LWS V4C57 That Was Dangerous

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Nie Chang paused. This was actually the first part of the story. It seemed it wasn’t actually a novel but just a story with a few chapters? Well, that was good too. They could spend a while here in the park, reading the story and then maybe go and eat something before returning home. It would also be a nice memory.
Nie Chang clicked for the next chapter and continued to read.
[As much as Yuan Jing hated his new task he wouldn’t jeopardize his career. Thus he opened the screen again and had a look at the current status of the mission. Ah, it seemed the first cadets were already on their way to their assigned areas. Not too bad. They weren’t losing any time.
He opened the summaries of the groups and took a look at their data. Well, it was the usual: The best students would each open their own group and manage to have only Alphas as members while the students in the middle of the year’s ranking could only grit their teeth and take in those Beta from the bottom to fill up their numbers. There were no —
Yuan Jing blinked and swiped back to the summary of the group he had just seen. He took another look and, indeed, he hadn’t been mistaken. The second person that was registered for this group was actually a Beta.]
“Uh!” Su Yan couldn’t help but interrupt Nie Chang. “So you were right. The Betas are really the worse students. Ah Chang, you’re so smart!” Su Yan reached up in an attempt to clutch Nie Chang’s shirt or maybe even pinch his cheeks but his boyfriend countered him by clasping his hands with his left and continuing to read.
[Yuan Jing frowned. Why was there a Beta in this group? Judging from the other members it could be counted as the second-strongest group that had been formed. With another person as the second member, they might even have been able to contend for the first place. Why would they give up on that and take this person in? Could it be a mistake? Had they somehow registered the wrong person? Or was there another reason?
Yuan Jing clicked on the information about that Beta that had been submitted by the Dinlas Academy. The first thing to fall into his eyes was a photo.
His pupils contracted and for a moment, he just stared at him, his body unwittingly straightening up. When he noticed what he was doing he forcibly shook his head. No, no, this was wrong. However he looked, he was still just a Beta.
Although … Yuan Jing took another look and traced the lines of that face. It was diamond shaped with only slightly-pronounced cheekbones, an upturned nose and a pair of heart-shaped lips.
Alright, he was … cute. Yuan Jing closed his eyes and rubbed his face. Ugh. He didn’t even dare to look at the rest of the information. This was dangerous right there. But, well, now he at least knew just how that Beta had gotten into this group.
He sighed and closed the information but his gaze still automatically brushed the name ‘Nangong Min’ and stored it for later. Hmph, he’d see if that boy would make it through just because he —]
Nie Chang almost coughed. He hurriedly took a deep breath and adjusted the explanation a bit.
[— he was friends with one of the Alphas.]
“Eh? How did he find out? Was that in the information too? Or did he see that in the photo somehow?”
Nie Chang looked up at the sky. Ah, skipping parts for his little darling wasn’t easy at all. “Uh … That might be. Let’s continue to read. Maybe it’ll be explained later.”
“Oh. Alright.” Su Yan made himself comfortable again and waited for his boyfriend to continue.
Nie Chang rubbed his brow. Ah, that had been a close call. He had to be more careful from now on.
[Yuan Jing opened a map of the areas the groups were assigned to and observed their movements. He couldn’t help but focus on the second group though. Mn, look at this. They were actually the first ones to arrive in their assigned area.
He once again called up the information about the group. They had been given the choice what kind of transportation tool they wanted to use for this mission. This group had actually decided on a Tem-Glider M5-6. It was a kind of hover car, fast but not very sturdy. It wouldn’t be able to get them through a fight but could be used to escape in most cases and even if it was slightly damaged, it was easier to repair than a lot of other transportation tools.
All in all, this wasn’t a bad choice and they seemed to be proceeding cautiously. Right now, the Glider had stopped at the border of their area and they had even thought of using a vantage point in higher terrain that gave them a good view of the rest of their area.
“Mn …” As much as he hated to admit it, this group wasn’t bad.
Yuan Jing reached out and pushed a button on the panel in front of him. The map zoomed in on the area of the second group and the red dot separated into nine different ones. From the loudspeakers in the corners above the panel, a voice drifted out.
“What do you think, Ah Min?”
There was a slight pause before another person spoke up. “I think this place is good as a base. The first step from here should be to find the water sources. Going from there we could structure the area further and then work off one of the smaller areas after the other.”
Yuan Jing narrowed his eyes. This voice … It was gentle and soothing. That should be the Beta? That Nangong Min? He wasn’t wrong with what he said. For a group that hadn’t worked together often before and didn’t know the terrain, this was a safe approach.
Mn, not bad, not bad. He might not like the Dinlas Academy but right now, he actually felt that it had been the right decision to have those identificators modified. He really wanted to know how this group with that Beta would fare.]

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