LWS V4C89 Using the Special Reward

Nie Chang and Su Yan indeed didn’t need long to reach the apartment. Su Yan happily jumped out of the car and ran over to his boyfriend, linking arms with him.
“How about you come with me to check out the reward? That way you won’t have to worry that I’m gone too long.”
Nie Chang sighed and ruffled his darling’s hair. “If you want me to, then I’ll naturally come with you. Wait, let’s get your notebook first.” Nie Chang pulled Su Yan back to the car and got his notebook before accompanying him inside.
Looking at it, Su Yan blinked. “Eh, Ah Chang, say, I can also use the system on the notebook, right?”
“Then if we open it there and then go to the Special Dimension … Couldn’t we take my phone with us? Then we could take a look at the time, couldn’t we?”
Nie Chang nodded. “That sounds about right.”
Su Yan raised his chin, looking like he had done something especially praise-worthy just now.
Nie Chang couldn’t help but chuckle. He reached over, tousled Su Yan’s hair again and kissed his cheek. “Who would have known my little darling was this smart?”
Su Yan beamed. “Well, that’s a given, isn’t it?”
“Mn, it certainly is.”
The two of them walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Su Yan rubbed his hands while waiting for Nie Chang to take out the notebook for him.
“Do you want something to eat before we go?”
Su Yan shook his head, started his notebook and opened the system. “No! You’ve made me wait so long before because you thought I wouldn’t know how much time passed. You can’t expect me to wait again now!”
“Alright, alright. It’s my bad.” Nie Chang hugged him and gave him another kiss to appease him.
Su Yan smiled indeed. Well, at least his boyfriend knew that he was in the wrong. In a happier mood, he clicked on the Special Dimension. Once again, the two of them were transported into the Special Dimension in a rough manner and landed on the ground in a heap of limbs.
“Ugh!” Su Yan rubbed his head and looked reproachfully at his boyfriend. “How come you’re lying on top?”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched but just when he wanted to defend himself the mechanical voice of the system spoke up.
[Welcome to your special dimension, host. You have one Dimension Ticket. Do you want to use it now?]
Su Yan blinked and looked at his boyfriend. Since when was his system so helpful that it would offer him the answers he was searching for even before he could ask? Hadn’t it normally even refused to tell him when he wanted to know? This had to be because Nie Chang was with him! Hmph! What a traitorous system. Wasn’t he the host? How come it was nicer when his boyfriend was with him?!
Nie Chang just wanted to caution him to first find out more about this when Su Yan already looked up to where the voice seemed to come from.
“Uh … Sure. Why not?” He certainly wouldn’t wait any longer. If the system didn’t treat him nicely, it should at least give him a great reward.
There was a slight pause before the system responded again.
[The host used Dimension Ticket, 1 time.]
Su Yan waited but nothing seemed to happen. He sat up and looked around but nothing seemed to have changed. Well, almost nothing. The special dimension seemed to have grown bigger since the last time he came here. A few meters in front of them was Ziju An’s study that he had crafted for his last test and the characters of Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai were still standing there too. Other than that …
He frowned and turned to Nie Chang. “Did the system just say I used the reward from the special task?”
Nie Chang nodded. “Seems like it. If I saw it correctly, then another platform appeared over there.” He motioned to the study.
Su Yan turned back around. Indeed. Between Ziju An and Dou Fang Hai, a third platform had appeared. So … the ticket would give him the ability to craft one more character?
He pursed his lips. That probably wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good either. Finding those ten reasons to break up hadn’t been easy. Couldn’t the reward have been a bit better? He didn’t even know who he should craft! Sect Master Xue? Jin Bao Fu?
Seeing his little darling look so down, Nie Chang patted his back. “Alright, how about going over and taking a closer look? Maybe it’s not as bad as you think?”
Su Yan pursed his lips even more. “What closer look do you want me to take? It’s obviously just for crafting another character.”
“Well, maybe there’s something special about it. Didn’t you say your special dimension had been updated when you got to the new level?”
“That’s true!” Su Yan hurriedly scrambled to his feet and ran over.
Nie Chang chuckled before following him. Standing in front of it, it was obvious that he had been right. This wasn’t just a platform for crafting a character. Instead, there were a few steps leading on top of it as if they were supposed to go up there.
“So it’s … some kind of viewing platform? Isn’t it a little low for that?” Su Yan frowned but still walked up.
As soon as his feet touched the middle of the platform, the special dimension sounded a mechanical beep.
“What —”
The platform opened with a swoosh and Su Yan fell down with a yelp.
“Ah Yan!” Nie Chang jumped onto the edge of the platform and tried to grab him but only managed to lose his own balance. Together, the two of them tumbled down into the darkness.

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