LWS V4C86 Expert of Seduction

Su Yan blinked. Eh? This story didn’t seem as bad as he had thought. There were actually two interesting characters around and a lot at stake. He couldn’t see where any kind of romance might happen for that Qiu Ming Wen though. Wasn’t that a little strange for a bl novel?
He pondered but finally ignored the issue. Who knew? Maybe there would be other characters later on and Qiu Ming Wen would fall in love with one of them. It was absolutely possible.
That wasn’t what he wanted to know for now though. No, much more important was if this was enough to have the system check his task!
He hurriedly closed the website and navigated back. As soon as he saw the button below the task, he gave a yelp and jumped at his boyfriend, almost pushing him to the ground.
“I did it! Ah Chang, I did it! It’s finished!”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. Hadn’t his little darling heard at all what he had said about doing things without looking being dangerous? How could he just jump him without looking at their surroundings? Well, he could hardly say that now.
Nie Chang hugged Su Yan back and kissed his cheek. “Congratulations, darling. Then did you reach the next level already?”
Su Yan’s eyes sparkled even more. Right! He had to look if he had reached the next level! “Let me have a look!”
“Ah!” Before Su Yan could do so, Nie Chang pointed ahead. “The car is over there. Let’s get in and then you can see if you’re done, alright?”
Su Yan pursed his lips but finally nodded. Alright, he should give way to his boyfriend at least once every now and then. Nie Chang had done pretty much for him, after all.
Thus the two of them hurried over to the Raeton and got in. Nie Chang couldn’t help but glance at Su Yan worriedly. His little darling was obviously itching to look whether he had reached the next level or not. If he had … Nie Chang sighed and fastened both their seat belts before starting the car and driving off the parking lot.
Su Yan grinned happily. Nie Chang shouldn’t have anything against him taking a look now, right? He took out his phone and clicked on the [Finish task line] button when the system asked whether he wanted to have a look at another trope. There definitely wasn’t any time to read yet another story. If the experience really hadn’t been enough, he could just do another task. The system would certainly give him a new one now that this one was done.
It turned out that this wasn’t necessary though. As soon as he indicated that he wanted to finish the task line, the window closed and another message popped up.
[Congratulations! The host managed to gather enough experience points for an advancement! The host’s rank is promoted from ‘Adept of Flirting’ to ‘Expert of Seduction’.]
Su Yan’s brows twitched. Come again? What was his new rank called?
Before he had time to read again, the Lovely Writing System already added the next lines of text though. Su Yan immediately lost interest in harping on the name of his new rank. Never mind that. After so many days with the system, he should already be used to its shitty naming sense. What was much more important, was which rewards he’d get. Su Yan rubbed his hands and read the next messages.
[Issuing rewards.]
[With the promotion, the host receives the following rewards:
Statistics: experience stats
Special Dimension: crafting advanced settings
Special Dimension: crafting intermediate scenes]
Su Yan raised his brows. Experience stats? What was that? It sounded good though. He’d probably get experience through that too, after all. Ah, reaching the following level should become much easier like this! Uh, well, he had just reached level 4 so it would probably still take some time until he needed to think about level 5.
Anyway, those rewards seemed pretty good. Not only was there a new type of statistics but the other rewards seemed to have gotten better. Like hadn’t he only been allowed to craft intermediate settings and simple scenes before? If he remembered correctly, then the system hadn’t even allowed him to have the great Master Ziju sit down back when he planned his second story.
Hmph. Who knew what exactly ‘intermediate’ meant for the system? After all, hadn’t intermediate settings only been as big as a room? Who knew what advanced would mean now?
The system actually couldn’t be blamed for this. A certain someone had just forgotten that planning his second story had been the test for advancing to the third level so back then, he had only been allowed to craft a simple setting of the size of the room since that was the benefit of being of the second rank.
Had Su Yan taken another look at the Special Dimension since then, he would have been surprised to find out that he could have crafted the complete palace of Grandmaster Ziju. The same could be said of crafting settings since the ability to craft even a simple setting had only been added when he advanced to the rank of Adept of Flirting.
Since Su Yan hadn’t noticed any of that he eyed the system suspiciously for a moment. In the end, he decided that it wasn’t that important though. He didn’t necessarily need to craft a setting or a scene. He had full confidence in his own imagination and memory!
The Special Dimension actually hadn’t helped him that much yet so whether it had really gotten better or not wasn’t as important. No, the real question was if he would be able to earn money with his stories now so he and Nie Chang could buy their house soon.
Ah, speaking of that!
Su Yan turned to the side and grabbed his boyfriend’s arm. “Ah Chang, I’m an Expert of Seduction now! Isn’t that great?”
Nie Chang flinched and almost lost his grip on the steering wheel. He couldn’t help but glance at his darling who was looking at him with sparkling eyes. With a wry smile, he looked back at the street. “You’re a what now?”
“An Expert of Seduction!” Su Yan happily tweeted. Then his expression blanked.
Uh? That … sounded strange somehow?

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