LWS V4C76 Tell Me Another One!

“Uhm … Hey! Uh … Su Yan’s boyfriend?” Zhi Bao Yu pressed her eyes together and prayed that the other person wouldn’t say yes. Oh gosh, how embarrassing! How could Su Yan accidentally put her on speaker while she was talking about his relationship problems with him?!
Nie Chang very happily shattered her hopes. “Mn, I’m Nie Chang. You are?”
“Zhi … Bao Yu. His former co-worker. It’s so nice to meet you! I mean to hear you. I’ll definitely come by and visit you and Su Yan some other time. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”
Nie Chang smiled even happier. Just listen to her! She was completely flustered. Well, served her right. “Of course not. Su Yan’s friends are my friends. Come by whenever you like.”
“Sure! I’ll bring the others along. Haha.” She laughed embarrassedly before clearing her throat. “Oh, oh my. Look at that! There’s a group of tourists coming over. I’m sorry. I can’t keep chatting with you. Bye! It was really nice to get to know you! See you soon!”
The call ended before either of them had the chance to say their goodbyes.
Su Yan turned to look at Nie Chang. “You know hearing how stressed she is I’m especially happy that I’m not working there anymore.”
Nie Chang also looked at his little darling but he only sighed. So Su Yan actually thought there was a group of tourists coming over. Well, he didn’t mind that. At least he wasn’t chastising him for wanting to cheat on him or something. That was already good enough for him.
He pulled his darling back into his arms and put his chin onto his head. “I’m very happy you’re working with me now.”
“Mn. I also think it’s great.” He pursed his lips though. “Zhi Bao Yu wanted to give me tips what kind of date we could go on but then she was just talking about how we shouldn’t move in together. Now, what should we do for our date?”
Nie Chang lifted his head and looked into his boyfriend’s face. “Darling … Didn’t you call her to ask for another reason for the list?”
Su Yan’s eyes widened. Right! That had been why he called her! Why had they suddenly started talking about dates? Why would he even need an idea for a date? Nie Chang had already planned everything for today!
Nie Chang raised his brows. “Well …” Thanks to Zhi Bao Yu he had two ideas now that he could use to impress his little darling. That wasn’t bad at all. “Considering what she said just now I think her boyfriend might have cheated on her.”
“Ah? Why would he do that? I thought they were really happy with each other?!”
“Uh …” Nie Chang gulped. It seemed that had been the wrong way to start this. “I think it isn’t the one she has now but rather someone she was together with before. So … I guess they broke up because of what he did.”
Su Yan’s face lit up. “You mean she actually understood what I wanted from her and tried to give me a hint?”
“Mn. Maybe that’s it.”
Su Yan didn’t think about it any further. He raised his phone and happily entered the next reason into his list: [cheating]
Mn, how great! From having three reasons and needing seven he had actually managed to get to having seven reasons and only needing three! Ah, he was so smart! Uh, well, and his boyfriend was really smart too. He just knew how to make him come up with ideas.
Su Yan leaned over and pecked Nie Chang’s cheek. “You did very well with picking up on that.”
“Mn. Actually, I had another idea while you were talking to her. You already wrote down family but what about friends? I think someone like Zhi Bao Yu could also make a couple break up if they talk about the partner badly for a long time.”
Su Yan furrowed his brow. “Do you really think so? I’m sure I wouldn’t leave you just because Zhi Bao Yu said something.”
Nie Chang hugged him closer and gave him a kiss on the lips. “Well, that’s because I was your best friend. Naturally, you’d rather listen to me than her.”
“Mn. Of course, you also said not to listen to her advice so why would I?”
Nie Chang smiled happily. So his little darling was doing what he said? He really wouldn’t have thought. “Well, you might not but this isn’t about our relationship, right? If it were, then there wouldn’t be even a single point on that list, would there?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and tiptoed, giving his boyfriend another kiss. “You’re right! I definitely wouldn’t leave you. Even though you’re horrible sometimes.”
Nie Chang raised his brows but his little darling didn’t seem to want to explain himself. He just typed in the newest addition to the list and smiled happily at his screen. Nie Chang looked at it and his lips curled. So ‘friends’ were a reason for a breakup. Well, hopefully, the system would try to interpret what he had written down.
“Seems like you only need another two reasons.”
Su Yan shook his head and grabbed Nie Chang’s shirt. “We. We only need two other reasons.”
“Oh?” Nie Chang’s brows raised. “What’s with the fawning tone? Could it be you’re hoping I have another idea?”
Su Yan pursed his lips again and looked at his boyfriend as cutely as he could. “Well, do you?”
“Mn …” Nie Chang looked at the list again. “I think I’ve heard stories where people just get bored in a relationship when they’ve been together for a long time and every day is the same as the one before. Ah, come to think of it. I didn’t hear everything but could it be Zhi Bao Yu was talking about that? She mentioned something about a sense of novelty that would wear off, didn’t she?”
Su Yan blinked. Had she said something like that? Well, who cared? It was more important that he finally finished this list! Thus his fingers once again tapped on the screen and made Nie Chang grimace.

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