LWS V4C60 Expect the Unexpected

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Nie Chang frowned at the screen of his phone. A person that had had a crush on someone suddenly found another person he had known for a long time attractive and noticed things about them that were actually sexy? And that very coincidentally happened after they found a poisonous plant that one of them didn’t take seriously while the other person wanted to look up what kind of plant it was but never managed to do so? Excuse him for saying so but …
“Ah Yan, I feel like this story is no good.”
Su Yan opened his eyes. Surprise was written in them. “Really? You also think so?”
“Ah? What do you mean ‘also’? You don’t like it either?”
Su Yan nodded eagerly. “Yes! Isn’t it really strange? Nothing makes sense! The author doesn’t explain anything and seems to change his mind halfway. What’s with the Major suddenly thinking Kang Lei is Nangong Min’s boyfriend when he previously just thought of them as friends? That’s not logical at all!”
Nie Chang cleared his throat and apologized to the author in his mind. This problem had come to be because he didn’t want to read those sexual innuendos out loud at the beginning but further into the story they had seemed more harmless and he hadn’t remembered to sugarcoat things for Su Yan. “So … how about stopping here?”
“No!” Su Yan frowned. “How could we do that? The system wants me to read the story. It’s so I learn about the genre.”
“But … you also didn’t finish reading the novel with the birds.”
Su Yan’s expression tensed before he sat up and glared at him. “What do you know? That wasn’t education at all! That novel was really, really horrible. Completely disgusting. It was unbearable! The system can’t expect me to really finish that one. But this story isn’t as bad. It’s obviously not very good but it’s not too bad either. So we should definitely finish reading it. And this is our romantic date, isn’t it? How could we just stop it in the middle?”
Nie Chang seriously pondered how to respond to this. The romantic date he had planned had been something else entirely. He had wanted to visit a park and drive around on a tandem to get them closer together, take a break on the lawn and maybe buy some ice cream somewhere that they could share. Hadn’t they also stopped doing that in the middle?
In the end, he only sighed. With Su Yan around, it was always best to expect the unexpected. There wouldn’t be any normal dates with him. So it wasn’t too strange to stop what he had planned somewhere in the middle and end up doing something else entirely. He was already used to that type of thing and as long as Su Yan was happy, it was alright. After all, he himself only wanted to spend time with him. What they did … Why was that important?
“Well, if you want me to continue, then I will. I just thought that it might be better to read something that you like more.”
Su Yan plopped into his lap again and smiled happily. “No need! Just continue reading. When I finish this task we’ll be one step closer to our house!”
“Mn. Our big house with the big kitchen and the fluffy dog.” Nie Chang patted his boyfriend’s head and raised his phone again.
Well, it might not be too bad. Maybe the author would surprise him and it would turn out that there was some other explanation for how Nangong Min was acting. And even if not, if his little darling wanted to continue writing BL novels he would certainly read other novels too. He would happen upon the … things that weren’t up his alley sooner or later. And maybe it was better if that happened while someone was around who could set things into perspective for him.
Nie Chang nodded to himself. Yes, in that case, he shouldn’t try to sugarcoat the rest of the story or even skip parts. He should just truthfully read everything out loud and then see how Su Yan reacted.
[In front of the panel, Major Yuan frowned. The voice of Nangong Min that was coming through the loudspeaker didn’t seem normal. It was … a little breathless and with how close the two of them had been before … Don’t tell him something was going on there?!
He cursed under his breath and opened the stream coming from Kang Lei’s identificator too. Shouldn’t at least one of them hold his arm in a way that would let him see their faces?
Unfortunately, both only showed the surroundings and parts of their body. The latter enraged Yuan Jing even more. That fucker! That Kang Lei was actually pressing Nangong Min to his body and already had a hard-on from the touch.
When his voice came through the loudspeaker it sounded husky too. “Ah Min … What do you think you’re doing?”
“I …” Nangong Min started but didn’t say anything. Well, he didn’t know what to say anyway. He just felt very, very good right now and that was all thanks to Kang Lei. “Ah Lei!”
“What is it?” Kang Lei just asked. Neither did he push Nangong Min away, nor did he pull him closer. He first wanted to see what his friend intended to do.
“I … I don’t know. I …” His hand stroked upward and the rustling of fabric sounded through the loudspeaker.
Yuan Jing got to his feet. Alright. He couldn’t let this continue. If he didn’t want to lose another person to an Alpha from Dinlas Academy, he had to act now! He opened the small screen of his own identificator and opened the map of the areas. If he used a Glider of the B-Model he could be there in just a few minutes. In that amount of time, nothing should be able to happen, right?”
Unfortunately, just then, the voice of Nangong Min sounded again. “Ah Lei, I … I can’t take this any longer!” And then fabric ripped.]

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