LWS V4C58 Did He Have a Crush on Him?

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[Yuan Jing smiled to himself and opened the view from the identificators. Seeing the awkward angle he frowned. Ah, he shouldn’t have given him the ones from the X3-ISL series. What had he thought to achieve by having them wear them on their wrists? The pictures would be much better if they were worn on the lapel or something. Ugh, he couldn’t even see the faces of the people around.
Yuan Jing wiped the videos to the edge of the screen so he would be able to keep an eye on their movements on the map while still watching. Maybe one of them would lift their hand or something late on and he’d be able to at least see his face once.
Yuan Jing froze. Wait. What was he thinking there? He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. Ah, maybe he had worked too much the last few days? Yeah, that must be it. He should just call it a day for now and go lie down for a while. Ah, this stupid assignment … he could still throw some of it to his Lieutenants. What were they for, after all?
He got up and reached out to turn off everything. The group had already split up to search for the nearest water source anyway. Most likely, nothing interesting —
“Ah Lei, say do you think they’ll just check the map and catalog when we’re done?” That was the voice of the Beta again.
Ah Lei … Yuan Jing frowned and hurriedly opened the information about the group once more. Ah Lei … That should be Kang Lei, the first member of the group, right? Ah, so that was his —]
“Friend.” Nie Chang peeked at Su Yan but his little darling hadn’t noticed anything off this time. He was still very cutely snuggling in his lap.
[Well, it figured. If it was the strongest member of the group, it would give the others less reason to complain. The weakest member certainly wouldn’t have had this kind of privilege.
“What else should they check?”
Kang Lei didn’t sound too interested, making Yuan Jing frown. In the end, how close were those two really?
“Well … I don’t know. But they prepared everything, right? Maybe they’re monitoring us. Like there could be cameras in the Glider or …” Nangong Min lifted his hand, bringing the identificator on his wrist closer to his face. He stared at it for a moment, trying to decide if this thing might be used to spy on them.
Yuan Jing’s hand that had been on its way to shut the screen off, made a beeline for the stream coming from Nangong Min’s identificator. The video was enlarged, taking up almost a fourth of the screen and covering the locations of the other team members on the map. Yuan Jing didn’t care at all.
When he had seen that photo before he had felt that Nangong Min was really cute and especially lovable to look at But that was, after all, an official photo. It would be made in a closed-off room with Nangong Min showing a neutral expression, inevitably making it seem a bit stiff. But right now everything was different.
There was a light breeze ruffling his hair, blowing it onto his forehead. He brushed those unruly strands away with his other hand while narrowing his eyes a bit, making that pair of heart-shaped lips stand out even more on his face.
Yuan Jing gulped. He had felt a certain sense of danger from the photo before already but this was much worse. He could probably be happy that he was just looking at him through a screen and that the actual person was far, far away right now. If not … Who could guarantee that he wouldn’t get any stupid ideas? He was still single, after all.
Just then Nangong Min’s hand was wrested down, the identificator showing the grim face of an Alpha for a moment. “That’s not very likely.”
“It’s an assessment, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s that unlikely.”
“Even if you’re right, who do you think would have a look at it? Maybe some of the soldiers here or maybe they’ll just send it back to the Academy. The material wouldn’t be getting even close to your Major Yuan’s hands.”
Wait … What?
Yuan Jing stared at the screen even though it couldn’t help with answering the questions floating through his head. Actually, since Kang Lei had forced Nangong Min’s hands down his identificator only showed his pants and a bit of the surroundings with each step he took.
“I didn’t hear wrong, did I?” He couldn’t help but whisper to himself. That guy had definitely said ‘your Major Yuan’. There was only one Major Yuan on this Planet ABO. But why …
Yuan Jing opened the information of the Beta again and looked at the photo. It didn’t seem as great anymore now that he had seen him almost directly but it was still nice to look at. He couldn’t help but hope that he would have the chance to see this person from up close soon.
But could it be? Could this boy maybe … have a crush on him?
Yuan Jing didn’t need to wait long for his answer.
Nangong Min didn’t intend to let go of the matter too soon. “Who said I want Major Yuan to take a look at any material? I’d much rather see him in person when we leave the planet. Maybe he’ll congratulate us if we manage to do a good job?” His voice raised at the end as if he couldn’t contain himself because of his excitement.
Yuan Jing fell down onto his chair again. Alright. No questions there. This Beta … very obviously had a crush on him. Ah, who would have thought?]

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