LWS V4C75 You’re Thinking with Your Heart

Su Yan didn’t like the kind of tone Zhi Bao Yu used to speak about his boyfriend. Sure, Nie Chang was a little mean from time to time but he was also really nice to him on all other occasions. He had to defend him!
“It’s not that bad. It’s just sometimes, really. Normally, he’s really sweet. You know we’re thinking of moving in together.”
“Ah? Already?” Zhi Bao Yu sounded unbelieving. “Haven’t you only gotten together like last week or something? And you didn’t even have sex yet! Or, wait, did something change about that? Was he that good?”
“Uh, no, that’s not it. We just felt we should start thinking about it. I mean it’s not like we’re going to move in together tomorrow already. We’ll need some time to get enough money. Actually, I’m a little sad about that. We did spend a lot of time together before. Nie Chang also stayed over a lot in the last few days. So it’s not like we wouldn’t know how living together is. I would —”
“Stop, stop, stop, stop! Su Yan! You can’t compare that at all. At. All. You hear me?”
“Uh … yeah. Loud and clear. But I don’t understand ho—”
“You have a serious misconception right there.”
“No, I can really hear you.”
Zhi Bao Yu needed a moment to realize what he was talking about. When she did she sighed. Ah, her former co-worker was probably too pure to understand how men worked. Alright, he was one himself but not that kind of man. Mn, maybe she should tell him?
“Su Yan, I feel like you’re very different from most other men. You’re not the type of guy who thinks with his dick all the time. You’re more of … a person who thinks with their heart. So naturally, you can’t understand what is going on.”
Su Yan rubbed his cheek. He still didn’t understand what she was talking about. Hadn’t she wanted to give him a tip for what they could do on a date? He looked at Nie Chang questioningly but his boyfriend didn’t offer any help. Su Yan continued to stare at him, his eyes communicating his need for an explanation.
Nie Chang could only helplessly shrug his shoulders though. He could only hear one side of the conversation so how was he supposed to know what was going on? His little darling would have to get through this on his own.
Su Yan pursed his lips when he saw that he wouldn’t get any help. Ah, what to do? He really wanted to hear Nie Chang’s opinion right now. Eh? Wait. Hear? His expression lit up and he lowered the phone, wondering how to put the call on speaker. That symbol over there looked like it would do that?
He tapped on it and Zhi Bao Yu’s voice sounded from the phone. By that time she had already gotten through half of what she wanted to say and was only wrapping up.
“So I think that sense of novelty would wear off pretty quickly and then he might even cheat on you and you’d have a bad breakup. You certainly don’t want that, do you?”
Su Yan blinked in confusion. Huh? He was going to have a bad breakup? Why? And why so suddenly? “Uh …”
Zhi Bao Yu sighed. “I know you don’t want to hear this. That’s why I said you’re a person that thinks with their heart. You’re just really happy with him right now so you can’t think rational. Whatever it is he wants, you’d do it immediately. That’s just the type of person you are. It’s really a lovely trait to have but it’s not always good. Especially in relationships and even more so if it’s your first relationship. You might get used.”
“Used?” Su Yan turned to his boyfriend. Just what was she talking about?
Nie Chang smiled wryly. He felt like saying something to interrupt this call but maybe that would make him seem suspicious. He definitely didn’t want to raise Su Yan’s awareness when his former co-worker was just trying to tell him that he would be cheating on him. They might just enter a cold war afterward!
Zhi Bao Yu sighed again. “Mn, that’s what I’m saying. Considering what you told me about him before, moving in with you might be something he proposed to give you a sense of security. But it’s a fake sense of security. He’s not really thinking for you. He just … wants things to move faster than you are comfortable with and he thinks that proposing to move in together will make that possible. It’s not your fault. It’s just something men do when they’re thinking with their dicks.”
Su Yan had no idea what to say to this. He felt like Zhi Bao Yu had gotten it all wrong. Unfortunately, his silence didn’t make her stop.
“Ah, Su Yan, don’t take it that hard. Look at it this way: It means he’s very much interested in you. He can’t leave his hands off you. That’s also worth a lot. I don’t even think that’s bad. I just think that moving in together right now would be wrong. Just continue dating for a while, have sex and then have some more and when you’re sure that you’re alright with it and everything fits, then you can still move in together. I mean that’s a major commitment, right? You wouldn’t want to buy an apartment and then be left alone with a huge debt, would you?”
Su Yan straightened up. Nie Chang next to him opened his mouth to say that that definitely wouldn’t happen but Su Yan was faster.
“We’re not buying an apartment. We’ve decided we want a house. A big one.”
“Ah?” Zhi Bao Yu couldn’t understand what was going on. Did it make a difference if they bought a house or an apartment? “A house is even more expensive. You definitely shouldn’t do this. If your boyfriend —”
Nie Chang leaned over and cleared his throat. “Darling, did you accidentally turn on the speaker?”
The voice from the other side stopped at once. It couldn’t be that the person they were talking about had listened in on all that, could it? Haha, no, that couldn’t be … Absolutely impossible …

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