LWS V5C5 I Told You So

Xue Chang Fu frowned even more. “What? Don’t tell me you already stopped caring about him. Xiao Hai, let me tell you, you might be my favorite martial nephew but I won’t be courteous if you try to steal Yue Fu Gang from me.”
Now it was on Su Yan to frown. “Why would I try to steal Elder Yue from you?”
Xue Chang Fu stood up and straightened his shoulders, looking at him with a surprisingly condescending look. “You should rather ask why you wouldn’t. Such a strong man like him. Wouldn’t you be an idiot if you went after some random cultivator instead of him?”
“You … You’re shameless!”
“Hmph.” Xue Chang Fu turned away and swaggered off. Ah, he was a dignified member of the older generation. He wouldn’t squabble with his martial nephew. No, no, he’d much rather go and bother Yue Fu Gang until he gave in and accompanied them tomorrow. He couldn’t risk that his great plan would go wrong, after all.
Su Yan stared at his leaving figure and harrumphed. This bastard! How could he talk like that to his creator?! He would write him into a bad character when they got back! For now, he would just go and complain to Nie Chang.
He ran back to the palace, only to collide with his boyfriend right at the door.
Su Yan’s eyes teared up. What was happening here?! This was the world of his novel! He should be the most important person here! Especially since he had taken over the identity of the protagonist who was supposed to have a plot armor in every kind of story. So how come he was treated like this? First, one of his characters looked down on him and now, his boyfriend actually hurt him!
Su Yan looked at Nie Chang reproachfully but this time, his boyfriend didn’t even notice. He just pulled Su Yan into his arms and took a relieved sigh.
“Thank god, you’re alright. He pulled you out of the building so fast that I couldn’t catch up with you. I thought he might take you somewhere far away and then we wouldn’t know how to find each other again.” He grabbed Su Yan’s neck and took a deep breath but his heart was still beating rapidly.
Meanwhile, Su Yan was smiling happily and snuggled up against Nie Chang’s chest. Alright, he would forgive him this once for being so worried about him. That Xue Chang Fu shouldn’t think that that would have any influence on his grievance with him though! He would still get back at him for that!
The two of them stood at the entrance of the building for a while until Nie Chang finally let go.
“Alright. Can I convince you not to go into town right now and instead have a talk first?”
Su Yan blinked. “Ah? Why that? I mean, it’s alright. Actually, we don’t have to go to the city today. The Sect Master just told me that we had some kind of plan so we’re going there tomorrow anyway.” His expression darkened when he thought of his conversation with him right now. “Hmph, you know what that guy did?”
“No. But you’ll certainly tell me.” Nie Chang patted his little darling’s head and took his hand, pulling him into the building again. He could only hope that there wouldn’t be anyone else coming by until Su Yan finished his story and they had time to talk about their current predicament. He really wanted to leave here as soon as possible.
Thankfully, Su Yan wasn’t one to draw things out. Since he was already angry anyway, he hurriedly summarized Xue Chang Fu’s shameless behavior and started cursing him right away.
“I mean, how can he do this? I was the one who wrote him! And even if I wasn’t, I was clearly the one who said Yue Mu Gang was a manly man. How can he say it a moment later as if that was his idea? That’s stealing! Idea theft! Shouldn’t he have a moral code or something as someone from a cultivation sect of the good faction? He’d be much more suited to be the Sect Master of a demonic sect!”
“Mn.” Nie Chang nodded along but he couldn’t help his lips from twitching. Somehow he didn’t wonder at all how the Sect Master had come to be like this. Wasn’t that exactly the way Su Yan himself would behave? He could change his opinion in a matter of seconds if he felt like it. Why wouldn’t one of his characters do the same?
“Hmph. I should rewrite him when we get back.”
Nie Chang perked up. That was probably his cue. “About that …”
“Mn?” Su Yan looked up, wondering if his boyfriend might have an idea already what he could do to Xue Chang Fu.
“Have you thought about how we can get back?”
“What do you mean?” Su Yan blinked his eyes in confusion.
“I mean we’re in a different dimension now. How will we get back to earth?”
“With the system, of course.”
“But we’re not in your special dimension any longer. So it’s not like we can just step through the same door we came in through. Or did you see it somewhere around here?”
Su Yan froze before mechanically turning his head. They had already made their way back to the study where they had landed and … there indeed wasn’t any door. “Ah Chang, that … wouldn’t mean that we’re trapped in my novel, would it?”
Nie Chang refused to answer that. He only looked at Su Yan pointedly. That was what he had been talking about since they figured out where they were but a certain someone had been too excited that they had transmigrated that he just hadn’t paid attention.
Nie Chang really wanted to say ‘I told you so’ but then they might be trapped in another world without talking to each other and that would be even worse. Especially since he would be the bad guy then.

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