OMF V1C106 I’ll Try for His Sake

Yin Lin Lin listened to Hong Bao’s story and nodded every now and then. After Hong Bao arrived at how Shun Tao had resolved himself to confront the Heavenly Emperor and maybe even lose his life, she even sighed.
Hong Bao was ecstatic. Sure enough, the Goddess of Love understood the worries of a woman’s heart! She would certainly help her and Shun Tao get justice!
“That really is a tragic tale.” Yin Lin Lin gave a beautiful yet sad smile as if she really thought what she said. In fact, her mood was really good. It seemed Shun Tao had fallen on hard times. How great! This was obviously Heaven’s payback because he had rejected her. Mn, well, in that case, she might be nice and put the worst on this girl’s head. Shun Tao wouldn’t need to suffer too much anymore as long as he understood that he had messed with the wrong person.
“Then is there anything we can do?”
Yin Lin Lin took a moment to appreciate Hong Bao’s eager expression. This really was too easy. It was as if this girl was happily running into the open blade all on her own. She didn’t even need to think to trap her! Combing her hair was harder than this.
Yin Lin Lin sighed. She would have much preferred if she had a worthy opponent but, well, if Shun Tao had such bad taste … she would have to make do with this one. “You were right to tell me about this. The Fate’s Scribe definitely needs help if he wants to stay alive. Hong Bao, be honest with me. Are you willing to do anything for him, regardless of what it is?”
“Of course! Shun Tao is the love of my life!”
“That’s good then. There is indeed something that can be done.”
“Tell me! I’ll go do it at once!”
Yin Lin Lin’s smile got brighter again. She leaned back on her throne and crossed her legs, folding her hands on her knees. “Keep your calm for now and listen to me. The idea I can propose is indeed a solution but … it’s a little risky. Not only could it be that you might not succeed, you might even fail with preparing what is necessary.”
“At least I can try …” Hong Bao’s brows drew together.
With how the Goddess of Love said this, it seemed to be a really complicated thing. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to do it? But then she could still ask someone for help. The Goddess of Love had also offered her advice without her having to ask. This had to be Heaven helping her! If the idea of the Goddess of Love was something too hard for her to do, someone might come forward to help again, right?
Well, even if not, she couldn’t say no, could she? Shun Tao’s life depended on this. If she didn’t do anything, he would certainly be killed by that despotic Heavenly Emperor. She couldn’t let that happen.
Hong Bao clenched her hands into fists and nodded solemnly. “I will try. Even if it’s hard, I’ll try for Shun Tao’s sake!”
Yin Lin Lin stared at her, her true feelings almost showing on her face. She just couldn’t understand. This kind of naive girl … was she really more appealing than her? It was obvious that she didn’t just lack the looks but even the brains! How could Shun Tao have rejected her and then gotten together with someone like this?
Yin Lin Lin took a deep breath and reinstated her smile. “Alright. Then let me tell you: The key lies with that god who reincarnated into the mortal world. He is the root of the problem.”
“Mn!” Hong Bao nodded. Finally, someone understood the true problem! Not like that Leng Jin Yu who was only biased. The Goddess of Love was way smarter than him. It definitely was the crown prince’s fault!
“Since that is the case, this problem can only be solved through that god. You don’t know much about the trials, do you?”
“No, only a bit.”
“Then let me tell you: There are many different kinds of trials and no god would attempt all of them in one mortal life. There might be some gods who take on more than one trial each lifetime but nobody ever took every trial at once.
“So, not passing in one lifetime is actually not as bad as that friend of yours made it out to be. That god would just have to be called back to the Nine Heavens, learn a bit more and then he could attempt another trial.”
“So we can just call him back?” That easy? Why hadn’t Shun Tao thought of that? He was such an intelligent man! He should have known there was such an easy way out! Ah, but he probably hadn’t dared to do so because this was the crown prince. People would certainly get angry if he dared to say that the crown prince wasn’t good enough to finish that trial. No wonder Shun Tao hadn’t brought the idea up.
“Well, this might not seem like much to you but it is still something seldom done. Most of the time, even if there are some slight mishaps the gods will be able to pass at least one trial at the end of the mortal lifetime. So no trip there is ever truly wasted.
“But if that god is really as untalented as you said, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to stay there. He definitely needs some more education. The problem is that there is no easy way to call him back. After all, he did reincarnate as a mortal already. He can only return if his soul is set free.”
“Then how do you do that?”
“Of course, you’d have to kill him.”

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