LWS V5C27 The Dao of Chaos

In the end, two people sat in Ziju An’s study. One of them explained patiently while the other blinked his eyes and looked confused.
Huh? He had no idea what Nie Chang was talking about there. Was cultivating supposed to work like this? Why was it so complicated? Next time, he would certainly write a novel where people would cultivate just by breathing air!
Su Yan tilted his head. Wait a moment! Come to think of it, hadn’t he written in the novel that everyone with spiritual veins indeed took in a really small amount of spiritual energy starting from when they were born? That was why those spiritual energy detection orbs could be used to determine if someone had spiritual veins or not.
But Dou Fang Hai had been an oddball with some kind of special constitution. Something with chaos that he had never thought about any further. So … maybe cultivating worked differently for him than it did for Nie Chang?
His boyfriend sighed. “Actually, if you can’t figure it out for now, it’s not a problem either. I’m just worried about going to the city with the Sect Master and Elder Yue but it should be alright as long as I can use it at least. I’ll have to train some more though. I’m not good enough to pass as the Grandmaster even for a while. That Elder Yue seemed pretty sharp too.”
Su Yan turned to look at him with a serious expression. “Ah Chang, say, what do you think ‘chaos’ is?”
Nie Chang furrowed his brow. Had he used the word ‘chaos’ just now? If he did, then he couldn’t remember at all. “Darling, why would you ask this?”
Su Yan straightened up with a smile. “I just remembered that I wrote in the novel that Dou Fang Hai has some kind of chaos constitution or something like that. So it’s totally possible that he would have to take in spiritual energy in a different way than others, isn’t it?”
Nie Chang rubbed his brow. That hadn’t been the point of what he said before at all! Couldn’t they at least try to find a solution to their current problem? But, well, maybe it wasn’t too bad that Su Yan had remembered. After all, he would need to learn how to cultivate if they couldn’t return home soon. And even if they did … If Su Yan was busy trying to figure out what this chaos constitution was about, then he would have time to get used to working with his spiritual energy too. This might be a lucky coincidence!
Nie Chang finally put down his hand and smiled. “It’s good that you remembered. Then what does that mean for his cultivation?”
“I have no idea.”
“Ah? But you gave him that constitution.”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded. “I did.”
Nie Chang raised his brows. “Then … shouldn’t you know what ‘chaos’ means? Why are you asking me?”
“But I only chose that name because it sounded cool! You have to help me figure out what kind of constitution it could be. Otherwise, how am I supposed to learn how to cultivate?”
Nie Chang looked at him helplessly. “Ah Yan, there are hundreds of possibilities what this could mean.”
“Just telling me one will do. The system certainly wouldn’t have thought of so many possibilities. It probably just took the first thing it could come up with.”
Nie Chang tightened his lips. Excuse him but as a hacker, he had a slightly different opinion. The system was a program and the advice it gave, as well as the things it ‘came up with’ as Su Yan put it, were probably just extracted from a large corpus. Since this wasn’t anything specific to bl that corpus might consist of even more novels in case the Lovely Writing System decided that xianxia novels were also usable as a reference. So how many results would turn up for a Dao of Chaos? He didn’t even dare to imagine.
And that was only one thing the system could search for. If it also considered single techniques that had to do with chaos or maybe places tied to chaos that could be used to construct a technique or a cultivation technique through some kind of analogy, then the results should number tens of thousands. With that number of results to draw from, there certainly wasn’t anything like the ‘next best thing’.
Nie Chang sighed. “I’m afraid I won’t be of much help there. If you didn’t write it down, then the system should have used something it thinks is likely you would come up with. Or maybe it just used something as a placeholder until you write about your own ideas.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “That’s not helpful at all. What am I supposed to do?”
“Just imagine you were writing a scene where Dou Fang Hai learns how to cultivate. What would he do?” Nie Chang shrugged his shoulders. He really didn’t know what else he could say to help Su Yan. If he needed to use another way to cultivate, then he was the only one who could come up with it. He wouldn’t be able to help him.
Su Yan huffed but finally nodded. “Alright. I’ll try.”
“Great. Then I’ll also work hard so we can return home soon.” Nie Chang leaned over and gave Su Yan a peck on the cheek, rubbing his head while he was at it.
Su Yan beamed. Ah, even though Nie Chang hadn’t helped him much, this was still nice. He wanted to kiss him back but when he looked up, he found that Nie Chang had already closed his eyes.
Ugh. With the way he was sitting there, he really looked more and more like Ziju An. He definitely didn’t need to worry about Elder Yue detecting that he was a fake.
Eh? Su Yan tilted his head. Come to think of it, imitating the original character might not be a bad idea. So what would Dou Fang Hai do in this situation?
Su Yan’s lips curved in a mischievous smile and he stealthily got up and sneaked out of the room. As a notorious troublemaker, Dou Fang Hai would certainly run around while he was supposed to cultivate!

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