OMF V1C105 Just So-So

While Hong Bao wondered if the woman in front of her could really be the Goddess of Love, Yin Lin Lin looked back at her, evaluating what she saw. It didn’t take long until her brows drew together but she suppressed her emotions just as fast, not showing any of her thoughts.
All of them were circling around Hong Bao and her relationship with Shun Tao though. Whichever way she looked at her … She couldn’t see anything special about her appearance or bearing. In her eyes, she seemed less than average. Just barely so-so. What did Shun Tao like about this girl?
Regarding her appearance … That might be a three of ten. Her face was a bit too chubby, her eyes and mouth a little too small and her nose a bit too pointed. Her eyebrows weren’t in good shape either. Much too straight for a woman!
And this was just the face! Looking at the rest of her … What was it with these curves? Or rather the lack thereof? What was too much on her face seemed to have come from her chest area and her butt also wasn’t rounded enough. As far as Yin Lin Lin was concerned her arms also didn’t have a nice shape.
And that dress … She examined Hong Bao’s dress more closely. Was that really the dress of a servant? It seemed so. And even one of the lowest kind, made out of cheap fabric with a cut that wouldn’t look good on anyone. Looking for any accessories on her was a wasted effort altogether.
And talking about her bearing … Was there even something like that? Hadn’t they been in the Nine Heavens she would have had to assume that the girl in front of her was a simple mortal. She couldn’t detect any godly aura at all!
Had Shun Tao really taken a fancy to someone like this? Or could it be … Was all this just a ploy? Maybe he was pretending to be in a relationship with her to ward off other women?
Yin Lin Lin pondered the idea but decided that that couldn’t be the case. Shun Tao wasn’t a man who would use such a method. He didn’t mind rejecting a woman. Heavens! He hadn’t even minded rejecting her even though she was such a great catch! Why would he mind doing the same to other women now?
Or could it be … he regretted what he had done? Could it be he had been so high-profile with this girl so she would hear about it? And then if she got angry and maybe showed him … he would dump this servant and tell her that he actually loved her but hadn’t dared to accept his feelings before?
Yin Lin Lin’s lips curved up in a smile. If that was the case, she might just graciously forgive him for his slight. But she still wouldn’t let him and this girl get away that easily. The person she, Yin Lin Lin, had decided on shouldn’t be fooling around with somebody else. And on the off-chance that she had gotten it wrong and Shun Tao actually liked this girl … she had to make sure that things would be dealt with in a definite manner.
Yin Lin Lin smiled even brighter. “So you are Hong Bao. The woman at the Fate’s Scribe’s side.”
Hong Bao’s face lit up. “So you really called me over because you want to help me with helping Shun Tao?”
Yin Lin Lin smiled wryly. Shun Tao? Either the Fate’s Scribe had gotten good at acting or he really fell in love with her and thus allowed her to call him like that. Yin Lin Lin’s lips tightened. So he really thought this girl was worthier than her? How ridiculous! She would show him just how wrong he was.
“Helping you with helping him?” she repeated what Hong Bao had just said. “As the Goddess of Love, I’d naturally love to help such a lovely couple! Please tell me more about your situation.”
Hong Bao smiled thankfully. Ah, so it was true! She had been right! The Goddess of Love would really help them. But then again, it wasn’t strange. Of course, she would want to help someone who was as much in love as she was. Well, it didn’t matter why she did this. The only important thing was that she could save Shun Tao. They might even be able to realize their romantic love story afterward!
She couldn’t have been happier, so of course, Hong Bao told the whole story of how Shun Tao had written a magnificent fate for a god that was supposed to face a trial in the mortal realm and how the said god hadn’t been able to pass his trial even though he had been reincarnated for quite a while already. She especially stressed how unfair it was that people were somehow blaming Shun Tao now even though it was obviously the fault of that stupid god who failed despite having such a great scroll of fate.
This time, Hong Bao was smart enough to leave out the fact that this stupid god was their crown prince though. After all, she had already seen how Leng Jin Yu reacted and he wasn’t even a trueborn god but just an ascended deity like herself.
The Goddess of Love was certainly a real goddess so who knew if she wouldn’t be biased because of the crown prince’s identity even more? She certainly couldn’t let that happen! No, she had to make sure that the Goddess of Love thought that this was just some normal god so she wouldn’t judge this case any differently. Otherwise, Shun Tao might not get any help after all.

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