OMF V1C103 Some Capable Help

In the end, even though Shun Tao felt that this way was too sneaky, he didn’t have a better idea either. Thus he nodded. “Alright, then we’ll do as you say. I’ll leave reporting to him in your hands. Otherwise …”
“It’s alright. You don’t have to worry.” Leng Jin Yu smiled. “It’ll also be good for me if the God of War thinks my role in this was bigger than it actually was so I’ll certainly do my best to keep you from harm.”
Shun Tao chuckled. “You don’t have to try and humor me. Even if I had to report myself tomorrow morning, I would still do it. This task … I have still failed it even if I can keep my life. Maybe I’m not suited to be the Fate’s Scribe.”
Leng Jin Yu didn’t respond. He didn’t know enough about the Nine Heavens and the different positions of the gods to judge whether the Fate’s Scribe was doing a good job. Especially not after this mishap. If it was truly the case that several people had collaborated against him, then it would have been a wonder if he escaped unharmed. It didn’t necessarily have to do with his duty as the Fate’s Scribe. Maybe … he just wasn’t good at dealing with these schemes. Well, that wasn’t a bad trait to have.
Leng Jin Yu got up and cupped his fists. “Then I’ll go and try to meet the God of War now. I’ll come by and tell you how it went.”
“Only do so if it’s suitable. I can take some more waiting. Having someone capable help me with this is already taking a huge burden from me.” He also got up and walked Leng Jin Yu to the door of his study. “Leng Jin Yu.”
“I’m sorry for suspecting you before.”
“There’s no need for that. The Fate’s Scribe has an important task to fulfill. I’m just a nobody that hasn’t managed to get into any position. If I were you, I would also have suspected me.” He gave a curt nod and turned away, leaving the Fate’s Scribe’s palace in the direction of the palace of the God of War.
He didn’t even need to go until the gate though. In fact, he had only walked down the road from the palace of the Fate’s Scribe and turned a corner when the God of War stood in front of him with a smile.
“Leng Jin Yu, what a surprise. Did you come from the Fate’s Scribe?”
Leng Jin Yu looked at the smiling man and his eyes narrowed slightly. This person had known exactly where he had been and he had waited for him. Most likely … he was already onto the matter with the crown prince. The only question was how much he already knew.
“This is indeed a surprise. And yes, I visited the Fate’s Scribe. In fact, I wanted to pay the God of War a visit too but you weren’t there. Maybe … you would have some time to spare me now?”
Qiang Yan raised his brows. He definitely hadn’t expected such a direct approach. “Of course. What is it you would like to talk about?”
Leng Jin Yu looked back down the road. “I’m afraid … it’s not suitable to talk here.”
Qiang Yan’s brows raised even further. “How unsuitable is it? Would my palace be a better fit?”
Leng Jin Yu looked in both directions and stepped closer to the God of War. “How many of the people in your palace have a connection to the previous God of War? Or rather … to his daughter?”
Qiang Yan turned away and motioned in another direction. “I guess you have me curious. Let’s go somewhere else then.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and followed him quietly. The first stone had been laid. Now, it would depend on how well he could explain and how open-minded the God of War was.
While the two men made their way over to the place Qiang Yan had chosen, Hong Bao was running around in the capital, agonizing over how to help Shun Tao. Normally, she would have gone to ask Leng Jin Yu but that guy had already betrayed her. There was no way she could ask for his help again. She couldn’t think of anyone else though. She didn’t know that many people in the first place and none of them were exceptionally smart or had any kind of status. How should these people help her Shun Tao?
No, this wouldn’t work. She had to get the help of someone important, someone with a high position or Shun Tao would be doomed.
Ah, being the crown prince had to be nice. Whatever you did nobody would find fault with you. You wouldn’t need to search for anyone that could help you because you never had to worry or fear for your life anyway.
At that time, Hong Bao had long forgotten that all of this was happening because the crown prince’s life was in danger.
Hong Bao sighed and walked back to her own room, filling in every information about the crown prince she lacked: She had never seen him so she imagined him as a despotic man with an eternal frown and a frozen, displeased expression. Someone like that would never smile and didn’t even like cookies!
Such bad taste! Her cookies were delicious! Even Shun Tao had liked them. It was just … he soon wouldn’t be able to eat them anymore. She should have brought him some today! They could even have shared them.
Maybe she should follow him to confess to the Heavenly Emperor? They could at least die together as tragic, star-crossed lovers! Wouldn’t that be better than being left alone in this dark world without the man she loved?
Hong Bao sighed and entered the courtyard where she lived without looking. Naturally, she crashed into someone.
“Heh! Damn you! Watch where you’re going!”
She was pushed back and landed on her butt. “Ah!” Hong Bao squinted her eyes and looked up accusingly. In front of her stood a woman in a pink dress with flowing sleeves, whose hair was done up in a fashionable style. Some silver jewelry poked out of those black strands, glinting in the sun.
“Whoa!” Hong Bao was stunned. “So pretty!”
The woman lifted her brows in obvious contempt. “Who’s this?” she asked toward one of the servants from the courtyard.
The girl turned around and her eyes went wide. “That … That’s her! That’s Hong Bao!”
“You’re Hong Bao?” The woman frowned.
Hong Bao nodded. “Yes. Why? Were you looking for me?” She couldn’t understand. She had never seen this woman. Why would she come here and want to see her?
The woman harrumphed. “Hmph. Stop asking so many questions. The Goddess of Love wants to see you!”

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