LWS V5C3 Who Is This Person?

“Senior martial brother!”
Nie Chang stared at the person, wondering just who this might be. Su Yan had already started publishing the novel but hadn’t uploaded much and his descriptions … Well, there hadn’t been much yet so he didn’t really know how to imagine the characters.
Right now, he could only be sure that this was neither the protagonist Dou Fang Hai, nor the male lead Ziju An since they had occupied both their bodies. But this person was obviously also a cultivator and one from the same sect as them judging by his robe. Considering Su Yan’s ridiculous idea of having cultivators be more beautiful the stronger they were …
This man had waist-long hair that could probably still be described as brown but was already approaching blond, his eyes that must have been of a dark brown initially were now caramel-colored and his skin … Ah, don’t get him wrong but he really didn’t want to think about it.
Anyway, in an ancient setting, this person could certainly be described as a beauty so he should be rather strong. That only left the Elders or the Sect Master as likely candidates for his identity. The only thing that made him unsure about this was the fact that the man looked like he would cry the very next moment. Did a grown man need to behave like this? Would someone with a high position in a sect let somebody else see them like this? Probably not. That was absolutely against common sense!
Nie Chang’s brows twitched. Alright, this was a character Su Yan had written and while his little darling had stopped crying without warning several years ago, he still liked to throw tantrums on a regular basis. So why shouldn’t one of his characters be like that?
Furthermore … Su Yan’s planning was often a little … casual. Who knew how much of this person’s character he had actually planned and how much was generated by the system? He didn’t doubt for a moment that that wasn’t possible.
Nie Chang wasn’t the only one scrutinizing their guest. Su Yan had hidden behind his boyfriend when the door was pushed open. He even went so far as to clutch his robe. But now that he saw one of his characters in the flesh, he couldn’t help but be curious.
Who was this person? He had only thought about the appearances of Dou Fang Hai and Ziju An. So how come there was suddenly a strange man in his Master’s study? Wait! What had he called Ziju An just now? ‘Senior martial brother’? But the junior martial brother of Ziju An was …
“Ah! Sect Master Xue!” Su Yan jumped out behind his boyfriend and pointed at the man in front of them.
Xue Chang Fu who had just wanted to complain to his senior martial brother flinched and stopped crying immediately. What was happening here? Why was someone screaming his name and pointing at his nose?
He took a closer look and noticed that he actually knew this person. “Eh? Xiao Hai? You’re also here?”
Su Yan blinked and stared at Xue Chang Fu in confusion. Xiao Hai? Why was he calling him Xiao Hai? He opened his mouth to tell him his name when his boyfriend grabbed his arm and interrupted him.
“What did you come here for?” He hadn’t been able to read much about Ziju An yet but he hoped that this would come close enough to how he was. After all, they didn’t know if there were any rules for being here.
If he had understood it correctly, then this was indeed a different dimension and not just a projection of the world of Su Yan’s novel in the special dimension inside the system.
Nie Chang frowned when he thought of this. Actually, the difference might not be so big after all. Whether it was a special dimension tied to the system or another dimension that had to do with Su Yan’s novel … Would it really change anything?
His brows drew together even further. In case it didn’t, wouldn’t that mean the time spent in here would also pass in their own world? Then if they didn’t find a way back soon … Never mind missing their date on Friday, they might not even be able to return after a week! People would go crazy searching for them right after the weekend at the very latest. Maybe even sooner if Su Yan’s parents tried to reach him.
How would they explain this when they got back? They could hardly tell Su Yan’s parents that he had gotten a system that rewarded him with a Dimension ticket, could they? Well, even if they did and the Sus somehow believed them, there would still be other people and certainly the police too. They definitely couldn’t get away with the system there, could they?
Maybe they could pretend they had gone on a romantic vacation together and hadn’t told anyone to make sure they weren’t bothered by anyone? They were a couple that had only gotten together a few days ago, after all. Doing crazy things when you had just fallen in love wasn’t unheard of.
But what if the police were searching for evidence? They might have been gone for several days or even weeks, after all. The police certainly wouldn’t accept such a lackadaisical explanation if they had been unable to find them for that long.
Well, not even considering this, what was if they weren’t able to return even after a few weeks? After all, Su Yan had only gotten that one Dimension ticket. It wasn’t certain that he would get another one soon and just using the special dimension might not be enough.
Nie Chang’s expression grew darker and darker, making Xue Chang Fu not daring to say anything. The Sect Master looked to one side and then the other and finally clutched Su Yan’s hand.
“Xiao Hai! It seems we’re bothering your Master. Come with your martial uncle to have a quick chat.”
With that, the so-called protagonist was pulled out of his Master’s study.

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