LWS V5C4 Everything Is Prepared

Xue Chang Fu pulled Su Yan out of the study and then proceeded to run out of the building as if it was on fire. Since the days when he and Ziju An had been young men studying under the same Master, he hadn’t dared to piss this taciturn senior martial brother of his off … too much. Since he already seemed to be in a bad mood with his brows scrunched up in a frown and all, he would just get the next best thing besides Ziju An’s help: Dou Fang Hai’s help.
He pulled Su Yan around the corner of the palace and behind a shrub, pushing him down onto the ground and crouching in front of him.
Su Yan stared at the strange person warily, prepared to call for his boyfriend to save him. “Don’t try anything funny! I’ll call for my Master!” If he had known that writing a gay Sect Master would get him into this kind of trouble, he would have given him a wife!
Xue Chang Fu’s brows twitched. “What are you talking about, Xiao Hai? Quit the nonsense. And sit up properly. What if your Master catches you like this?” He pulled Su Yan onto his knees and looked around. Finally, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright, it seems he isn’t around.”
“Your Master!” Xue Chang Fu looked at him with doubt. “I say, Xiao Hai, what is wrong with you today? You weren’t this slow yesterday. Anyway.” He interrupted Su Yan before he could say anything and leaned forward in a conspiratorial manner. “About the thing we’ve talked about.”
“What thing?”
Xue Chang Fu sighed, this time in exasperation, and moved next to Su Yan, lowering his voice to make sure nobody could hear them. “About the thing with Yue Mu Gang. Did you get the wine?”
Su Yan still had some trouble to catch on. He didn’t want to show that though. This person was Xue Chang Fu, a character he himself had created! He certainly couldn’t let this guy think he was an idiot!
Su Yan cleared his throat and nodded. “Of course.”
“Yes!” Xue Chang Fu hugged his martial nephew and only barely stopped himself from kissing him. “That’s great! Now our plan will definitely succeed. Don’t forget to bring it with you when we go to town tomorrow.”
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded hurriedly. Ah, it had been the right choice to pretend to know what this was about. Now he was gaining valuable information! They were going to town tomorrow and he was supposed to bring wine. Most likely, they would be celebrating something. What else would they need the wine for?
Xue Chang Fu didn’t let go of Su Yan yet. Instead, he leaned even closer. Then, he rummaged through his sleeve. “Here. This is the thing I was talking about. Together with the wine, this is absolutely dependable. Nothing will go wrong!” He stuffed something into his martial nephew’s hands and raised his brows, waiting for praise.
Su Yan looked at the thing. It was … a little package made of paper? He wanted to unwrap it but Xue Chang Fu immediately clutched his hand.
“What are you doing? Don’t open it! It was hard enough to get this bit. What are you going to do if you open it and it is blown off? I’m certainly not giving you part of mine.”
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded and took his hand back, clutching the little package tightly. He had no idea why the Sect Master was making such a fuss. The thing was barely as big as the palm of his hand. Whatever was in there couldn’t be this important, could it? Especially since he couldn’t feel what was inside.
Come to think of it … The Sect Master wouldn’t want to prank him, would he? Su Yan looked at him doubtfully but Xue Chang Fu seemed like he was being earnest with him. Well, he’d just show the package to Nie Chang later on and ask him what it was. Nie Chang would certainly find out.
Ah, he should try and get some more information for his boyfriend! Su Yan leaned closer to Xue Chang Fu and also lowered his voice. “So everything is prepared now?”
The Sect Master nodded happily. “Yes, yes. Everything is ready. Well, the most difficult thing will be to convince Yue Mu Gang to come with us.” He sighed. “Ah, if only he could take a joke. I really don’t know what I like about that drag. He’s always in a bad mood, always complains, and doesn’t like to get close with people.”
Su Yan didn’t know what to say. The only reason he had come up with making the Sect Master seem to go after Elder Yue was that the system had annoyed him with demanding that he should put some hints of the further development into his story. This had been the only thing he could come up with. In the end … had he made the wrong people go after each other? Could it be Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang weren’t compatible with each other at all?
Then what was he supposed to do now? He had already written about them! Well, he hadn’t posted all of that yet but still. He didn’t really want to rewrite all of that.
In an attempt to save his story he blurted out the first thing he remembered of his idea about Yue Mu Gang. “But he’s really manly!”
Xue Chang Fu frowned and pointed at Su Yan’s nose. “Don’t get any ideas! Yue Mu Gang is supposed to become my lover. You better keep to the person you told me about.”
“The person I told you about?” Su Yan blinked in confusion.
Hah? How could that be? Wasn’t the person Dou Fang Hai liked Ziju An? And wasn’t their relationship supposed to be a secret? Then why would he tell the Sect Master about it? Don’t tell him not just the relationship between Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang had been planned badly but even something as crucial as the relationship between his main characters had problems?!
Su Yan felt like crying. Unfortunately, the only person with him right now was one of the fictional characters from his novel. He certainly couldn’t tell him about it.

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