LWS V4C61 The Best Time of Your Life

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Su Yan opened his eyes and looked at his boyfriend thoughtfully. It seemed Nie Chang was really knowledgeable about everything. His prediction was completely right! This novel wasn’t good at all! Maybe they should skip to the end, after all? Unfortunately for him, his boyfriend already continued to read.
[Kang Lei chuckled. “Oh? I always thought you only had eyes for that Major Yuan of yours. But it seems you’ve realized he isn’t all that after you’ve seen him for yourself. It’s just as I told you: All hype about nothing. He’s just some guy that got a little lucky. You definitely won’t regret deciding on me.”
The Major Yuan that was badmouthed by someone who was attempting a mission under his supervision frowned even more than before but not because of Kang Lei’s disregard of him. Rather he was afraid that a few minutes might be too long, after all.
He took out an earphone and changed from the Military channel he normally used to the one that enabled him to hear the cadets from the Dinlas Academy. A few voices could be heard at first but he hastily adjusted it to just the sound from Nangong Min’s identificator. As long as it was him speaking or sounds from his direct vicinity, he would be able to hear them clearly. He shut down the screen of the panel and deactivated the loudspeakers and ran out to get his Glider.
Just when he turned the next corner one of his Lieutenants came toward him and nodded. “Major Yuan! I’ve come to —”
“Later!” Yuan Jing didn’t bother to explain anything and just continued to run.
The Lieutenant gazed after him in confusion but he didn’t dare to just follow. Everyone knew that Yuan Jing was strict with them and considering how he had looked just now … No, it was better to wait and report later.
The Major didn’t think a moment longer about what the Lieutenant could have wanted. He hurried outside, grabbed his Glider and swung himself onto the seat. The B-Model was the smallest type of Glider, only used for one or two people at most. With the canonical shape, it was also the fastest type. He set it to the highest speed and rushed off to the area Nangong Min’s group had been assigned to.]
Nie Chang took a deep breath. This was actually the end of the second part of the story. It seemed there wouldn’t be any surprises. Either Yuan Jing came too late to prevent what was happening between the two cadets and Nangong Min actually noticed that he might like his best friend more than he had thought before or Yuan Jing reached them just in time to rescue Nangong Min and cemented his image as a hero in the cadet’s eyes. Then Nangong Min and Yuan Jing would ride off into the sunset with that B-Model Glider.
Su Yan looked up at his boyfriend and raised his brows. “What is it? Is there something you need to skip? Don’t you know how?”
Nie Chang sighed again. “I just reached the end of the second part. It’s actually not a novel, more like a short story or something. So I guess it’ll be over soon.”
“Well, that’s good, right? I mean nothing bad happened yet and if it’s over soon, it’s likely it’ll stay that way.”
Nie Chang looked at his little darling and sighed. “Let’s hope so.” But honestly, he didn’t have much hope with how things had gone until now. Since his darling still hadn’t told him to stop, he continued to read though.
[While Yuan Jing sped over things didn’t slow down on Nangong Min and Kang Lei’s side either.
With his own clothes ripped, Kang Lei didn’t think of letting his friend off easily. He pulled at the fabric of Nangong Min’s uniform and the row of buttons came undone, dropping to the ground with a metallic sound. Kang Lei laughed and pulled the shirt from Nangong Min’s shoulders, throwing it to the ground too.
Ah, he had waited for this so long! He definitely wouldn’t just go half the way!
He reached down and undid Nangong Min’s belt, before pulling his pants down.
“Kang Lei …” Nangong Min also tried to take off his friend’s shirt but he felt hot all over and his limbs didn’t seem to do what he wanted them to do. His fingers trembled and he didn’t even manage to open one of the buttons that were still closed. He could only try to kiss the skin exposed below the small opening he had managed to rip open before.
Kang Lei reached up when Nangong Min’s lips touched his skin and pressed his head up against his chest. “Yes, baby. Do whatever you want. I’m all yours.”
Nangong Min forced himself to nod and lifted his arms to encircle Kang Lei’s neck. His legs rubbed against each other and he tried to press closer to Kang Lei. “Ah Lei …”
“Alright, alright. I’ll give you what you want!” Kang Lei grabbed his waist and lowered him to the ground. He didn’t lose any time and opened his own pants while looking at his friend. “Oh, baby, I knew the two of us would fit well together.”
He threw Nangong Min’s pants to the side, pushed his own down and lay down on top of Nangong Min. Ah, he had really waited way too long for this! Now, they could finally have some fun! Mn, he shouldn’t go too fast though. After all, Nangong Min was just a Beta. Who knew if he would be able to take an Alpha like him?
“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll make sure you have the best time of your life with me!” With that, he pushed Nangong Min’s legs apart and reached between them.]

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