LWS V4C59 A Strange Situation

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[Yuan Jing continued to sit in front of the panel as if he had forgotten that he had wanted to leave. Well, even if he remembered, there was no way he would just leave after finding out about something like this. Never mind that this Beta was cute but if he had a crush on him …
Yuan Jing tapped the armrest of his chair and looked at a still of the video-stream from before. Alright. He didn’t like the Dinlas Academy since that thing had happened back then but this Beta …
A scream startled him out of his chair but it obviously came from the loudspeakers. Just what was happening over there?! What was that Alpha with him doing? Shouldn’t he as the stronger person protect him?!
From Kang Lei came a cold huff. “What are you doing? It’s just some plant.”
“It’s a poisonous plant!” Nangong Min didn’t sound too pleased with Kang Lei’s reaction.
“Poisonous?” The doubt in his voice was obvious.
Yuan Jing sat down again and snorted. Wasn’t this guy his lover? Why wasn’t he more empathic? If this was him … He would definitely make sure that there was no further danger and then comfort him. Wasn’t that what one should do for their lover?
“Yes, yes! Just have a look at those leaves! Do you see that sap on there? That’s highly toxic! We can’t touch it.”
“Then take out your weapons and hack it off. That’s what they’re for. Just because you’re taking care of the map and the catalog that doesn’t mean that you can expect everyone else to take care of you.”
“Hmph.” Nangong Min harrumphed and the camera in the identificator faced the other side. He had obviously turned away from Kang Lei.
Yuan Jing narrowed his eyes. Maybe they weren’t a couple, after all? Or maybe they were but their relationship had soured already? In that case … He wouldn’t mind reciprocating the favor from back then. Especially if the person he was going to snatch away was this cute.
While Yuan Jing decided that he wouldn’t hold back from going after Nangong Min if the opportunity arose the cute Beta in question raised his arm and had it project a small holographic screen. He opened the empty catalog and took a look at the database to find the plant he had just noticed.
“What are you doing?” Kang Lei stepped behind him and looked over his shoulder, his face also coming up in the stream Yuan Jing was watching.
Both men frowned. Yuan Jing didn’t like to see the person he had dubbed his ‘rival’ while Kang Lei wasn’t happy about what Nangong Min was doing.
“Didn’t we agree to search for the water sources first? Why are you starting to work on the catalog already? Don’t tell me this is to impress that guy.”
Nangong Min tsked. “Not everything is about Major Yuan. I already said this is a poisonous plant. Don’t you think we should find out which one exactly? What if one of the others touches it without realizing? We’d be in serious trouble then.”
Kang Lei raised his brows. “Besides you, everyone in the group is an Alpha. There’s no way such a little plant could be dangerous for us.”
Nangong Min turned to the side to protest but the words got stuck in his throat. Huh? When had Kang Lei stepped so close? He suddenly felt a little overwhelmed. He wanted to step back but just then Kang Lei also turned to face him.
Nangong Min held his breath but he still couldn’t stop Kang Lei’s that was brushing against his skin. Uh … What now?
Kang Lei took in Nangong Min’s awkward expression and the corners of his lips hooked up. “What are you thinking right now?”
“Uh … Poisonous … plant?”
Kang Lei leaned closer until the tips of their noses almost seemed to touch. Nangong Min’s whole body tensed but his arm slowly lowered until Yuan Jing couldn’t see their faces on the stream anymore.
He slammed his hand down on the panel and cursed. Damn this! How dare this guy make a move on the person he had decided on?! Especially since he obviously knew that the boy was in love with him! As expected, all Alphas from Dinlas Academy were scum.
Yuan Jing got up and paced up and down in front of the panel, his gaze returning to the screen every so often to check if he could already see their faces again but no. Nangong Min hadn’t raised his arm again.
He saw something else though. The bastard had actually dared to touch the Beta’s hip! He had just casually put his hand there as if that was nothing out of the ordinary! Argh! Why was Nangong Min still not protesting?!
The answer to Yuan Jing’s question was easily answered: Nangong Min had been frozen stiff. He didn’t understand what was going on with him either but he suddenly felt that the situation was a little … strange.
Kang Lei and he had always spent their time together. Living together in the Academy and visiting each other when they were on break, one of them mostly staying over at the other’s household … They had slept in the same bed more often than he could count but he had never felt like this.
Why did he suddenly think that … Kang Lei was especially attractive? Had he always had such a nice smile? And his brows … The way they raised in such a teasing arc actually made his heartbeat speed up.
“Ah … Ah Lei.” Nangong Min’s cheeks flushed and his hands reached up before he knew what he was doing, his fingers curling into the fabric of the Academy’s uniform.
Kang Lei’s brows rose even further. He hadn’t felt that the situation was strange at all. They had often been even closer than this. But with the way Nangong Min was looking at him right now and how he even reached out … He suddenly wondered if maybe things were going to go in a different direction now.
Well, he definitely wouldn’t mind if they only talked about themselves from now on and just forgot about that damned Major.]

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