OMF V1C90 One Pair of Chopsticks

Mister Tang happily took out the two biggest buns he had with him and handed them to Jing Yi. He also used the opportunity to pat his head, earning himself an angry glare from Qiu Ling.
Hmph! Bastard! If you want to pretend to be a good guy, then be a good guy and don’t take advantage of my beloved!
Well, he could hardly blame him. If this was him, he would also want to pat his beloved’s head. Mn, maybe becoming a vendor wouldn’t be too bad? Then his beloved could come by every day, get a bun or some other tasty thing from him and he could pat his head. Mn … He really wanted to open a food stall.
While Qiu Ling was daydreaming, Jing Yi turned to Shao Hai and offered him one of the buns.
Shao Hai happily took it. “Thank you, Jing Yi!” He gave him a bright smile and also turned to Mister Tang. “Thank you too, Uncle Tang!”
“Hehe. Don’t mention it. Come by often in the future! Bring this cute little one with you.”
Shao Hai nodded, grabbed Jing Yi’s hand and pulled him down the street again.
Qiu Ling grumbled. Ugh, this bad child! How could he just casually touch his beloved?! He only took a moment to complain though and then hurried after them. He definitely couldn’t let them out of his sight or this brat might do something even worse! No, he had to prevent that under any circumstances.
The ‘bad child’ showed Jing Yi all the stalls on one side of the main road before running back toward the teahouse. On their way, he managed to collect another bun, two baked cakes, a piece of bean curd and four pieces of pickled plum for each of them, as well as three fried bing and a small bowl of noodles for both of them all with the help of Jing Yi’s cute smile.
Looking at the noodles between them that they had gotten just now at a stall opposite the teahouse, Shao Hai beamed. “It’s good that you came! Look at all this food! I’ve never gotten this much from them even though I’ve lived here my whole life.” He rubbed his cheek at that thought. Huh, he really couldn’t understand why all his uncles and aunties favored Jing Yi over him.
Shao Hai looked up at the person in question and examined his face again. Finally, he pushed the bowl over and handed him the pair of chopsticks the vendor had given them. “You eat them.”
Jing Yi looked at Shao Hai, at the chopsticks and finally at the bowl of noodles. Shao Hai also looked at the noodles. Qiu Ling also looked at them but his gaze soon flickered to the chopsticks. Mn, one pair of chopsticks …
Jing Yi looked up again and pushed the pair of chopsticks back to Shao Hai. This was his first friend and he had shown him a lot in the capital today. He should let him have the noodles if he liked them.
Shao Hai’s face lit up. Jing Yi actually wanted to give him the noodles?! “Are you sure about this?” He already reached out toward them though.
“Ugh. This bastard!” Qiu Ling used the fact that nobody could hear him and cursed him. “If you’re a gentleman, you should tell him that he can eat those noodles! I would definitely have done that.”
Jing Yi nodded though. He had already eaten half of what the vendors had given them. He didn’t really need to eat another bowl of noodles.
Shao Hai seemed even happier. He hurriedly picked up the chopsticks and dug into the food. Halfway through the bowl, he glanced up though. He gulped down the noodles in his mouth and hesitated for a moment before offering the chopsticks to Jing Yi and pushing the bowl over to him. “You can have the rest.”
Jing Yi blinked and looked at the chopsticks.
Shao Hai hurriedly nodded. “Yes, you take them. I’m full already.” He took Jing Yi’s hand and stuffed the chopsticks into them before pushing the bowl over even further.
Jing Yi still hesitated a bit but finally continued to eat. Behind him, Qiu Ling scratched the wooden post holding up the roof above the stall.
How could this be?! His beloved was actually sharing food with another man?! They had never shared a bowl of noodles this intimately! Jing He certainly would have been indignant had he even mentioned something like this!
“Uh, Heaven is unfair! I also want to share a bowl of noodles!” He continued to scratch the post, leaving a row of claw marks on the wood. “They only have one pair of chopsticks too!”
Unfair. All of this was unfair.
While he complained, Jing Yi happily ate the noodles. He didn’t manage to finish them off though. After eating half of those remaining, he pushed the bowl back at Shao Hai together with the chopsticks.
The owner of the shop laughed when she saw the two of them like this. “Ah, look at you, Shao Hai! So young and already got yourself an admirer.” She couldn’t help but teasingly pat his head before hurrying off to serve the next customer.
Shao Hai blushed. Admirer? So … Jing Yi liked him?!
He looked at the boy opposite him who was waiting for him to finish the bowl of noodles so they could return to the teahouse. The blush on his cheeks deepened. Actually … Jing Yi was really cute. He had a round face, a pair of bright brown eyes, a small pointed nose and rose-colored lips. He wasn’t handsome as a boy probably should be but he was really pretty. At least that was what Shao Hai thought when he looked at him.
Embarrassed, he lifted the bowl of noodles and hid his face behind it, his gaze still lingering on Jing Yi. Finally, he put the bowl down with a bang.
“Xiao Yi, let’s go home together!” He leaped to his feet and grabbed Jing Yi’s hand, pulling him over the street to the teahouse.
In his heart, he was already very sure: If Jing Yi admired him so much, then he couldn’t disappoint him considering how cute he was and that he had given up the bowl of noodles to him. Mn, since that was the case, he would marry him when they had grown up.
Thankfully, he didn’t mention that thought out loud or a certain dragon king might have made sure that that could never happen.

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