OMF V1C91 Make It a Success

Shao Hai couldn’t help but stop and turn to Jing Yi when they ran into the teahouse. “Let’s go visit the uncles and aunties tomorrow too, alright?” He pondered a moment. “Well, I can also show you some other things around the capital. It’s not that you can just eat here.”
Looking at his embarrassed expression Jing Yi actually giggled. He never would have thought that having a friend could be this fun! He eagerly nodded and held onto Shao Hai’s hand.
Behind them, Qiu Ling’s expression grew even gloomier. Jing Yi, his Jing He … was actually laughing. Laughing! The only thing Qiu Ling had ever gotten from Jing He was a soft chuckle accompanied by a gentle gaze. And he had done a lot to make him laugh.
But this damned brat only had to show him around the capital a bit and get him something to eat and his beloved already laughed and hung at his arm! What was with this unfair treatment?!
“Argh, I should have taken him to my realm. I really should have done that. I could have shown you that capital! It’s at least a thousand times more interesting than this dumb mortal city!”
He grumpily walked into the teahouse behind them and threw an accusing glare at his mother-in-law. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see it. He’d have to come back as a guest to the teahouse tomorrow and throw her another one!
In the meantime, Shao Hai ran to Madam Zhong, pulling Jing Yi along with him. “Auntie, we’re back! Is father still here?”
Seeing her son smiling happily, Madam Zhong smiled back at the boys. She tousled her son’s hair and nodded at Shao Hai. “Mn, he is upstairs with your uncle Zhong Gang and my husband. Did you two have fun?”
Jing Yi nodded and looked at Shao Hai with glittering eyes. “Shao Hai said he’d show me the rest of the capital tomorrow.”
With Jing Yi’s gaze on him like that, Shao Hai blushed. He lowered his head and scratched at the floor with his foot. “Well, not all of the capital. It’s really big. I’ll show you a bit more tomorrow. And then … we can still look at the rest some other day. I mean … you’re going to stay here for a really long time, right?” He hopefully looked up at Jing Yi. If they wanted to marry later on, they had to be in the same city, right? His parents also both came from the capital.
Jing Yi wasn’t sure and turned to look at his mother, blinking his eyes in a silent question.
Madam Zhong laughed. It seemed letting her son go with Shao Hai had been the right decision. They hadn’t been gone for long but they obviously got along very well. Ah, this might just be her son’s first friendship! Thankfully, it hadn’t been too late to let him experience something like this. The things she had done wrong before could still be salvaged.
“Of course, we’ll stay in the capital for a long time. Didn’t your father agree to help your uncle Zhong Gang with the teahouse? As long as the teahouse is here, we’ll also stay in the capital to help.”
The two boys looked at each other and then around the teahouse. There were a few more guests than before but at least Shao Hai knew that it weren’t enough to let the teahouse become a success. If it was supposed to stay, they’d need to get a lot more customers.
He pursed his lips and pondered. He didn’t want Jing Yi to leave again. So he had to do something to make sure the teahouse would do well. Mn … He furrowed his brow.
Jing Yi watched him worriedly. Why was Shao Hai looking this grim? It couldn’t be that he had done something wrong, could it? Worriedly, Jing Yi tugged at his sleeve. Shao Hai didn’t react though. Jing Yi bit his lower lip. What should he do? He didn’t want Shao Hai to dislike him.
He pondered again and this time tugged at his sleeve a little harder. When Shao Hai looked at him, he smiled brightly at him, his eyes curving into crescents. The aunties and uncles out on the main street had all liked it when he looked like this and patted his head. Maybe Shao Hai would also like it?
Shao Hai liked it indeed. His cheeks flushed even more and he pulled Jing Yi to the side. “Xiao Yi, did you hear what your mother just said?”
Jing Yi nodded. “We’ll stay here as long as the teahouse stays here.”
“Mn. But the teahouse isn’t looking too well.”
Jing Yi looked around again. He actually thought that the teahouse looked quite well. Much more solid than the house where he had lived with his parents before. It probably wouldn’t collapse just like that, would it? Then again Shao Hai had lived in the capital his whole life. He probably knew better about the houses here.
Jing Yi turned back to Shao Hai with sad eyes. “Then does this mean that we’ll have to leave soon?”
Shao Hai grabbed him by the shoulders and shook his head. “No. Don’t worry about it. I already have an idea. We’re going to help your mother get more guests for the teahouse.”
“More guests?”
“Mn! And I even know how we’re going to do that.”
“Oh. Alright.” Jing Yi nodded even though he couldn’t understand how more guests would make the teahouse more solid. Could it be that the Heavens would take pity on all the people inside and not collapse the building? But then what about the night? He didn’t dare to ask though and just held onto Shao Hai’s sleeve. “Then what should I do?”
“Come with me!” Shao Hai happily pulled him outside again and pointed at a young couple that was strolling down the street. “See those two there? Let’s go over and invite them. We only have to tell them that there’s tea and tasty snacks and that they should come in and try. Don’t forget to smile while we tell them.”
Mn, they’d certainly be able to get enough guests for the teahouse this way. After all, those uncles and aunties hadn’t been able to say no to his Xiao Yi either. The people they asked should at least go in and have a taste and since those snacks and sister Nie’s tea were really tasty they would definitely come back after that first taste!

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