flying to the city with the other two might be enough. That Yue Mu Gang hadn’t let anything show from his expression but with the way he had watched them, it was clear that he was suspecting something. If he had more time, he would soon find a clear-enough fault in their acting.
Nie Chang tried to glance at the person behind him again. “Did you bring something to make contact with the system?”
Su Yan didn’t answer but the way he tensed was response enough. Nie Chang sighed. Ah, he could only hope there was something in his spatial ring that could work. Otherwise, they might miss good opportunities.


Author’s Note: In case you haven’t seen yet, I’m currently thinking about which project I’ll start after I finish LWS since we’re already in the last volume. You can leave your opinion below this announcement post if you’d like. I’ll take all opinions into consideration!



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