OMF V5C70 It’s Your Decision

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Jing Yi and Wu Min Huan hadn’t noticed that Qiu Ling was following them in the first place and thus they didn’t notice when he stopped either. They just continued on their way to the Grandmaster’s peak. Jing Yi couldn’t help his muscles from tensing the closer they came. The Grandmaster had treated him nicely on account of the fact that he was Qiu Ling’s fiance. But now he had canceled that engagement. It really felt as if he had used Qiu Ling to get benefits from the sect.
But that had never been his intention! He had honestly thought that he loved him back then. He hadn’t ever considered that he might be wrong about that. How could he have known that he was already bound to somebody else by a promise made in his previous life?
He sighed and got a questioning look from Wu Min Huan in return.
“It’s nothing, senior martial brother Wu. I just … I was just thinking of something.”
“Oh.” Wu Min Huan wanted to ask but didn’t know what to say. They weren’t that familiar with each other. Actually, he was a little embarrassed that he had told Jing Yi about the matter with Nian Hong Fang and even made him tag along to go see Yu Jin. Wasn’t he the senior martial brother? Why did he need his junior’s help for something as simple as this?
Jing Yi smiled. “It’s alright. Don’t mind me. Let’s just … go to see Grandmaster Zhangsun.” If he gave back what he was given and tried to make things as easy as possible for Qiu Ling, then maybe things would somehow work out. Maybe there really was a way they could both find their happiness. Independent from each other.
Wu Min Huan nodded and flew up to the Grandmaster’s peak, only halting in front of the entrance. He kept his sword and looked around curiously. Even though he had been the Sect Master’s head disciple for many years, he had never come here to see the Grandmaster. And now he was here just to accompany Jing Yi. Would it really be alright to enter with him? As much as he wanted to see Grandmaster Zhangsun from close up, he didn’t have anything to do with this matter. By all right, he should stay back.
Wu Min Huan also sighed and turned to Jing Yi. “This is probably a private matter so … I’ll wait here for you to come back.” Ah, as much as he hated it, it was better to do it this way.
Jing Yi nodded. “Thank you for your help, senior martial brother Wu! I probably won’t take long.” He hurried inside.
His steps slowed just a few meters past the gate though. He hadn’t come here before. Where was he supposed to find Grandmaster Zhangsun? And could he even walk into his palace just like that? Weren’t there some other steps to observe before that? He stopped in the middle of the hall and tugged at his sleeves. What to do now?
Inside the palace, Zhangsun Xun Yi looked up. It seemed somebody had come to visit, just that this somebody wasn’t as impolite as his own disciple. Well, in that case … “Come on in.” He called out to the front of the palace, imbuing his voice with mild sword energy so it would carry until the place where that person stood.
Jing Yi flinched before going in the direction where the voice had come from. He finally found himself in front of the door to the room where Zhangsun Xun Yi was meditating. He hesitated once again but finally called out. “Greetings to Grandmaster Zhangsun.”
“Come on in.”
Jing Yi nodded and stepped in, hurriedly clasping his fists in another greeting. His face was still flushed in shame. He might be as polite as he could, it wouldn’t change anything about what had happened with Qiu Ling.
“Sit. Why have you come?”
Jing Yi didn’t want to sit down but since the Grandmaster had asked him to, he didn’t dare not to either. He hesitated to speak up though.
Zhangsun Xun Yi looked at the young man in front of him, his gaze complicated. This was the person his disciple liked. The person that had recently broken up with him. Why had he come here now?
When the Grandmaster didn’t say anything Jing Yi was forced to make the first move. “The Grandmaster has probably heard about Qiu Ling and me already.”
“I … I am sorry. It was never my intention to hurt Qiu Ling. It just … It just happened.”
“Isn’t that something you should tell him and not me?”
Jing Yi nodded. “Yes. I … I tried.”
Zhangsun Xun Yi didn’t say anything more to that. He was very clear about the fact that it wouldn’t be so easy to shake Qiu Ling off. His disciple was a dragon and according to that man, he had bound his soul to this boy. He wouldn’t let go of him no matter what.
“Well, the reason I came here …” Jing Yi took out the book the Grandmaster had given him and extended it with a bow. “Grandmaster Zhangsun was very gracious to me but I don’t dare to impose on your goodwill after breaking up with Qiu Ling so …”
Zhangsun Xun Yi stared at the cultivation manual and his brows creased a bit. He reached out and took it from Jing Yi, leafing through the pages.
Jing Yi lifted his head and watched him look at the manual intently. His guilty conscience couldn’t help but raise its head. “I didn’t use it. I know my word probably doesn’t count for much anymore but I really didn’t.”
Zhangsun Xun Yi put the manual on the table and pushed it back to the other side. “I don’t care about that. I gave this to you partly because of Qiu Ling but I also did so because of the mission the sect gave you. I know that mission turned out differently and you didn’t even have the time to take a look at the manual while you were in the Hei Dian Sect but still. That was my intent back then. And since this has already ended up with you I won’t take it back either. It is yours now. Whether you use it or keep it or give it away is your decision and it shouldn’t have anything to do with me or my disciple.”
“But —”
Zhangsun Xun Yi shook his head, signaling that this wasn’t open for discussion. “Speaking of that the sect has another mission for you.”
Jing Yi blinked. Ah? The sect had another mission for him? He certainly wouldn’t have expected that.

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