LWS V4C78 The Biggest Treasure

Nie Chang had more than just a bit of trouble balancing two portions of noodles to a table in a corner with his boyfriend clinging to his arm at the same time. He couldn’t shake his little darling off though and having him carry one of the bowls was even more unthinkable.
Ah, he should have taken him somewhere else to eat! Although he had no idea why Su Yan was acting so strangely since they got here. He couldn’t help but take another look at his darling’s face when they had managed to make their way over to a free table. His eyes were still darting around and seemingly randomly locking onto people before slipping to the next one. He looked as if he was afraid or maybe just suspicious of them.
Nie Chang shook his head. Well, he shouldn’t have expected anything else from Su Yan. He probably wasn’t too comfortable in this kind of small restaurant at the side of the road. Even though he had needed to pay all his bills himself for the last few, he still had the mindset of a wealthy person. Most likely, he was afraid someone could mug them.
Nie Chang put the bowls down and wanted to sit down on one side of the table but just when he moved a certain someone slipped onto the bench. Nie Chang raised his brows. Alright? Maybe he had done something wrong and didn’t deserve this place. Who knew?
He went to the other side and took a seat there. As soon as his bottom touched the wood though, a small person was clinging to his arm with one hand while pulling the second bowl of noodles over with the other.
Nie Chang turned to look at his boyfriend who was trying to separate his chopsticks with one hand. “Ah Yan … What do you think you’re doing?”
Su Yan looked up with furrowed brows and pursed his lips. “They won’t come off.” He lifted the culprits, clearly waiting for some help.
“Maybe it would work better if you used two hands?”
“It wouldn’t!”
Nie Chang sighed, took the chopsticks from him and separated them before giving them back. “Here. Now, will you tell me why you’re so on edge?”
Su Yan took the chopsticks and happily reached toward his bowl. He had to stop halfway though. With a frown, he looked accusingly at Nie Chang’s arm before looking up at his face. “Ah Chang, can’t you come a little closer? I can’t reach the bowl.”
“Why would you even want to eat while linking arms? Just let go.”
His little darling’s expression suggested that his idea wasn’t as good as he had thought.
Nie Chang sighed once again. “Ah Yan, just what is going on?”
“Maybe we could change seats? Then you could take my other arm while I eat.”
Nie Chang rubbed his brow. Alright, there was no use in trying to talk to him if he was like this. He got up, pulled his left arm from his darling’s grasp and made him sit down again before surrendering his right arm to him.
Su Yan happily clutched it before digging into the bowl of noodles before him. Mn, much better! And the food tasted surprisingly good.
Nie Chang watched him with an indulgent expression. Alright, he didn’t want to admit it but this was a little cute. He leaned over and kissed Su Yan’s cheek. “So since you’re satisfied now, you can tell me what is going on, can’t you?”
Su Yan raised his head and glanced through the room. Then he leaned over to Nie Chang in a secretive manner and even lowered his voice. “Don’t you think we’ll be mugged when we leave the restaurant?”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. He had really been worried about that? “I don’t think so, no.”
Su Yan looked at him skeptically and leaned back, pursing his lips that were smeared with oil. “But that’s always what happens.”
Nie Chang grinned. “It couldn’t be that you’re thinking about some movie again, could it?”
Su Yan pursed his lips even more. “Why are you grinning like that? This is serious! What if something happens to us? You wouldn’t be able to beat someone in a fist-fight, would you?”
“Uh …” Nie Chang hurried to look serious. “I’m afraid you’re right. But don’t worry. As long as we leave through the front door with several other people nothing will happen.”
“Are you sure?”
“Mn. Isn’t it that the male and female lead in a movie always leave when it’s very late because they talked for so long? But look out there. It’s not even midday yet. There aren’t any thugs around at this time. And even if there are, it won’t be many. So as long as other people are around, they won’t dare to start a fight. Mn?” He tipped Su Yan’s nose and finally picked up his own chopsticks.
Su Yan watched him easily break them off and start to eat. He couldn’t help but purse his lips. Why did this kind of stuff always look so easy when Nie Chang was doing it? With a huff, he turned back to his own bowl and continued to eat. Well, at least Nie Chang had helped him before.
Mn, come to think of it, he had also helped him with the two missions of the system. Without him, he probably wouldn’t have been able to find so many reasons for the list in such a short amount of time and then Nie Chang had read that story to him too. And speaking of that …
He turned back to Nie Chang with sparkling eyes. “Ah Chang, do you think the next story the system will give me to read will be better than the two from before?”
Nie Chang looked over and lowered his chopsticks with a smile. “Well, there’s only one way to find out. Just take a look if you want to know.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “You say that but what if you were wrong before and there’s some thug around after all? We could just be calling their attention to us.”
Nie Chang smiled happily as if he didn’t understand the danger his boyfriend was describing. “Well, I’m afraid it’d be too late now anyway. If there are some around, they’d already know that mugging me would be the best option to get rich. After all, I did walk into the restaurant with my biggest treasure.” With that, he leaned over and placed a kiss on that oily mouth.

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