LWS V4C62 You Can Skip That

Nie Chang stopped reading and looked at Su Yan. “Do you really want me to read this?”
Su Yan frowned. “Ah Chang, why does my system have such bad taste?”
“Well …” Nie Chang smiled wryly. Whether it was bad or not was probably in the eye of the beholder. A lot of people liked the kind of BL novel that included lots of smut. Gosh, if things really were as he thought, then there were certainly readers who were either rooting for Kang Lei or Yuan Jing to free the poor Beta from the influence of that so-called poisonous plant through some papapa. Actually, there might even be a small percentage of readers that wouldn’t mind if both of them helped him dispel the effects together.
Unfortunately, nothing of this could be said to his little darling. He needed another explanation. “Maybe it’s not about taste but about education, after all.”
“How is that education? It probably just likes birds!”
Nie Chang coughed. Was he still going on about the birds? “I just meant that the system might consider your previous experiences with BL. You’ve only read one novel at the beginning, right? And after that, you’ve immediately started your own stories. Both that novel and your own stories were sweet romances. So maybe the system is now choosing spicy stories on purpose so you can see more of the side of the genre that you didn’t know of previously.”
“Didn’t it have the novel with the birds for that? Why is there another one now? One should be enough.”
Nie Chang smiled. “Sure, one should be enough. But who knows what else the system wants to achieve with it? Maybe it’ll tell you later on.”
Su Yan still looked skeptical so Nie Chang patted his head.
“Alright, just let me continue to read. Maybe we’ll be surprised by the story.” He raised the phone again and picked up again where he left off.
[Nangong Min didn’t resist at all. On the contrary, he even held onto Kang Lei and spread his legs further, exposing his —]
A paw landed on the screen of his phone and forced him to stop. Nie Chang smiled wryly. “Darling …”
“It’s alright. You don’t have to read that type of thing. Just scroll down a bit and see where it ends. You can start again from there.”
Nie Chang gave a sigh but still nodded. Well, if his little darling asked him to … He pulled his phone from Su Yan’s grasp and first opened the website again that Su Yan had somehow managed to close in the process of interrupting him. It turned out he hadn’t done only that but even scrolled up a bit. He first had to search for the place where he had left off.
Su Yan on his lap grew impatient. “See that? It’s such a bad story! You actually need to scroll that far down even though you said it’s a very short story. It’s bad in every regard!”
Nie Chang brushed Su Yan’s hair back to calm him down and finally found the right place. He scrolled down and … well, he really had to scroll down quite a bit. The author had obviously put a lot of emphasis on this part of the story.
Nie Chang finally found the end of the sex scene and cleared his throat. “Alright, it wasn’t that bad. I just wanted to make sure this is the right spot so you won’t have to suffer any of this.”
“Mn. You’ve done very well!” Su Yan magnanimously praised his boyfriend and patted his thigh as a reward.
Nie Chang just laughed and started reading again.
[Yuan Jing finally reached the place where the two cadets were lying on the floor. He steered his Glider down and threw it to the side, not caring what would happen to it. He didn’t even glance in that direction and instead ran over to the two people, his eyes red.
That bastard had actually dared to touch his person! He couldn’t let him get away with this!
He kicked the unalert Kang Lei to the side. He would have loved to go after him but for now, Nangong Min was more important. “Ah Min!” Yuan Jing knelt down beside him and pulled him up into his arms.
The boy looked very confused as if he had no idea what was going on. His whole body was sweaty and there was no strength in his limbs at all while his eyes darted from one place to another, completely unfocused.
Yuan Jing frowned. He wasn’t supposed to be like this! What had that guy done?! He glared at Kang Lei who was just getting up from the ground.
When Kang Lei saw the person that Nangong Min had always gushed to him about hold his friend in his arms he scowled just as much as Yuan Jing. That bastard! What was that Major Yuan doing here?! And why had he kicked him away while he was doing Nangong Min? He hadn’t even had time to come again!]
Su Yan pulled at his boyfriend’s sleeve. “Ah Chang, didn’t you say all the stuff with the birds was done? Why are they still talking about it?”
“Well … They stopped using them. I thought you just wanted me to skip that part.”
“No! You should skip all of that. Who would want to hear any of that?”
“Well, if you insist …” Nie Chang raised his brows and skimmed the next few lines, trying to decide what could be read to Su Yan and what couldn’t.
Ah, he never would have thought that reading a story to your boyfriend could be this taxing! Shouldn’t this be relaxing for them? If he continued to read the story like this, it might not even make a real story. After all, this was probably that ‘misfortune’ already that the synopsis had mentioned.
Finally, he had made sure that no birds would be taken out or mentioned in the following lines and could continue to read. Well, it probably still wasn’t something Su Yan would like.

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