LWS V4C88 The Milestones of a Relationship

Su Yan swiveled around to Nie Chang and stared at his profile. He hadn’t gotten it wrong, had he? They were in a relationship so there would also be milestones they could reach together. And each milestone gave him experience points so … Doing things with Nie Chang would get him closer to the next level.
Nie Chang felt cold sweat break out on his forehead. He had no idea what was going on but he had the feeling that Su Yan’s gaze spelled trouble for him. “Darling … Is something the matter?”
Su Yan leaned back in his seat and grinned. “No. Everything is great.” Really great, ah! He could actually do things with his boyfriend and become a better author at the same time. The system should have told him earlier!
Nie Chang glanced at Su Yan but there was no way he could know what his boyfriend was thinking just from taking a short look. Ah, he’d have to wait until they were home.
Su Yan already lifted his phone again. The system had said it would also keep track of the milestones that they had already passed. So shouldn’t he also be rewarded for those? Anyway, what were the milestones of a relationship?
He closed the window and looked at the list that had appeared instead.
[Receive a confession
Confess your love
Share your first kiss
Go on a date
Sleep in the same bed]
The list went on like that and Su Yan’s brows knitted together. Those were the kind of milestones the system tracked? That seemed kind of … strange?
Well, the first ones were alright but how come ‘sleeping in the same bed’ was a milestone of a relationship? Nie Chang and he had done that often already and even before they became a couple. Something like this shouldn’t count, right? Not that he wanted to complain. It was great to get experience points for something like this but he still felt like it was nonsense.
Mn, maybe it was because those were the first milestones? So the system was going easy on him? Then he should probably see what milestones the system wanted him to achieve next. Nie Chang and he should already be in a high stage of their relationship so things should be really difficult now and give him lots of experience points, right?
He clicked on the button at the bottom that read [Upcoming milestones] and was shown another list. Unfortunately, he didn’t know what to do with this one either.
[Surprise your other half with a sweet call at work
Share ten types of kisses
Have sex
Share a hot shower]
Su Yan blinked. What kind of milestones were these? He furrowed his brow and turned to Nie Chang. “Ah Chang.”
“How many types of kisses do you know?”
Nie Chang flinched and almost turned the steering wheel. He hastily gripped it tighter and made sure the car wouldn’t swerve to the side. “Darling, what kind of question is that?”
“A serious one. I found the explanation for the experience stats. The system wants me to do things with you. One of them is ‘sharing ten types of kisses’. So what types are there?”
“That …” Nie Chang furrowed his brow. “Uh … Doesn’t the system tell you?”
Su Yan’s expression fell. “So you also don’t know. Then I guess we can’t do that.” He looked back at the list and brightened again. “Well, there’s also having sex on the list and it wants us to share a shower so I guess there are still things we can do even if we don’t figure out the ten types of kisses.”
“Uh, I guess we can do that.”
“How about taking the shower today? We can drive home, check the reward for the special task and then take the shower. The system will give me experience points for that.”
This time Nie Chang only coughed. He certainly didn’t want to explain to his little darling just what the system probably meant with ‘sharing’ a shower. Maybe he should just go along with it and then let him figure it out on his own?
He tried to imagine himself and Su Yan in the shower together but let go of the thought just as fast. Alright. He definitely shouldn’t indulge in any fantasies before they had finally done it tomorrow. And he certainly couldn’t do the real thing. The only question was … how to break those news to Su Yan?
He glanced at him again and finally decided that he would just get himself into another discussion. He could probably only hope that his little darling would forget about it when he was occupied with the reward of the special mission. Ah, please let that reward be something good!
Su Yan wasn’t happy with his boyfriend’s silence. He reached out and tugged at his sleeve. “Ah Chang, didn’t you hear what I said?”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “I did hear you, darling. We’ll be home soon, don’t worry.”
“Oh, that’s good then.” Su Yan slipped the phone back into his pocket and looked out of the window like a well-behaved boyfriend.
Nie Chang didn’t doubt that he was already planning how to achieve all those milestones though. Ah, this system! If he ever found out who was responsible for that …
In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain female official sneezed. She rubbed her nose and looked around to make sure that none of her colleagues had left a window open.
“Huh, strange. Could it be they are testing a new ventilation system?” She shrugged her shoulders and looked back at her personal terminal, happily watching on as Nie Chang drove Su Yan home.
Mn, she was very much in favor of Su Yan’s idea of taking that hot shower today! Who knew? Maybe it would get hot enough that they would try the next milestone right afterward. Then she wouldn’t have to worry about being caught anymore.
Ah, please, please, please, male lead! Do this fujoshi a favor and do it already! Your little shou will certainly like it!

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