OMF V1C104 The Goddess of Love

“The Goddess of Love?” Hong Bao tilted her head. Why had she never heard of that person? Could it be this was a really obscure goddess that only people in some small mountain village in the human world prayed to? Or maybe she was really popular in some other kingdom?
Hong Bao repeated the name to herself to try and find out where this person might come from. “Goddess of Love …”
Wait! The Goddess of Love?! So she was the goddess that took care of all affairs that were concerning lovers?! Could it be … Could it be Heaven took pity on her and sent this goddess to help her save Shun Tao?!
Hong Bao leaped to her feet and wanted to hug the woman. The servant girl hurriedly pushed her back, frowning.
What was this stupid thing trying to do? Who did she think she was? Hadn’t she made enough problems yet? Yin Lin Lin had been livid when she heard that this girl was only an ascended deity. Furthermore, she only arrived in the Nine Heavens three years ago and was still the lowest kind of servant girl. She was doing nothing but running errands and she didn’t have any kind of backing. Who would believe the Fate’s Scribe could fall in love with someone like this? Did she deserve that kind of luck?
Yin Lin Lin’s aide frowned even more when she thought about it. Just an ascended deity and then she wanted to climb into the bed of the Fate’s Scribe? Did she really think it was so easy? If it was, then wouldn’t all servants have done the same?
She herself was a trueborn goddess but her family wasn’t wealthy or influential enough so she had to become a servant to someone like Yin Lin Lin. She certainly would have preferred getting together with the Fate’s Scribe!
“I already said it’s the Goddess of Love. What are you dilly-dallying for?”
“Of course! Let’s go see her right now!” Hong Bao grabbed the servant’s arm despite her obvious rejection and dragged her to the entrance of the courtyard. Ah, she couldn’t wait to see the Goddess of Love! This goddess certainly had a way to help Shun Tao and her! She was the patron of lovers, after all. What else should she do but help lovers in need like them?
Ah, thankfully, she had found them just in time!
While Hong Bao’s thoughts were already drifting off to some faraway place, Yin Lin Lin’s aide plucked her hand off. “No touching. And you better behave in front of our Lady. The Goddess of Love might be kind and gracious but she can’t be disrespected!”
“Of course!” Hong Bao nodded happily and followed the woman to a magnificent palace. She completely didn’t see the malicious grin on the other’s face when she let her in.
The servant girl motioned down the corridor behind the gate. “Follow me. Our Lady is already waiting for you.” With that, she went ahead. Ah, she couldn’t wait to see what Yin Lin Lin had planned to do!
Hong Bao looked around in astonishment. The corridor was so long that she couldn’t even see its end and the ceiling was so high that she could probably jump onto that other servant’s shoulder without being able to touch it. This was even more grandiose than the Fate’s Scribe’s palace! This Goddess of Love had to be really important! How come she had never heard of her before?
The two of them finally reached the end of the hallway. There was a large door before them and two handsome young men in armor stood at the side. Hong Bao’s eyes grew wider. She had seen a lot of Heavenly Guards walk around outside when they patrolled the streets but she had never dared to get closer to them. Most looked like they were really closed-off and didn’t like to talk to people.
The two men in front of them opened the door at the nod of Yin Lin Lin’s maid. A wide hall came into view behind it. Hong Bao curiously leaned forward and looked around.
There wasn’t much to see though. In fact, disregarding the heavily decorated walls, there was only a big chair on the other side. Four men in armor stood behind it and two women in pink dresses with white embroidered sleeves stood next to it.
The most eye-catching was the woman sitting on the divan: She had black hair that seemed long enough to touch the ground when she got up, eyes the color of a squirrel’s fur and skin that would probably best be compared to jade. Hong Bao thought of her cookie dough before it was baked though. After all, dough was a lot more like skin than jade was, right?
The woman wore a white dress with wide sleeves and a similarly wide skirt. If she walked in it, she’d probably look like she was wading through clouds. Besides the dress, the woman wore some equally white jade accessories.
Malicious thinking people might have said that she was showing off her skin but Hong Bao only thought that she looked good like that. Maybe a bit plain with all that white. If it had been her, she rather would have worn blue or green. Wouldn’t that make her look a lot more lively?
The maid that had walked in with Hong Bao motioned at the guards outside and the door was closed, then she walked up to Yin Lin Lin, shooing off one of the other servants. Tch, she had worked for years to become Yin Lin Lin’s trusted aide. Even if it wasn’t a good position with Yin Lin Lin’s temper, it was still better than being a lowly servant like Hong Bao. She certainly wouldn’t surrender it to anyone.
The maid raised her chin and motioned to the side. “Don’t you want to greet the Goddess of Love after she graciously invited you?”
Hong Bao blinked. Huh? This frail-looking woman was the Goddess of Love? She had imagined her completely different …

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