OMF V1C89 He Deserved a Bun

Qiu Ling came out of his thoughts and shook his head. This and that were two completely different things. Just because his other mother-in-law had been right back then, this mother-in-law wouldn’t necessarily be right too. No, he needed to stay vigilant!
Under Madam Zhong’s watchful eyes, Qiu Ling continued to sit at his table, held his cup of tea and pretended to drink. His attention was on the door to the preparation room though and his nerves were high-strung.
Ah, what was happening in there? Damn this! He shouldn’t have come here! He should have stayed invisible. Then he could accompany him at least, even though Jing Yi wouldn’t be able to see him. But there was no merit to Jing Yi seeing him anyway. The boy had ignored him.
Just what was he to him?!
Qiu Ling felt like crying but he still had a slight hope that everything would get better soon. That merchant’s son would disappear, that wild girl would lose interest and Jing Yi would grow up and take interest in him! Mn, yes. It would certainly happen.
Just when he had successfully brainwashed himself into thinking like that, the two boys left the preparation room. Shao Hai was holding onto Jing Yi’s hand and both of them smiled brightly. When Shao Hai looked at Jing Yi …
Qiu Ling grabbed his chest. Why did he feel like he was seeing some pink haze around them?! This … This was so wrong!
He looked at Madam Zhong, his gaze very aptly communicating his thoughts. You said nothing would happen! Now, look at this! Someone is trying to take away my beloved! What do you have to say to your defense, mother-in-law? Make this up to me!
But regardless of how many signals he sent her with his eyes, it couldn’t change the fact that Jing Yi had already taken a liking to Shao Hai. He even happily followed him to the upper floor to search for Shao Hai’s father.
“What is it, Xiao Hai?” Shao Chen tussled his son’s hair.
“I want to show Jing Yi the capital! Can I?”
“All alone? Alright, but be careful.” Shao Chen wasn’t an overly cautious man. He didn’t mind letting his child run around alone outside. In fact, he was quite happy his son was already this independent at such a young age.
Shao Hai was happy. He pulled Jing Yi back down and went to Madam Zhong next. “Auntie! Can I take Jing Yi outside? I want to show him the capital!”
“Alone?” Madam Zhong’s gaze flitted to Qiu Ling.
Hmph. Now she knew where to look for him. What if he said no? He crossed his arms and closed his eyes to indicate his refusal. He certainly wouldn’t help his love rival!
Madam Zhong suppressed a laugh. Considering how his appearance seemed to change almost every time she saw him, she had no idea how old he was. But a man who was able to do all that shouldn’t be young anymore. So, why did it seem like her nine-year-old son was more mature than him?
She bent down to the children, smiled and patted both their heads. “Alright. Go on. But be cautious, alright?”
“Mn!” Jing Yi nodded and Shao Hai pulled him outside.
Qiu Ling’s smug smile collapsed. His eyelids twitched. You’re … too despicable, mother-in-law! I can’t win against you!
He opened his eyes, threw her a glance and stood up. Without another word, he put some silver on the table and left the teahouse. Of course, he hid his form as soon as he could, following the two children like a shadow, unseen by mortal eyes.
Shao Hai pulled Jing Yi down the main road, weaving his way through the crowd of residents and travelers. He stopped at almost every stall with him to tell him if he knew who the owner was and what they were selling. Four or five stalls down the road, his face lit up.
“Ah! Look, that’s Uncle Tang’s stall! He’s selling steamed buns. They’re really tasty.”
Jing Yi nodded. He didn’t know a lot of the things Shao Hai was talking about but he had seen and eaten steamed buns before that his mother had made and once when they had traveled to the capital. So this was a stall that sold tasty steamed buns.
Shao Hai pulled him closer and looked up at the man behind the stall with sparkling eyes. He was a year older than Jing Yi and also a head taller than him, letting him look over the stall without trouble. “Uncle Tang! This is Jing Yi. He’s new here. We just met today.” He pulled Jing Yi to the front and smiled brightly.
“Oh? A new face?” The man smiled back just as brightly. “Did you just come to the capital?”
Jing Yi looked at Shao Hai who happily nodded at him. It seemed it was alright to talk to this man? Thus he turned back to the front and nodded.
Mister Tang laughed. “What a shy boy! You don’t have to worry about what you say here. Shao Hai’s friends are my friends as well. Eh, how about having one of my buns as a little welcome gift? I promise they’re tasty!”
Jing Yi couldn’t help but look at Shao Hai again to make sure it was alright to take a bun.
Shao Hai nodded vehemently. “Of course! Take one! Uncle Tang, can I also get a bun?” He blinked his eyes but instead of Jing Yi who radiated cuteness when he did that, he only managed to look like a gluttonous child.
Behind Mister Tang a certain dragon king harrumphed. “I really don’t understand what Jing He likes about that boy. Just look at him! So stupid!”
Unfortunately for him, Jing Yi didn’t seem to share his opinion. He watched Shao Hai blink his eyes and decided that this had to be something one needed to do when getting a bun. He turned back to Mister Tang and did the same.
The vendor and the dragon king peering over his shoulder both felt their chests ache. Ah! Such a lovely child! He definitely needed to be given a bun!

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