OMF V6C5 Completely Yours

Rong Su and Qiang Yan exchanged another glance.
“That …” Qiang Yan wasn’t sure what to say.
The Heavenly Emperor cleared his throat and showed a disgruntled expression in return. “Well, at least that bastard knows what to do in a dire situation. I certainly wouldn’t give my son to him if he couldn’t even keep him safe.” His brows drew together. “Why could the demon king even take Jing He away when that bastard was with him? Shouldn’t he have protected him?!”
“Brother-in-law, calm down. This isn’t helping. We should consider how we want to react.”
“What consider? Naturally, we’ll send our army! What are your Heavenly Guards there for?!”
Qiang Yan’s lips twitched. “Don’t forget that the demon king has Jing He’s mortal reincarnation in his hands. Since he took him, it’s very likely that he already knows about his identity. If he does something to him …”
“What should he do to him? If he kills him, Jing He will come back sooner. I certainly wouldn’t mind that.”
“I wasn’t thinking of that.” He gave his brother-in-law a look but it seemed to go over his head. “I mean, think of what is said about the demon king: A harem of a thousand beauties …”
The Heavenly Emperor stared at him, his mouth opening and closing before he finally found his voice again. “You … You don’t think he would try to … make my son part of his harem?”
Qiang Yan only tightened his lips. While he hadn’t known Qiu Ling well before he started to go after his nephew, he had had at least a general understanding of him. He always seemed like he didn’t care about other people but whenever the demons moved and the dragon race was in jeopardy he moved out immediately, making his way to the battlefield just like all the other warriors, his blade or his claws bringing death wherever he went.
The demon king, on the other hand … He was more of a mystery in that regard. While nobody really knew about Qiu Ling’s origins, it was common knowledge that the demon king Jin Ling was one of the sons of the demon king Jian Heng who had reigned over the demon realm two generations ago. Everything else remained a mystery.
What was his take on the relationship between the three immortal races? Since he had taken the throne, there hadn’t been any big battles, only small skirmishes here and there that might not even have been done on his command. Comparing that to how Jian Heng was said to have ruled back then …
That kind of person, maybe he wouldn’t hurt his nephew? But what he just said about Jin Ling’s harem was also true. It was said that there were countless beauties in his palace and he didn’t seem to mind whether they were male or female either. Qiang Yan hadn’t seen Zhong Jing Yi but if the human boy had at least a tenth of his nephew’s beauty, he would certainly make a nice addition to such a harem.
Or maybe this wasn’t about Jing He’s appearance at all and just something the demon king had planned since long ago? Maybe the war he hadn’t waged had been part of that plan. Maybe he had wanted them to feel safe only to destroy them with a single strike now that they hadn’t paid attention.
Qiang Yan frowned and looked up at the image of Leng Jin Yu. “Was there anything you noticed? Did the demon king give any hint as to what his goal is?”
Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly. At that moment, he had just given in to Jinde’s seduction. He had heard that something was going on outside but he hadn’t paid any attention at all. His thoughts had been completely on his lover. “No, I’m sorry. I only found out when it was too late.”
“I see.”
“Maybe the Fate’s Scribe has some more information? This should turn up in Zhong Jing Yi’s scroll of fate, shouldn’t it?”
Qiang Yan nodded. “Yes, it should. I’ll send someone over. As for the rest … since you already know about this, how about taking part in this?”
Leng Jin Yu shook his head without the slightest hesitation. “No. I’m honored by your offer but as I’ve said before my fate lies here in the mortal realm. For now, I only want to spend time with my spouse. I don’t mind providing the Nine Heavens with some information if I happen upon it but I won’t leave here.”
“Alright. Then thank you for telling us. We’ll take care of this.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and cut the connection. He looked at the transmission stone in his hand and sighed, putting it away before he returned to the house.
Jinde sat on the bed in his room and looked at him. “What will you do now?”
“Well, I guess we won’t continue where we left off, will we?” He went over and sat down next to him with a slight smile.
Jinde raised his brows. “Continue … You mean …?”
Leng Jin Yu reached over and grabbed one of the hands that had been folded in Jinde’s lap. “You don’t have to worry. I will stay with you. I promised you and I won’t break this promise. Although … we’ll have to see how we go about that other promise.”
“That other promise?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Yes. I’ve promised to take over the sect. I still intend to do so but seeing what just happened …” He shook his head. “Had Longjun still been inside, then maybe you being here would already have been exposed. We can’t take such a risk again. We’ll have to find a way to both make sure that you won’t be found by him and that I won’t have to disappoint my Master.”
Jinde smiled and leaned against his husband’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ve hidden for so long. I won’t be found that easily.”
“Mn. Let’s hope so. I can certainly do without a crazy love rival.”
Jinde chuckled. “I don’t think you still have love rivals. I’m … already completely yours.”

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