LWS V4C77 Let’s Go Eat First

Su Yan didn’t think that there was anything wrong with just writing ‘boring’. That was what his great boyfriend had said, after all! Instead, he looked up at Nie Chang with sparkling eyes, asking him to come up with the last idea for their list.
Nie Chang smiled wryly. Su Yan’s way of writing all this down was overly generic on one side and way too specific on the other. Even if he could come up with something else, he wasn’t too sure if his idea wouldn’t fit into one of the other categories already.
Su Yan’s face fell. “You don’t know anything else?”
“Well …” Nie Chang looked up at the sky. He tried to remember every romantic film he had watched with Su Yan and every novel he had read but all the reasons why people broke up in them were already on Su Yan’s list. It either had to do with the people around the couple, whether it was their so-called friends, a well-meaning family member or someone interested in one of the partners, or it was the couple itself that had problems like a lack of communication or greatly differing ideas about their life. Everything he could think of was just a variation on one of these things.
“Uh … Let me think about this some more.”
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at his phone with sad eyes. There was just one idea missing! Why couldn’t they think of something?
Nie Chang hurriedly pointed to the side. “Look, we can give the tandem back there. How about we do that and then go eat something? Didn’t we want to do that anyway? I’m sure we’ll be able to think of something afterward. We’re just out of energy right now.”
Su Yan continued to purse his lips but since this didn’t seem to get him anywhere he finally nodded. “Alright. But we won’t forget about it, will we?”
“Of course not! I’ll remind you, I promise.”
“That’s good then. This task is extremely important. If we manage to solve it, then we would at most need to read another two horrible stories. Maybe one would even be enough.”
“Ah, my poor little darling. You really have it tough.” Nie Chang kissed Su Yan’s temple and pulled him along to give the tandem back.
Ah, it was a pity. It could have been such a romantic day with them riding on the same bike while the sun shone down on them but somehow they had ended up doing tasks for the system. Well, nobody said that they couldn’t make up for this day when Su Yan finally figured out how to earn money with his stories and they bought their house. Mn, living together, spending every minute of their time together … It was worth it. Even if he had to read another hundred stories to Su Yan, he would still do it.
As soon as he had given the tandem back, he pulled his little darling into his arms and made up for the time he hadn’t been able to use both his hands. He circled his waist, bent down and kissed those lips that already wanted to purse in complaint again.
“Mn, darling, don’t you worry about it. I’m sure we’ll come up with something extraordinary for your last spot on the list. Who knows? Maybe the system will give you extra points for that.”
Su Yan’s expression lit up. “Do you really think so?”
“Well, I don’t know for sure but it would be possible, wouldn’t it?”
Su Yan nodded as if he wanted to pound garlic. That was indeed possible! Hadn’t the system also given him more points for the practice tasks when he started out with a really horrible text and then polished it into something brilliant? Maybe the same thing was true for these special tasks! Ah, thankfully, there was Nie Chang. He himself might not have thought of it.
He happily peeled one of the hands from his back and clasped it. “Let’s go eat then!”
Then he very spiritedly ran off, dragging his boyfriend along. It took him about two hundred steps to realize … he had no idea where they were going.
Su Yan stopped and turned to Nie Chang with a big smile. “Ah Chang, you’ve helped me so much today. How about you decide where we go to eat?”
Nie Chang leaned down and smiled back at him. “Oh? Do I still get to name our dog then?”
“Of course! Why would you think I would take your privilege away from you?”
“Oh, I was just wondering.” He kissed Su Yan’s cheek and finally pulled him out of the park. Never mind that he had wanted to spend their whole day here. Su Yan wasn’t here with his thoughts anyway. No, it was better to eat something, then circle back to the car and drive him home. There they could finish doing those tasks without anyone around. Then he at least wouldn’t have to worry about other people hearing stuff about his employee’s bird.
With that thought in mind, he finally settled for a small restaurant at the roadside. It still wasn’t quite the time for lunch so the restaurant wasn’t completely packed yet. Su Yan still clung onto him and eyed the people around them warily.
Nie Chang patted his hands and pulled him to the counter. “What do you want to eat? Take a look.”
Su Yan pursed his lips and continued to observe the people instead. Just look at how many customers there were! In a movie, this would either be the spot where the male and female lead went and shared some of their memories from childhood days or it would be the prelude to a crime in the backstreet next to the restaurant after they had gotten their food. Considering that Nie Chang already knew everything about him, it was probably the latter.
“How about egg-fried rice?”
“No!” Su Yan shook his head without stopping to watch the people around them.
“But don’t you like that?”
“I only like your egg-fried rice.” He didn’t offer an alternative though.
Nie Chang sighed and smiled apologetically at the woman behind the counter. “Uh … just give us two portions of beef noodles.”
The woman nodded but couldn’t help and take another look at Su Yan. She certainly hadn’t seen a customer like this before today.

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